• Aguilar seeks franchise moratorium for PUVs


    Las Piñas City Mayor Imelda Aguilar has called on the Land Transportation and Franchising Regulatory Board (LTFRB) to stop the issuance of new franchises to buses, UV Express vans and jeepneys plying the Zapote-Alabang route to ease the traffic problem in the city.

    Aguilar issued the appeal following reports from the City Traffic Management Office that the road capacity of Zapote-Alabang, the main thoroughfare of the city, can no longer accommodate the present volume of vehicles.

    Figures provided by the City Traffic Management Office showed that more than 70,000 vehicles pass through Zapote-Alabang road daily.

    To address the traffic problem, Aguilar ordered Traffic Police Chief Albert Arevalo to ban and apprehend drivers of colorum buses, UV Express vans and jeepneys along the Zapote-Alabang road.

    She directed the newly created Task Force Ayos Trapiko to strictly enforce traffic rules and apprehend jaywalkers, and drivers who pick up and unload passengers in prohibited areas.

    “We have to enforce the law and instil discipline among the drivers and commuters to improve the traffic problem in the city, otherwise, traffic situation will just worsen,” Aguilar said.

    The city also tapped the barangay tanod (village watchmen) and clean and green volunteers for the campaign against jaywalking to help traffic enforcers enforce rules along the main thoroughfare and inner roads to discipline erring drivers and commuters.

    Aguilar said that while the use of the Friendship Route in selected private subdivisions as an alternate roadway to decongest traffic along the Zapote-Alabang Road has been a big help, the increasing volume of vehicles remains a problem.

    She added that Task Force Ayos Trapiko, composed of the Traffic Management Office, Legal Office, Engineering Department, Planning Department and the City Council is ready to have an audience with the LTFRB chairman Martin Delgra 3rd, to explain the city’s worsening traffic situation.

    In addition, the city government will request the LTFRB for a copy of the actual list of franchises issued in Las Piñas City, Aguilar said.


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