• Aguilar declares zero-garbage zone roads


    Las Piñas City Mayor Imelda Aguilar has declared Zapote-Alabang road and other major roads in the City as zero-garbage zones with the strict implementation of anti-littering ordinance imposing stiffer penalties on violators. City residents and business owners were advised to dispose of their garbage only during the scheduled time – 3a.m. and 8a.m. daily. Bantay Tapon Basura volunteers were deputized to apprehend those illegally disposing of garbage to be meted a penalty of P500 with imprisonment of from 10 days up to 30 days, or both fine and imprisonment. “Waste segregation at source is an important long-term solution to our garbage problem. It’s our collective responsibility in making our city clean and achieve our target of zero-garbage,” Aguilar said. More than 1,000 volunteers – Kaagapay sa Kalinisan at Kagandahan ng Las Piñas – in the city’s 20 barangay (villages) have been deployed to maintain cleanliness and help in information dissemination for the clean-and-green drive awareness.


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    1. I am a resident of the City of As Pinas. My city is very clean. The garbage truck always work 7 days a week even on a Sunday. Bravo to Mayoy Aquilar. The problem is Paranaque where garbage are all over. Shame on you Mayor Olivares. Look at Baclaran. Garbage all over, street vendors all over the streets even in Roxas Blvd. Mayor Olivares, you are a disgrace.