Aguilar: I wouldn’t bet on Pacquiao



Universal Reality Combat Championship (URCC) founder and chairman Alvin Aguilar believes Manny Pacquiao doesn’t have what it takes to beat American Timothy “The Desert Storm” Bradley.

The 35-year-old Pacquiao (55-5-2 win-loss-draw card with 38 knockouts) and the 30-year-old Bradley (31-0 with 12 knockouts) will have a rematch on April 12 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada.

“I wouldn’t bet on him (Pacquiao) at all,” Aguilar, the country’s mixed martial arts founding father, told the Manila Times in a phone interview on Saturday. “Age and many distractions in his head are all disadvantages.”

“A younger faster and focused fighter versus an older fighter with too many distractions in his head,” he said.

Even though most boxing analysts, former and current world boxing champions have chosen Pacquiao to win convincingly, Aguilar insists that time has caught up with the former eighth weight division world title holder.

“Father Time has come to Manny and at the same time, Bradley has only boxing in his mind while Pacquiao has too many other things on his mind,” added Aguilar. “A boxer who fights at that level professionally should have a clear mind and one focus.”

“I wish this fight wouldn’t happen,” he said.

Aguilar said Pacquiao’s unanimous win over Mexican-American Brandon Rios last November 23 wasn’t enough to prove that he still has the killer instinct.

“If you are going to compare Rios to the reigning World Boxing Organization welterweight champion (Bradley), there is a big difference in all aspects and skill level, that’s why you just cannot use that as basis,” Aguilar said.

He said Rios “wasn’t a credible opponent. He was just somebody place there to get Manny a win, so that his stock rises again.”

Long time sportswriter and international boxing analyst Larry Merchant agreed that age is the deciding factor in his fight with Bradley.

“Tim Bradley is a younger guy and he still thinks that he’s got stuff to prove, and that’s what makes Bradley who he is,” said Merchant to site recently. “Bradley wins every place that he goes. If there is any resistance, he wears you out. He’s a damn good fighter.”



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  1. I think Manny will win this one – – “Big time!!!”. Bradley will employ the same style as the 1st fight because he watch Pacman/Morales II, Pacman/JMM IV. In 4th fight with JMM, “the Hulk” is getting battered like anything – – it just that Manny was too aggressive in the closing seconds of that round 6 – – and he got KO’d. This rematch with Bradley will be Manny’s game – – either by KO or UD.

  2. BJJ guys do not understand boxing.
    Grapplers have a hard hard time understanding angles,footwork and flow combinations and intricacies in striking arts.
    I do BJJ coming from a striking background,
    Grapplers are good in their own realm and some dominate MMA but grapplers should not comment on strikers as they have limited understanding that styles make fights

  3. No more stats… It’s natural talent. Kobe, Jordan, Lebron, schumacher, agassi, etc… In this case, Ali, Robinson, Leonard… It’s just that pacman is a natural born fighter/athlete in this case. Mayweather is the only match that may raise doubts. Anything else is just no match for manny. The marquez fight was circumstantial. Manny is a legend and in fact should rule as the greatest boxer that ever boxed. . .

  4. The distraction in Mannys mind right now is GOD. And he always bet on GOD these days even after his lose to marquez. On the contrary Manny is more focus now. He knows his priorities. Gone are the days of karaoke, concerts gambling etc.

  5. No doubt that bradley is great fighter, but I think he will be k.o. in the 9th round.

  6. iriga city boy on

    I still believe Pacquiao will win this 2nd fight,but there is a “caveat”.
    The———- diastractions,the stamina and focus.
    If he can fix these things,we will see a Filipino victor on April 12.
    He’s got to learn the lesson from that first fight with Bradley.

  7. Alvin Aguilar, anytime, anywhere, any amount. My bit for Manny will win a 100% If like Alvin, just name a price. I like to a bit with you. Put your money Bradley, please. let me know.

  8. good point. packman may not be able to keep up the work rated needed to beat an improved bradley