Agot Isidro’s ‘psychopath’ post draws mixed reactions


Elizabeth Oropesa, Cherry Pie Picache dig in


On October 7, former singer and now actress Agot Isidro posted on Facebook slamming President Rodrigo and directly calling him a “psychopath.” It was obviously her most adverse reactions to the President’s strong words against the US and EU (European Union) that the Philippines does not need aid from them, that we are not mendicant, that we can live on our own.

“First of all, no one’s quarrelling with you. As a matter of fact, it’s you who’s starting a fight. Secondly, the country where you’ve been voted by 16 million out of 100 million plus people is Third World. If you talk, as if the Philippines is a superpower. Excuse me, we don’t want to go hungry. Be alone [in this fight], don’t include us. Most have nothing to eat, you make them hungry furthermore. Thirdly, I know a psychiatrist. Get an examination. You are not bipolar. You are a psychopath,” Isidro said in her post in mixed English and Filipino.

Duterte supporters were quick to react, same with members of the group that Isidro supported during the elections, the Liberal Party.

One of those who reacted strongly on Sunday was De La Salle University political science professor and The Manila Times columnist Antonio Contreras. He posted on Facebook as well:

“Agot Isidro should be ashamed of herself. What she said is precisely what happens when you become mendicant. You think heavens will fall and we will all get hungry just because the US and the EU are pissed off. Let me educate you Ms. Isidro. International relations is not as simple as you think it is. Countries do not behave like the soap opera characters you play where a bitchiness of one leads to a catfight, or a fistfight.”

Actress Elizabeth Oropesa (Jacqueline Elizabeth Freeman) posted a photo on Sunday, wearing a t-shirt bearing the writings, “IT’S A DUTERTE THING YOU WOULDN’T UNDERSTAND” and captioned it “One of the 16 million psychopaths.”
Meanwhile, fellow actress Cherrie Pie Picache reportedly expressed support for Isidro on occasion of the World Day Against Death Penalty.

“A colleague of mine, Agot Isidro, went viral because of her message, her opinion and her stand. I want to say that I’m one with her. We’re artists, we’re in arts and culture, but we have our own minds, conviction and principles,” she said.
Some netizens though have pointed out that Isidro publicly said she herself sought psychiatric help years ago.

A report has quoted one Jooyce Buenacosa saying, “One that has been seeking help of a psychiatrist doesn’t have the license to diagnose one.”
Another netizen , James Arom Mangun, is more broad-minded, “First of all the economy isn’t dependent on the few cents the Americans throw,” he said in reaction to Contreras’ post. He continued, “Even better, we can educate her [Isidro] and open her eyes. Shaming her isn’t gonna help really.”

Victoria Ferro, on the other hand, declared, “Agot is a friend but I agree with you [Contreras].” ARLO CUSTODIO


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  1. Palagay ko d sila tatablan, dahil magkakalevel utak nila! — AKO LANG ANG MATALINO DITO!!!! HAHAHA…at si Allan Cayetano pala hahaha… Malapit na ang ipinangako nya 3-6 months, ano mangyayari ? wala na ba traffic? wala na bang maghihirap? Abangan… Asan ka na Allan?

  2. taking about human rights.. YES!! we’re living in a democratic country we have freedom to express our selves.. BUT think of it to be equal.. the last voted presidents hadn’t do anything to stop drugs and crime.. what about the people whom drug addicts killed, raped, abused in many ways.. was there human rights for the abused? they had reign many years ago i think this time we should support our president instead rather criticizing him.. last chance for Philippines to change!!

    to miss agot.. yes she has her own opinion, but i agree to contreras.. she must have done it in a more educated way.. the fact that our president is using harsh words, doesn’t mean you must do the same..

  3. Ms. Isidros is absolutely right. Duterte only focused on killing and everything else is a disaster. He is destroying relationships with the western democratic countries that took the Philippines 50 years to build. He is creating an extremely bad image for the Philippines, and that will impact tourism, trade, and international relationship. Filipino around the world are getting laughed at and discriminated because of Duterte. He even compared himself to Hitler and not feeling ashamed about it.

    Poverty, corruption and lack of infrastructure are the biggest problems facing the Philippines and Duterte does nothing about it. His killing is even causing more harm to the poor, causing the law and justice system to be ignored, scaring investments, causing Peso to fall to a 9 year low.

    Other than the blind Duterte supporter who love to fist bump, joke about the dirty words and people killed, I don’t know how can any honest, moral, and intelligent people say Duterte is making the Philippines better. He is absolutely a disaster.

  4. Lahat naman tayo malaya. Malaya si Agot at Cherry ipayahag ang saloobin nila. Pls respect their points.

    On another note, bakit kaya nagagalit sila? Ayaw ba nila na at least gumagalaw ang gubyerno para malinis na society natin? These people into drugs made a choice. Now they are reaping the effects of their choices. Back to those who do not like what the government is doing, baka naman nawawalan na sila ng hanapbuhay kaya sila galit sa gubyerno?

    Again, opinion ko ito ha. I hope you give me the sake respect I am giving everyone.

  5. Sana ay batid ng ating Pangulo na sa isang desisyon ng ating Korte Suprema ay sinabi nitong ang Pangulo ang pangunahing “Diplomat” ng ating bansa, dahil sa argumentong ang Kalihim ng Kagawaran ng Ugnayang Panlabas (DFA) ay “alter ego” lamang ng ating Pangulo. Sa ganitong konteksto, ay hindi maaaring idahilan ng Pangulo na hindi siya nag-apply o nahalal bilang isang “Diplomat” upang bigyan ng baluktot na rason ang kanyang bastos at walang urbanidad na pananalita at lengguwahe. At bilang Pangulo ng ating bansa, sana ay isipin ng Pangulo, bago nya ibuka ang kanyang bibig at magsalita ng masama at hamunin ang lahat (pati ang Diyos) ay maisip niya na hindi siya si Rodrigo Duterte, dahil kinakatawan niya ang mahigit isang daang milyong Pilipino.

    Bagaman humingi na ng paumanhin ang Pangulo sa isyu ng paghahambing niya sa kaniyang sarili kay Adolf Hitler, nananatili ang katotohanang namutawi ang mga katagang iyon sa kanyang bibig, at iyon ay may himig ng katotohanan na kahit kailanman ay hindi na nya muli pang maibabalik. Isa ako sa mga bomoto kay Ginoong Duterte noong nakaraang eleksiyon, isa ako sa mga naniwala at umasa na maaring siya na nga ang pag-asa ang bayan upang maahon tayo sa kahirapan. Ayaw ko man, ngunit dapat kong tanggapin na ako ay nagkamali dahil naniwala ako sa isang pangakong liko at pangakong mapapako. Oo, may mga pagbabago, ngunit marahas at madugo ang mga ito. Hindi ito ang uri ng isang malayang pamayanan.

    • Immaculate Heart on

      Sangayon ako sa sinabi mo, sa ngayon ay tuloy ang aking pagdarasal na sana ay magkaroon ng maayos na pagbabago, hindi ang marahas at di makataong pamamaraan na isinasagawa ng mga nasa kapulisan. Isa rin ako sa mga bumoto kay DU30, pero parang sa ngayon ay pinagsisihan ko ang ginawa kong pagboto sa kanya. Sa aking nakikita sa ngayon na paglubog ng ekonomiya ng bansa, at para bang holocust na pagdanak ng dugo, lalong pagtaas ng bilihin, at unrest sa iba’t ibang sektor. Nakakatakot mang isipin, pero kung hindi magbabago ang presidente, baka lalong maging mahirap ang buhay dito sa ating bansa sa darating pang mga panahon ng kanyang panunungkulan.

  6. maribel rodriguez on

    If you breakdown what agot said is what it is.
    #1 I agree Du30 can’t stop cursing Obama Eu. I’ll say nakikipagaway nga Du30.
    #2 agot is reacting to what Du30 said. I myself hindi ako papayag na magutom. Du30 was the one who said it first in re to us aid if the country stop receiving aid di bale na magutom o mamatay.. tama naman Ang sagot ni agot sya na Lang magisa
    #3 base on the rants Du30 I can say parang nang sira ulo

  7. I agree with Agot..we all have different opinion, we just have to respect her opinion..even myself, that was also my first impression towards the president even before he became the president.When I saw his interviews on TV, nasabi ko agad na parang baliw ang presidente natin… A lot of people could say the same thing like Agot said for him. Yung iba lang tumahimik kasi walang pakialam sa politika..yung iba takot dahil takot magaya ky delima..Sa administrasyon ngayon kasi, if you speak against the president, PAHKTAY KA!!! Kasi palihim kang paimbistigahan ng mga taohan nya ng pailalim para mahanapan ka ng baho..Kung hindi ka nya supporter, adik ka o kaya ay masamang tao ka.. Kaya, hat’s off to those personalities who are not afraid to lose their fame to speak up and shame on you to those who shut up their mouth for the truth! Kaya goodluck nlang kay Agot, sana lang ay wag kang matulad ni Delima..

  8. The defenders of Duterte are on overdrive because Ms. Agot touched a raw nerve. It hurts. The truth hurts.

  9. What Agot Isidro is afraid of has already happened long before Pres. Duterte was elected president.

    Before calling the President a psychopath, consider the figures below. The following data were gathered before Pres. Duterte became president. Where foreign investments are really going?

    The 2015 FDI print also showed the Philippines is still well behind its neighbors. For the first three quarters of 2015 alone, Singapore already took in $48.648 billion in foreign capital, Malaysia with $7.817 billion, and Thailand with $6.311 billion. Reuters also reported that Vietnam’s total FDI stood at around $14.5 billion last year.…

    I. FDI from US companies in Vietnam
    By the end of June of 2015, US investors ranked 7 among 103 foreign countries and territories in Vietnam with 742 existing projects worth 11.6 billion USD. However, this statistics do not fully show the investment from US because some of big US enterprises, namely Procter and Gamble, Chevron, ConocoPhillips, invest in Vietnam through other countries, such as: British Virgin Islands, Singapore, Hong Kong.

    No wonder we are now buying consumer products, including apparel like Levi’s Strauss, Nike, Converse, etc. from Vietnam. Look at the labels when you go to the malls and supermarkets. Where are they made? This answers why our peso is devaluing. We are importing almost everything including rice and garlic, not producing.

    Now who is foolish to claim that Pres. Duterte is driving out US and other foreign investment? Previous administrations have already driven them out.

    Thanks to corruption and anti-foreign investors constitution.

  10. George F Guillermo on

    Wholistic approach is needed on “war on illegal Drugs” to insure success and victory in the short and long term: Effective enforcement and Developmental Program.

    In war, like war on illegal drugs personalities such as pushers, drug lords, drugs syndicates who are really trained and have mind set to kill should be countered with equally if not stronger force to defeat it/them. If not, its the government that will be defeated which endangers not only thousands but millions of people not only the present but including the future generations. Thus, it requires a popular support of the people and the media including a very strong propaganda or “warning” which must be sustained through out to demoralize them and at the same time maintain a very strong moral and political will to the government enforcers to insure the complete victory or eradication of illegal drugs. Since it is really a “war”, there are always casualties which fortunately or unfortunately serve as the primary KEY to the defeat of the pushers, drug lords/drug syndicates whose training and mind set is also to KILL to promote and defend their illegal drug trade. There must no let up. This is the Enforcement part of the Program.

    The other part is developmental (Rehabilitation, Livelihood and moral/spiritual renewal Program).
    Rehabilitation Program thru the establishment of Rehab Centres. Also livelihood programs thru skills training and provision of livelihood or income generating projects which are self explanatory.

    Moral and/or Spiritual Renewal Program is the most challenging endeavor. The present situation of criminality, drug addiction, corruption especially in the NBP (Natinal Bilibid Prison), weak enforcement, inefficient/ineffective implementation of government projects and programs mirror the deteriorating moral and spiritual life of the citizenry. This is also mean to say that Satan and his evil forces are winning as this is also a Spiritual War. Also, this mean to say that all efforts of Spiritual leaders/organizations are lacking or not enough to counter Satan and his forces in bringing out the BEST of Man -“ GOD-like traits” of the Filipino people, to become GOD-fearing/loving/obedient people to resist Satan and evil works (corruption, extra judicial killings, abusive enforcers/implementors, etc ).

    Thus, all religious organizations/leaders , churches, Priests and Pastors must work together with the support of civic and government machinery towards a more effective Spiritual renewal program in the country. As a Christian nation, everyone must realize and aware most especially the drug addicts, pushers, etc that he/she is a creation of God in His likeness (Gen. 1:26). As GOD created us in HIS own image, everyone has that “genetic” qualities/traits of God: loving, merciful, understanding, faithful, patient, joyful, just, fair, gentleness, goodness, peaceful, among other positive characters. We were born of these “traits” (God-like character), not bad traits or “ evil genes” thus, it is a choice or decision to become or not as drug addicts/pushers/drug lords in our adult life.

    In order for these traits/characters to be nurtured and developed, everyone should and must maintain strong and good relationship with GOD, our Creator as we can do nothing without HIM (John 15:5) thru Lord Jesus as no one could go to HIM except thru Jesus (John 14:6). GOD being our “Father’ loves us (His children) so much as He gave His Only son Jesus to die in our behalf for the many Sins we had committed and/or have been committing until the last day of our lives (John 3:16). GOD our Father (like our own parents) is always ready to forgive our sins if we feel sorry for them and turn on HIM for repentance and forgiveness (1 John 1:9).

    Everyone should and must realize that Our GOD should and must be the source of our JOY and PEACE in life, not DRUGS or material things as He is the owner of our lives and cares us so much (John 14:27; Phil 4:6-7). He is always after our own benefits and goodness and supply all our needs (material, physical, emotional, etc) as He is our Father, which is surely much better than our earthly fathers (Phil 4:19; 1 Peter 5:7).

    We should work together to bring out the BEST-GOD like traits of our Being as we are all created in the likeness of our LORD so that PEACE AND PROSPERITY shall reign forever in our country.. GOD BLESS!!!

  11. This article tho, showing only one reaction in support of Ms. Isidro and showing five in favor of Duterte. Good job on balanced reporting!

  12. Digong is the President| elected and Comelec declared it. What he does is really none of our business| not unless one is working in the PH Government or in a Human Rights Office. He is doing his work the best way he thinks he can.

    I don’ t agree with killings, but only Jesus Christ can save a person away from HELL. A spec of sin can be considered a reason for a person to go to HELL| thus, I think Agot might also be joining Digong in Hell if I have the mind same as Jesus Christ :P

  13. Miss Agot Isidro, you, of all people – must know that entertainment business is a fickle business. You don’t need to go far back to take a lesson from Mystica, who had a mind-boggling meltdown not too long ago, only to apologize for whatever reason. Your rant against President Duterte, however misguided – is duly noted. And I hereby, affirm your right to voice your opinion. The caveat is this: I, as a consumer, have my own right to patronize my entertainers and artists. And you, ma’m are out. I may be just one, but I will list down every sponsors of your program, and I will make sure I buy the direct competitor of your sponsor’s products. You have insulted not only me, but your country – in more ways than you’ll ever know.

  14. Agot Isidro is an actress, a public figure of that sort. That is why her opinion will get reactions, mostly bad since
    she hit the President who won by a landslide. Some will agree with her but only “some” because not a majority
    will agree with her. So she should ready herself for more bashing. She’s asking for it the moment she barked at
    the President.

  15. David Michael Meyer on

    Whilst it is true we are sovereign country..Unfortunately, like a lot of other countries , when disaster hits –We do need foreign aid –Bit if that aid comes with “Strings attached” Then perhaps it is questionable if it is aid at all. .
    . As one writer once said I think Francois F anon “Help when given should be as hand up; not as a hand out.”
    If; when we are given aid, it puts us down in the eyes of the giver –Then maybe we are better off without this type of aid –
    -I think in some ways the president has a lot of merit in what he says –However he has a very blunt; and some times aggressive way of putting it
    As for whether the president is a psychopath …One does not brand another as being this –Just because they don.t agree with your own thinking on a matter ..In fact this is one of the traits of a psycho path ..IE Badmouthing those that don.t agree with you

    David M Meyer {PhD Psych }

  16. Eh sa galaw at pananalita talagang sira ulo. Gago na sira ulo pa. Do not get me wrong. I what him better then Robredo. Pagtiyagaan ko na kaysa Yellow pa ang papalit. Oo. yang style mo DU30, style nang psychotic yan. Gago, makinig ka!

    • Palagay ko at alam ko rin na alam na hindi gago di DU30 dahil naging presidente siya hindi kagaya mo. Kaya mas malamang na mas gago ka kumpara sa presidente. Magiging mayor at presidente ba yan kung gago? Kaya mas maniniwala ako na kung gago siya sa iyong palagay na mas gago ka kumpara sa kanya.

    • hahaha if sa tingin ko psychotic ang pag pipigil sa mga nag tutulak ng drugs mas gugustohin ko na ng president na psycho kaysa matino na pinag kakapiran ang mga shabu

  17. I see nothing wrong at all with Agot Isidro’s post. Receiving foreign aid from other country does not mean we are mendicant. Lot of countries all over the world receives foreign aid from US, EU, Japan etc.,,, are they mendicants?

  18. “First of all the economy isn’t dependent on the few cents the Americans throw”
    Why don’t you throw away what the Americans give in the call center business. Stack up China, Russia, Iran, North Korea and all the axis of evils will not come up to par what monies the 18 Billion dollars the American services sectors industry gives the Philippines. You guys are bunch stupid Communists doing false propaganda. Yeah kick them out and see the fall of cities like Makati, BGC. I dare you!!!!

    • You are probably uninformed and too afraid to lose your job (I usually fire those people since they are more worried to protect their job than doing what they are supposed to do), which is understandable. In any case, it’s in those companies’ best interest to send jobs there because of cheap labor. No one begged for it. Did you?

    • Americans are here mainly for business. The reason why BPOs are here because of cheap and English speaking workers.

      How much FDI did the Americans put in the Philippines compared to Vietnam? Visit these sites:…

      When you go to malls or supermarkets, look at the product labels if from where they are made of?

      We are importing almost everything and the foreign currencies remitted by OFWs and BPO companies we spend back in importation. This is the real reason why our peso value is deteriorating especially during Christmas season.

  19. The message is clear but the messenger has a big problem in good manners and right conduct. Kill Kill Kill. That is the name of the game. The big question is does this addicts need to die ? Is there another way to treat these addicts ? In my area, almost all criminals are drug addicts. They get arrested , go to jail, bail, out of Jiail, commit another crime again. This go on and on like a broken record. Is this right ? Do we civilians have any human rights to live peacefully ?

    • that is why DU30 is here to eliminate this menace in our society …. The one who is against him is the one we have to be afraid of …. “Their self interest for Power, King Influence, Greed for Money at the expense of others, Criminal protector etc.” they must take a hold of it no matter what happens. It is high time that we Filipinos decide of what we have to do to our destiny …. let the current crusade against this evil drugs done to our country OR stop once and for all this campaign and let this country to be a NARCO STATE ….