• AG&P launches engineering unit in Texas


    MANILA-BASED construction company Atlantic, Gulf and Pacific Co. announced on Wednesday the launch of AG&P Engineering Inc. in Houston, Texas as it moves to boost expansion in the global liquefied natural gas (LNG) industry.

    Along with the company’s subsidiaries, including its South Korea-based Gas Entec, the new business will develop innovative LNG infrastructure assets catering to the power, mining, transportation and industrial needs of emerging economies including India, Indonesia, and the Philippines.

    AG&P Engineering will concentrate on LNG import terminals and their supply chains by developing standardized and scalable engineering designs for infrastructure for all or parts of the LNG supply chain.

    Oil and gas industry veteran Alfred Moujaes, former president and chief executive officer of Houston, Texas-based Aragon Americas, will lead the new AG&P engineering unit.

    “Costs are substantially reduced by having an in-house engineering team because project delays and overall cost increases are often attributed to bespoke third-party engineering,” Moujaes said.

    AG&P is in the business of delivering infrastructure solutions, cutting-edge modularized solutions, and support services for energy, industrial, and resources sectors.


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