Agot, Rappler, the decent cyber-elites and the pretentiousness of their entitlements



She boldly diagnosed the President as a psychopath, and posted this on social media. And when she was bashed, the bashers were told not to violate her right to free speech.

Such is the claim to entitlement by Agot Isidro.

It has been the mouthpiece of anti-Duterte rants masquerading as thought pieces, and was at the forefront of a crusade demonizing anyone who dared to fight the Aquino dynasty and its extension, the Liberal Party, from Renato Corona, to Jojo Binay to Bongbong Marcos, exposing all their dirt, whipping up hatred against them. And when it was pilloried by supporters of Corona, Binay, Marcos and the President, it deployed the hashtag campaign #NoPlaceForHate.

Such is the claim to entitlement by Rappler.

And the claim to entitlement by the decent elites in social media is no less offensive.

They staked out its limits and boundaries. This they did because they thought they were entitled, with their capacity to buy expensive smartphones, until such time that smartphones became cheaper and free wifi became accessible in malls, and later, free Facebook became a feature available for the ordinary and the unperfumed. It was here that the exclusive spaces of netizenship became more open, that the ordinary people began populating cyberspace, effectively colonizing what used to be a privileged domain. Cyberspace was transformed from being a gated cyber-community, to one that has become a mirror of the everyday and the ordinary, a virtual palengke, a cyber-tambayan, a digital mall that is more like Divisoria rather than EDSA Shangrila.

Naturally, political discourse shifted from being pretentious and elitist, to one that is raw, unedited and authentic. The hypocrisy was in the manner these were branded. Elite rants and fakery are considered chic and cultured, labeled as blogs, while those coming from the cyberspace hoi polloi are demeaned as trolling and fake news sites. Maria Ressa even gave the unkindest cut, by giving the impression that every expression coming from the masa are to be suspected as driven by algorithms coming from robots. The cyber-elites, donning the yellow banner, screaming loudly their decency, had the audacity to announce that they have to reclaim social media. On that day I realized the depravity of this section of our society when I wondered at what time these decent cyber-elites owned social media for them to have the right to reclaim it.

The stench of their hypocrisy and self-entitlement is simply disgusting.

Mocha Uson was called a slut, but this decent crowd never started a hash-tag campaign against slut-shaming. They reserved that for Leila de Lima.

Sass Rogando Sasot was bashed, and shamed, and trolled, yet nobody from this decent class signed up for the outrage that many of her kindred spirit felt. They had that privilege reserved only for the likes of Agot Isidro.

After all, for these decent ones only those favoring Leni Robredo, condemning the Marcos burial, aghast at the extrajudicial killings attributed to Digong Duterte, and wore black during the Ateneo-La Salle game can complain about being slut-shamed, bashed and trolled.

And only the unperfumed and indecent anti-Robredo, pro-Marcos burial, pro-Duterte people can slut-shame, bash and troll.

I have to quickly remind myself of that harrowing experience David Yap and I had to endure, when we were bashed, trolled and libeled just because we pointed out the anomalous trend in the votes for Leni Robredo. And I vividly remember that those who bashed, trolled and libeled us included professors from the elite universities, scientists with pedigreed academic credentials, and pro-LP socialites and former beauty queens. This made me realize how so full of themselves these members of this decent crowd are that they wallow in the pretentiousness of their entitlements.

This is the crowd of people who cried foul when issues of mental retardation were raised against the former President, yet now explode in jubilation when Agot Isidro called the President a psychopath, and even treat her like the new Joan of Arc for being burned. Edsel Lagman and company, that motley in the House claiming to be representing this decent crowd, even exhorted everyone to become an Agot Isidro as though she were the new patron saint of political activism.

This is the same crowd of people who mobilized the power of social media to diminish the enemies of Edsel’s Liberal Party and the Aquino dynasty, using all hate tactics they can muster, from exposing Corona’s alleged hidden wealth to exposing Bongbong Marcos’ false diplomas. Yet now, they cry foul when the unperfumed occupants of cyberspace deploy equally creative tactics to bring Rappler down by exposing Maria Ressa.

It is fun to watch how these decent cyber-elites cringe and squirm, and rant, and whine and behave in ways that reveal them for what they have become, lost and disoriented, struggling to remain relevant, even to the point of contradicting themselves, keeping themselves busy fortifying the trenches of what is left of the privileged spaces of their sociological hallucinations.


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  1. All I ask to media, whenever you post the numbers being killed in war agains drugs, also post in parallel the numbers of being killed last year by the drug addicts. The problem is that , none of these institutions dare to do. There is a thick line between responsible journalism than freedom of expression.

  2. Lamberto Pinaglabanan on

    I got quite lost somewhere within the prose… So what’s your point?

    I am no cyber-elite by the way…

  3. Daay Ponferrada on

    Good one Mr. Contreras! I could only hope that Agot Isidro and other similar hypoctites who cannot and would not support the current President, and are unproductive anyway, just shut up and be quiet or leave the country.

  4. Senyor Komikado on

    //The stench of their hypocrisy and self-entitlement is simply disgusting.

    Mocha Uson was called a slut, but this decent crowd never started a hash-tag campaign against slut-shaming. They reserved that for Leila de Lima.

    Sass Rogando Sasot was bashed, and shamed, and trolled, yet nobody from this decent class signed up for the outrage that many of her kindred spirit felt. They had that privilege reserved only for the likes of Agot Isidro.

    After all, for these decent ones only those favoring Leni Robredo, condemning the Marcos burial, aghast at the extrajudicial killings attributed to Digong Duterte, and wore black during the Ateneo-La Salle game can complain about being slut-shamed, bashed and trolled.

    And only the unperfumed and indecent anti-Robredo, pro-Marcos burial, pro-Duterte people can slut-shame, bash and troll.//

    I like your article, Mr. Contreras. Dami kasing mga Dilaw fantards na nangangapa sa lohika, tsaka mas BULAG pa nga sila kesa kay Mocha Uson, kung tutuusin. The only think that I hate about Mocha is that, she’s blinded by everything that Duterte says. She always agrees without questioning Duterte’s views. In short, one-sided.

    Galitin niyo pa ang mga elitista, I’m sure sila ang matatalo sa bandang huli. :D

  5. As they say, “It takes one to know one.” This writer is no better or worse than the people whom he vilifies. Raissa Robles and Professor Contreras are two faces of the same coin, both of them with their own agenda.

  6. And now the “misguided feminists” are being accused of reserving the slut-shaming cries for a “yellow” senator, nevermind the blogger.

    I wonder, though… is anyone trying to shame and silence the blogger by threatening to expose what she has already bared, in “full control of her sexual agencies”, as part of her admittedly freely chosen profession in the past? And at risk of a potentially major Congressional “mishap” – a legislative blunder “in aid of legislation”? Or maybe for political retaliation, for fun, or just because?

    But the technicalities and legalese are all beside the point.

    MAY TAMA ITO! Sobrang tama ito. Maling mali talaga na yurakan at kutyain ang dangal at karapatan ng kahit sino – girl, boy, bakla, tomboy…

    We are all free to express our beliefs, but never at the expense of someone else’s. Freedom of expression and the freedom to live is #everywoman, #everyman, #noteverywoman, and #noteveryman’s intrinsic right that should be respected and upheld, especially in a democracy.


    It’s not an “entitlement” that some “decent netizens pretentiously enjoy”.

    Ano, pag ikaw at mga kakampi mo, karapatan – pag yung mga hindi sang-ayon sa inyo, “entitlement”?

    Wow. So who’s being elitist and partisan now?

    Hindi porke’t nagtataguyod ng karapatang pantao, “anti-Digong”, at kontra kaunlaran na. Hindi porke’t iba ang pananaw sa ‘yo, kay Presidente Duterte, o Senador Marcos ay “dilaw” na. At higit sa lahat, hindi porke’t nagpipigil magmura, at iba hindi kaaya-aya para sa ‘yo ang ipinaglalaban, ay elitista at mapagpanggap na.

    Some of us are OFWs.
    Some of us work at BPOs.
    Some of us break our backs doing hard labor, too.
    Most of us don’t boast of a degree in International Relations.
    Some of us never had the privilege to be “La Sallistas, or Ateneans”.
    Some of us don’t even have a high school diploma or a college degree to boast of, for that matter.

    But that doesn’t stop us from doing what we can, contributing to building this nation, to the best of our capacities. And it certainly shouldn’t stop us from voicing our opinions, the way we do. A freedom you most certainly enjoy, too.

    Offended and disgusted by our “decency”? Well, well… no sorries, nor regrets here. We are all free to express our beliefs. At least for now, we still should be.

    Question is, what do we do with that freedom, that right?

    Do we use it to label others, spread lies, create smoke-screens and divisiveness? Do we use our “entitlements” to make canyons out of molehills, reducing the bigger battles to partisan politicking?

    Harap sa salamin, Sir. At amuyin mo rin sarili mo.
    You reek of offensive and disgusting “decent cyber-elitism and pretentiousness”, too.

  7. DECENT CROWD VS. UNPERFUMED OCCUPANTS (Ito na ang labanan ngaun)
    Who are the decent crowd?
    *pnoy, robredo, de lima, trillanes, agot isidro, priests, nuns, maria ressa,
    *actors/actress, lawyers, professors, economists, and other professionals
    *rich and famous
    Who are the unperfumed occupants?
    * ung mga hindi nakatapos ng pag-aaral or wala talagang pinag-aralan na hindi naiintindihan or hindi marunong magbasa ng english.
    * ung mga nagtatrabaho na napapawisan, nadudumihan or ung mga minimum or below minimum lang ang sahod.

  8. This is article is unreponsive to what Agot Isidro mentioned in her fb Twitter. So much ado about the real issue that Agot Isidro mentioned. Why don’t you discuss your arrogance sir! How you arrogated to yourself an expert in political science and international relations!

  9. Elite na pala ako, dahil ayoko sa ejk. Salamat prof itinaas mo ang uri ko mula sa pagiging ofw na may mababang pinag-aralan sa level mo na isang matalino at maraming kursong tinapos. You reek of hypocrisy. The mirror can also face your way.

    • Who said the Prot-Duterte wants EJK you moron! Can’t you see that drugs trade pervaded our society and one of its fruit is the formation of gangs and bandits who thrive in that business and since the government is bent on addressing the menace, they wanted to hide their crimes and kill their own to avoid being trace. I suspect that De Lima, the Drug Lord Queen is behind the EJK itself or even PNoy and Mar, the Lords of the Yellows. O you blind fool. Your education is a product of elite system. You must have been infected by that. Read a lot so you can learn to think outside the box and be open-minded. O little poor thing, discard the system of being spoon-fed by your school because they may have served you a poisonous idea that the YELLOWS are the real heroes of this country and you are worshipping them like a cult member.

    • You obviously did not read well and understand this op ed. I am myself is
      an OFW with no dog in this fight, however I totally agree with Mr. Contreras. During my younger days these people were called burgis, very entitled class. Thank god for a free FB, voices all across can be heard. To relate this only to EJK is a narrow minded view. Hindi lahat na burgis mataas and pinagaralan at matalino, they just belong to families w/ power and means!.

  10. Banez Climenia Angel on

    Yan kse ang mahirap sa mga taong gaya nla kse daw “Magna Cum Laude” mga bastos at hindi alam ang meaning ng salitang Respito at ang pinag aralan ay inapakan sa kanilang mga talampakan…

    Salute you Sir….thanks to u…

  11. Stereotyping. Lumping everyone who criticizes duterte as yellow supporters. People who mostly elevate the discourse to cogent arguments are elitists. Ad hominem-laden, uninformed posts of most duterte supporters are made to seem like breaking the barrier of entitlements. Biased and hypocritical trash.

  12. The problem with Filipinos is we talk too much, both pro-PRRD or pro-Aquino.

    My hope and prayer is that all these talks coming from minds brilliant or otherwise, may transcend to what it should be: LOVE OF COUNTRY. The kind of love that manifests itself in the physical, not just mental; to all class, not just the elite nor the masses; and for the whole nation, not just a select few.

    Unite, people of the Philippines, for our children and their children’s sake!

    God bless us all

  13. Finally. I have read the entire social media series of Rappler and all I can say is that Ms Ressa is confused and have missed several points in her write up. She is just looking through her eyes only and claims that they are universal. I have started hating Rappler since when they are obviously reporting news with personal agenda. Their news writers are confused, not knowing what is a news report (thats supposed to be fair and balance) and what’s an editorial and commentary. They often mixed them up. That’s my personal observation. As much as I want to be objective but thats my personal observation as a “former” Rappler reader. Thanks Sir Contreras for putting everything into one narrative.

  14. Kind of disappointing to see a professor see things in black and white.

    Not every comparison with the previous administration or criticism of the current is in support of the Aquinos and LP. The Benigno Aquino admin was incompetent and reeks of nepotism. There were good things that were acheived by the last admin but was generally disappointing.

    The current admin’s starting off quite well not counting the surge in the gross amount of deaths and our relationship with traditional allies. The criticism re these topics is well deserved, as this affects all of us and will affect our future as a country

  15. Ms. Villadelrey on

    although may point yung mga nagsabi na nagstereotype si Mr. Contreras, ang tanong ko lang sa inyo.. kelan kayo mas nagvovoice out ng opinion, pag may statement showing support of Duterte, or pag may statement showing discord? Kasi if puro cry-foul sa ginagawa ng current admin, di kaya tama lang ang pagkakastereotype ni Mr. Contreras?

  16. Jim Morrison of the Doors said “control the media, control the mind.” The yellow oligarchs want to control your mind, that’s why they manipulate social media and monopolize in for their own ends.

    The rest of us are just trying to be free thinkers.

  17. It’s funny how they love to claim that Duterte supporters are hired from a BPO while hiring a PR machinery which includes paid online supporters has been the forte of the jaundiced side even before the elections.

  18. Vilma. d. Lugay on

    I like the brilliant comments of Prof Contreras. Gusto kong icopy paste yang article nya. Sa mga elitists,choose your words. Ang taas ng pinag aralan ni Agot,pinagmalaki pa ng fan nya. Pero sana naisip nya na d naman sya magugutom. Baka ako,na isa sa mga mabihirap na Pinoy at isa sa 16 M na bumoto kay Pres Rody.

  19. Mabuhay ka Sir Contreras! Sana dumami pa ang patriotic na gaya mo. Maging boses ka sana ng mga taong nasa laylayan na hindi naririnig ang mga hinaing ng ordinaryong Juan dela Cruz. Patuloy kaming nabubuhayan ng loob na may natitira pang mga tao na kagaya mo. God bless you Sir! Hats off to you and your team. #proPHreform

  20. Mr. Contreras first of all “MABUHAY” for the great article. I hope there will be more media personnel like you that has very fair in reporting. If our President is psychopath I think they are already garroted. But our President allowed them to talked against him although it’s not good for our country. Here, in Canada people are asking me if it is true that our President is lunatic. I said no. I asked many of our countrymen who just happened to had a holiday here in the Philippines and they said there’s so much difference now than before especially at the airport. But my question here, how come these what we call makabayans in our country didn’t noticed this? To be fair to all Filipinos I asked those makabayans na sana pagbigyan naman natin and bagong administration para ipakita nila ang kanilang kakayahan para umunlad itong bansa natin.. Hindi lang paninira ang gagawin. Itong si Akot siya ang lunatic because she allowed herself to used by these burgess people. Itong namang si De Lima in giving speeches to schools,I think she is trying to court the sympathy of our youth to go against the President. For Miss De Lima please stopped poisoning the minds of our youth. For these yellow women also, if they are really after of the welfare of our women, they don’t need to go Miss Universe Organization to have this Pageant in our country cancelled. Because they said our women has been degraded under President Duterte’s Administraion. I will asked them to go Ermita how many minors are being exploited? I had experience this one, when I was here in the Philippines during my mum’s funeral and someone knocking in my hotel room, a pimp offering me a service. And he said I can have age range from 6 years old to ten years old girl. I complained to the Hotel personnel but what they said was they cannot do anything about it. Because sometimes it’s the parent who pimps their kids. This incident happened before Mr. Duterte. I hope this yellow ladies will concentrate locally at hindi hypocrite na makabayan daw.

  21. Please note that we are Democratic Country… We have the freedom of speech. We have the right to says whatever we want to say etc. etc. but we have no right to hurt somebody that will put his life in danger..That is criminal act..

  22. I don’t understand why here in the Philippines although election was over, persons cannot accept defeat despite the huge money they spent. For those who wanted to destabilize our country please stop doing this. Our people spoke already and it should be respected. Why helped each other and be united to have our country great. Mr. Contreras thank you for the very great observation and I salute you. If all of our media personnel have the same mentality of yours and has the fairness in reporting, I think our country will moved forwards faster progress.

  23. From all that have said I agree. Though it seems that unveiling slightly there become a time that this elite comes to their senses and slowly fade away as the people of today understood how they,ve manipulate their power in so many years of their reign. May they swallow their pride

  24. Ernesto V. Marcoso on

    As the elite and the yellows would claimed Duterte’s supporters are mostly coming from the masa and has no match with their intelligence. I beg to disagree with this for based on my observations I can safely say that more than half of the supporters of Digong are professionals and businessmen. I hope the supporters of LP stops insinuating such. For all you know we who you called dutertards are far more well off than anyone of you from the yellows who up to this time can’t accept defeat. Why don’t we work together instead for the betterment of our country.

  25. Hypocrisy? Says the guy who campaigned for Binay. I voted for Duterte but your commentaries just reek of prejudice. Why should anyone take you seriously when you can’t even accept any criticisms against Duterte? Uson and Sasot need to be called out because they blatantly propagate lies and deceive people. Are you seriously defending misrepresentation of facts or are you just turning a blind eye because you are on the same side? Hindi yun freedom of speech kung di ka responsable. Criticism isn’t entitlement Mr. Contreras, it is necessary. Get off your high horse. Stop pretending to be pro-poor and anti-elitist – your anti-intellectualism is no better.

  26. The problem here in this analysis is that everyone is either for the Aquinos or for Duterte. In so dividing everyone into just two camps, you are polarizing everything in order to manipulate people into being in one camp or the other.

    That’s pathetic. Heaven forbid there are people who dislike both parties, or see the good that both have wrought while criticizing the ills they have reaped.

    Next time you try writing a political piece, keep in mind that the world is not black and white, and neither are the two parties you are trying to put into neat boxes for your readers to “choose” from.

  27. I’m sorry but I’m perfumed 24/7, and not just cheap “designer” perfumes. I’ve also been online since long before these yellow cultists even know what internet is. And I’ve been at the receiving end trolls for expressing disgust over the obvious manipulation of “public perception” when Cory died and they made such a big deal about the relatively irrelevant Benigno III. Hordes of SKWATINGS brandishing their yellow fanaticism.

    They don’t own decency. Just like they never owned the internet.

    It’s time we take back decency!

    Hay naku! Even their “pa-elite” is obviously fake and pretentious through and through. I’ve talked to real billionaires and they are all supportive of Duterte. Save for one who used to get away with anything during the yellow ages, but he really doesn’t mind a Duterte presidency too. Only those pa-sosyal fakes who get their living from corruption are rabid anti-Duterte.

    Let’s take back decency. We own it. Not them who claim to be “decent”.

  28. Thank you, for the social media, dati sila lang naririnig, Matagal na panahon, ginamit ang lahat halos ng tv station sa paninira nila sa mga nais nilang sirain. Walang magawa mga Tao. Now yan nag gagalaiti sila dahil Tapos na ang mga yellow rule na yan. It’s about time for the Filipino to unite, why? A house divided by itself will come into ruin, let’s support our President Duterte. God bless the Philippines!

  29. JL General did you annalyze the whole article? He didn’t label everyone. I understand the article as sort of a response, not an attack to anti duterte. Notice each paragraph.

  30. Keep doing what you are doing Mr. Contreras to enlighten a lot of cyber elite. By the way cyber elite leaves in Silicon Valley, Ca.

  31. This writer is awesome, i can fully comprehend his observation, the reality of what is going on these days in part of the media. Hypocrites versus realist. More power to you Mr Contreras.

  32. virgie gomez monton on

    Wow!!! Mr Contreras, you are brilliant, wise with a heart to serve the people of this nation. will be following ypu from hereon. GOD BLESS AND PROTECT YOU.

  33. Arnaldo Crisostomo on

    Well written. But at the end of the day, ano ba talaga ang totoo? Who manipulates whom? Saang sites makikita ang mga made-up news and who shares them? Rappler identified some of these sites. It so happenes that most of them are pro du30. Does this make Rissa and Rappler pro Aquino or pro Robredo or antiDuterte? What we neen in the cyberspace os not only opinions for or against anyone or anything, buy opinion based on truth and not lies. There, Rissa and Rappler are helping us.

    • Helping us to what? See one side of the coin? How about the other? One doesn’t need a degree to identify an intentionally biased ‘opinion tabloid’ compared to the real news reporting.

      Except of course to the blind ones.

    • if you want to know the truth, you don’t need the help of anyone. you have your own reasoning faculty and cyberspace is open to counter check anything that it is written. in short gamitin mo lang ang utak mo, di porke sinabi niya tama na.

  34. Joseph Reuel Cruz on

    I have to agree on some but with several limitations on yet another article from Professor Antionio Contreras of DLSU.

    Speaking out your thoughts (against or in favor of) this current administration is not being entitled in any way.
    -It is a given right provided that those thoughts should be based on FACTS and not merely based on opinions.

    No one should challenge that right as he also (pertaining to Dr. Contreras) has a say in everything that is happening around us.
    -Should I despise him also as he is for me a biased and hypocritic academic?

    Here are some proofs why I personally label him as such:
    While I also despise Agot calling the president as a ‘psycopath’ without sound medical basis, some supporters also called Agot as ‘mangmang’, ‘bobo’, ‘hindi nakapag-aral’ and worst– ‘baog’. Those are all shaming in essence.

    While I also despise the shaming of Mocha Uson and Sass, let us be fair in saying that they shamed also a lot in their actions of defending what seems to be textbook wrong on what Duterte is doing.

    Aside from that, let us be fair in also stating that Mocha Uson and Sass claimed falsely some things in their apparent support and bias of the President.

    With that, I have to say that while he dissents this apparent chaos and ‘opinionated some’, he is also being a biased and hypocritic academic not worthy to grace a column in Manila Times.

    • ‘And in the wilderness you will find him wandering and trying to tell the birds not to eat from the tree.’

      Congratulations to your newfound identity as prof’s. moderator and referee. Another disente trying very hard to be relevant and high and mighty. Lol

    • “While I also despise the shaming of Mocha Uson and Sass, let us be fair in saying that they shamed also [sic] a lot in their actions of defending what seems to be textbook wrong on what Duterte is doing.

      Aside from that, let us be fair in also stating that Mocha Uson and Sass claimed falsely some things in their apparent support and bias of the President.”

      Such as? And their comments merit slut shaming and shameless cyberbullying?

      Fact is, both sides have descended back into middle school level playground name calling and finger pointing while flicking boogers at each other. Grown men and women who earn a living coming up with the most creative insults to hurl at one another. Both camps should be ashamed of themselves.

    • Spiral Octopus on

      Funny you should mention he is not worthy to grace a column given his credentials. You must have a pretty high standards for a writer, who I’m sure you will agree, will always have some form of bias. Whether he can write as sober and objective as he can is for us to discern. The point he was raising is in regards to the hipocrisy of some “entitled” individuals who I can personally tell you, looks down on “Dutertards” as a sloberring bunch of idiots & morons and therefore has nothing resonable to say. I say a lot of them are smarter & more reasonable, only because they lived what they say. ?? You cant tell them they’re wrong because of that.

    • you are just going in circles. at least agot’s bashers don’t claim themselves as ‘decent’ people unlike the yellow people who have the nerve to call themselves one but would slut-shame mocha and other duterte supporters. that is what prof contreras is talking about in this article.

    • You sound unbias and credible, but your veiled “yellow color gave you away” in your last paragraph. I am a simple biological scientist (PhD), 40 years of doing research and reading scientific journals (supposedly science is search for truth) I can sense a bias towards a vested interest when I see one. You are not different from Dr. Contreras. You can express your opionon just like any highly paid columnist in the mainstream media. Let us filter the garbage as we see it, and make our own perception of things.Dutete is winning hands down in public opinion. So let Dr. Contreras does his things as you are tolerant (or even cheering) to others. By the way, Dr. Contraras was a social scientist at the College of Forestry, UPLB, before he furthered is graduate studies in political science.. He happens to be more credible than you are, I believe. So please let him have a space at Manila Times. Inquirer is full of your idols.Follow them.

  35. Sir this is so inormative and i agree with you. Those so called disentes are so full of themselves thinking that they have more rights than the normal citizens eventhough we all have the same rights.

  36. Excellent article and analysis. Very very very true. Thank you. God bless you. May your tribe increase as this beloved country of ours needs more sane people like you who will bravely expose the stench of these decent and super privileged yellow elites. For these certified lunatics. here’s a quote which would perfectly fit these lost souls- “those whom God wishes to destroy he first drives mad.”

  37. salamat sa internet bukas na ang isipan ng mga ordinaryong tao di na padadala sa mga elitistang ito!

  38. ito yung mga principalla kapanahunan ng Kastila, mga mababaw di kayang arukin ang tunay na buhay mga ipokrito’t ipokrita isama mo pa dyan ang mga padre damaso ng kasalukuyang panahon

  39. Leoncio Cardenas on

    More power to Mr. Antonio Contreras. We need more political analysts like him to help us understand current political developments particularly those that relate to the leadership of President Détente.

    • But my question is? at the end of this so -called comments, naming those people with such names, and anything etc…. may napapala ba kayo?. Sa halip, bangayan, insulto,at kung anu ano pa dyan. Why don’t you take action. Ang hirap nito, mahilig ang iba na magkomento o manira. Do the best that you can do to help our country… What i observed ever since, wla namang perpektong administrasyon para sa iba eh Palagi na lng may nagrarally. Lahat nalang ang nakikita ay mali. Kabago-bago palang umupo ang mga nanalo sa eleksyon may nagrarally na kaagad. Mahirap umasenso ang isang bansa kung ang lahat ng tao ay pawang matatalino. Matatalinong magpuna! Perpekto ba kayo??
      I think the first person who must open their mind, their heart and their soul ( not with THEIR eye) are those people who are FAULT FINDER !!

  40. Great article. We can’t expect these elitists to simply give up their throne in advocacy knowing that their privilege is now enjoyed by the proletariat. There will be more buckets of popcorn in the room.

    As the saying goes, revenge is a dish best served cold.

  41. Very nice column. Agree with you Prof 100%. Just so many hypocrites in our midst. They start to sound very pathetic.

  42. I am deeply moved that DU30 has a supporter with your likes, Mr. Antonio Contreras. Hat’s off to you, sir! You called the attention of our President’s detractors without cursing or even using gutter language. Your commentary was sharp, concise and dependable. Indeed, I am impressed that you articulated your thoughts and ideas without going down to their level. Our president would have been proud of you. I am.

  43. Your article summarizes what I feel about the current discourse between the so called cyber-elites and the cyber-tambays. Sadly, the cyber-elites seem bent to topple the current administration by destroying the credibility of the President.
    Thank you for shedding light to the truth.

  44. Angry Taxpayer on

    The so-called “decent elite”. Is it me or does anybody also notice that the President only fights back when somebody starts the attack on him even during the election period and up to now?

    • Yes, have noticed too. And these puts the him in hot water most of the time for when he rants, he rants. Couldn’t say if I like or not like that about the President but it makes him true.

  45. LOVE YOU SOOOO MUCH SIR CONTRERAS. You put on paper my thoughts as well. These disente kuno souls did not just claim they own the social media world, they’re planning to reclaim the Philippines as well. They’re using all avenues to oust President Duterte in favor of fake VP Leni. They’re dying to reclaim (shanamagan) the country by using the international media to attract the blind and deaf ICC. Hoy, ICC, don’t be fooled by these bias media. Use your diligence to know the truth. TALK TO US, THE MORE THAN 16MILLION VOTERS WHO LOVE PRES. DUTERTE. Stop meddling in our country’s affair. You know nothing about our problem. Focus your attention to SYRIA!!!

  46. Mabuhay ka, Mr. Tony Contreras! Sapul na sapul dito ang mga taong animo’y nagmalasakit at may mala-tupang anyo ‘pag kaharap ang isang ordinaryo o mahirap na mamamayan…’Di siguro alam ng mga ipokrito’t ipokritang mga elitistang ‘to na ang lahat ay may hangganan…Maraming salamat.

  47. lynn b bautista on

    Congratulations Sir Ton! Yung feeling na nanggigil ka habang binabasa ko ang sordid truth that I also observe with these short witted elitists! I am vindicated! I am still backing our foul mouthed , bulgar president!

  48. As I have said before, the yellow elitist idiots just can’t accept defeat….
    Sir, pls don’t categorized the academe with its pedigreed credentials in general. The University where I’m connected, majority of its faculty members voted for Mr. Duterte because they have seen the hopelessness of the ordinary Filipinos’ situation like us [specifically the crime situation perpetuated by the rampant proliferation of drugs]. Voting for Ro-Ro then was suicidal as far as we are concerned, but how the other Ro won has been a question mark
    Thank you for the piece you have written, its about time to expose these characters masquerading as cyber elites kuno!

  49. haha… ang tapang ng article pero totoong-totoo! natumbok ang tunay na kaganapan at nabisto ang gimmick ng mga elites! Pero halatang elite din ang writer kasi high-fallutin’ ang choice of words niya .. siguro one of those few elites na maka-masa! Sana meron siyang version na maiintidihan ng mga taga-Divisoria, yung tagalog at bakya …. unless ang target readers niya talaga ay ang mga hypocrite elites…sige pwede na! Kudos kay Antonio Contreras, sana mag-viral.

  50. You live in a black-and-white world, Mr. Contreras. You label—whether directly or indirectly—all people who do not support Duterte, and those who do not agree with him in some (but not all) issues, (meaning, they may or they may not support or like Duterte) as yellows, elitists, “decent crowd”, and whatnot. Stop stereotyping! Stop labelling people as either yellow or red because it is not as simple as that, as you portray it to be. What kind of a political science professor and columnist-writer are you?

    • Finally a comment I agree with! This article is yet another example of over analyzing by over simplifying the issue. So this so-called professor is making it a class war?!?! If I criticize Duterte, that categorizes me an elitist?!? Come on! That’s low-level thinking – pun intended!

    • Very well said Tony.. I couldn’t agree with you more!! these so-called elites think they should rule on anyone or anything…I say screw them friggin cono’s!!!

    • you are the only that has said that sir. perhaps you may have to improve your reading comprehension sir.

    • Does calling a spade a spade have to be politically correct these days as well as not to offend?

      That sir, is the ultimate form of hypocrisy of all: to not call a spade a spade when it calls for it.