Against divorce #WomensMonth2015


First of two parts

ONE can’t believe it sometimes, the way the patriarchy is so pervasive in this country, the way men get away with being pa-cute and being pa-witty when asked about something they can’t quite wrap their heads around.

And no, I’m not talking about the every man on the street. I’m talking senators of the land, making a joke out of the question of divorce.

Welcome to the Philippines. Where it doesn’t matter that the latest SWS Survey on Divorce reveals that 60% of Filipinos are actually now for it. (, 23 Mar)

Where when asked if they are for divorce, our male senators have different versions of the same answer: No, because my wife will get mad at me.

Yes, these are our senators, ladies and gentlemen. The men we’ve elected into office. I’m looking at you, Bongbong Marcos, Serge Osmeña, and Tito Sotto. And I’m demanding that you stop joking about my freedom(s).

Belittling Catholics
Ah but the senators have it easy, they’ve got the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) on their side.

That is, of course, no surprise. The Pinoy Church has consistently been against divorce, no matter that annulment and legal separation already exist in the country. “Why would one want divorce if legal separation, annulment and declarations of nullity are juridical options already available?” asked CBCP President Socrates Villegas. “Divorce allows an already married person to have another go at it, despite failing at the first.” (CBCP Website, 25 Mar)

But that is also already what legal separation and annulment allow, yes? Except that these two options allow it only for those who are wealthy enough to afford it. That is, START BOLDonly the richEND BOLD are allowed the freedom to have another go at falling in love and finding a partner, START BOLDonly the richEND BOLD are given the right to their freedom and independence.

Oh but the CBCP President ain’t finished defending their stand against divorce. “Marriage is and ought to be a work in progress. When the expedient of divorce is readily available, a couple will be less likely to work on differences, dialogue and reasonably work out solutions because there is a quick fix to incompatibilities.”

And so it becomes clear that it is the ease with which marriages can be nullified, the ease with which separations might be made legal, that worries the Pinoy Church. It is because they don’t trust that the Catholics they are marrying are actually mature enough to work on their marriages and survive its difficulties. It’s because they imagine that it will make Catholics think: let me just marry this person, since if it doesn’t work out I can always divorce her.

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  1. Ang deborsyo ay hindi masama sa taong hindi naniniwala na siya ay nagkasala sa dios!lalo na sa taong hindi naniniwala na may dios! Kaya dapat bigyan sila ng kalayaan mamili,
    Kahit may deborsyo,kung naturuan siya ng mabuti,na masama na maghiwalay ang kinasal sa harap ng dios! Hindi rin ito susundin ng nakakaunawa!
    Kaya hindi dapat pagtalunan ito! Sabi nga, sungay mo sungo mo, buntot mo hatak mo!
    Ibig sabihin ikaw ang nakakaalam ng sariling ikabubuti mo!
    Ang batas ng dios,ay hindi dapat paghiwalayin ang pinagsama ng dios!!
    Nasa iyo kung kaya mong baliin ito!!ikaw at walang iba. Ang nakakaalam ng tama para sa iyo!!
    Kaya may deborsyo man!nasa kanya pa rin ang desisyon!kaya wag na ninyong pigilin!

  2. Amnata Pundit on

    One of the ways that the Church spread suffering and unhappiness in these islands when they first landed here five hundred years ago was to force separated couples who had already settled down with their second spouses to go back to their original spouses under pain of imprisonment or worse, because they were living in sin! And this was while these constipated friars were grabbing the land of the natives, stealing half of their harvest in form of tributes, stealing their gold, impregnating their women, imposing forced labor, forcing them to live near the church to make sure they don’t practice their native religion and so on. A divorce law will reflect a diminution of their state sponsored powers, a prospect that strikes the fear of God in their hearts, for they know they flourished only because of state sponsorship and without it the Church will wither away like the false religion that it is. Besides, I think this divorce bill is actually a counterattack by the yellow forces of BS Aquino against the Church-led also yellow NTC for calling for his resignation. Lets just sit back and enjoy these yellows tear each other apart.

  3. & please any of you getting upset at what ive said think about it as just look how many people in this supposed god fearing country cheat on their spouse, & i mean both men & women both are equally as bad. Its strange how sex is so easy in this country for any foreigner when in our countries its much more difficult & yet here you are supposed to be much more religious, that to me makes a bit of a mockery of religion or the way some of you practice it.

  4. Langgam & its thoughts like those that also make a laughing stock of things. But its the same as is right now, the rich can afford annulment the poor cant, & i your case civil weddings can divorce church weddings cant. Its strange you cant see how stupid it is. Almost every country in the world allows divorce, why, well very simple the said marriage is not working & has failed. Allow divorce & take adultery off the crimes list as again its a joke. Its only adultery if the husband charges the wife, if they are seperated & she has sex & he has a new partner & they are having sex then here you wont get punnished but if its a crime you should be charged by the police weather or not the spouse files charges.

  5. I am against religions as most are hypocrits. The thoughts behind religion sound great but then the practice is horrible. When i see people going to church then they will come out of church & given the chance so many would steal your purse. They think its ok to steal from you because you have more than them or they think you have more than them.
    Then yes your politicians well i always laugh at so much those idiots say. & look who would vote in any of the marcos’s after what that family did to this country. Imelda flaunted her stolen wealth to you people & most loved it.
    But its not only christians its also muslims, look at the mayhem they are causing in the world right now. If i had my way there would be no religion then when there is a problem we know its one that needs resolving but if its 2 opposing religions neither would give way as their religion is right & god is on their side.

    • RELIGION is not enough add spirituality equals LOVE( the Omnipotent, creations and country). AMEN!!!

  6. As you quoted from, “Why would one want divorce if legal separation, annulment and declarations of nullity are juridical options already available?” asked CBCP President Socrates Villegas. ‘ in many cases annulment decisions are overturned and the couple remain married and their case is labelled RES JUDICATA – this means final and can never be opened or retried. The only way for a person to get out of that marriage is to gain citizenship in another country and file for divorce there and then lodge the foreign divorce decree as the pinoy is no longer considered a Philipino or one of the patties must die. Therefore annulment is NOT a plausible option for Philipinos.
    Marriage is not a jail sentence – people shouldn’t have to flee their country of birth like a refugee fleeing a war zone.

  7. Just repeating my comment on this subject. Let us have divorce process for those who were married in civil rites; have the church do their own process for those were married by the church whatever congregation or religious belief they have.Civil rites are made by men , and so they can dissolved the union, Letthe church do its part by endorsing the word of God , let no man put asunder.

    • FYI marriage in any church has two aspects: the civil and the religious. For the civil aspect, which is the legal component, the authority of the church is given by the state. That is why even those married in the church can apply for annulment of the civil aspect in any court of law, and when annulled, can marry again in civil rites. However, without annulment of the religious aspect, the couple cannot remarry in the church.