• Aguirre a chronic liar – De Lima


    SENATOR Leila De Lima on Wednesday denied the allegations of Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre linking her and Sen. Antonio Trillanes 4th to the attempt on the life of convicted kidnapper Jaybee Sebastian at the New Bilibid Prison (NBP) last year.

    “Aguirre is lying. He is a chronic liar like his boss, and a secretary of justice without balls. What do you expect from a public official who fakes his own hair?” De Lima said.

    The senator added that if she was really responsible for Sebastian’s stabbing, it would indicate that the NBP is being run and managed by “idiots who can’t protect high profile inmates staying inside the most guarded spot in Philippine prisons.”

    De Lima said Aguirre chose to blame her and Trillanes for the NBP attack instead of investigating those tasked to secure the facility.

    The incident in September 2016 resulted in the death of a Chinese drug convict. Three other inmates were injured, including Sebastian, who was scheduled to testify before the House committee on Justice looking into the proliferation of illegal drugs at the national penitentiary.

    Aguirre however admitted that there is no evidence to prove that De Lima and Trillanes were behind the alleged attempt to kill Sebastian.

    “This is again in line with the propaganda thrust of the Duterte administration to pin all the blame on somebody else except themselves,” De Lima said in a statement.

    She noted that Aguirre has authority over the NBP but he refuses to take responsibility for the stabbing of several high profile inmates under his watch.

    “Instead, he creates a convenient scapegoat in the person of two senators who were at least several kilometers away from the crime scene,” De Lima pointed out.

    At the same time, the senator said she has information that it was her enemies who gave orders to pressure the inmates, including Sebastian, to testify against her and the intent was just to injure the convicts.

    Unfortunately, those who executed the plan made a mistake that resulted in the death of one of the convicts identified as Tony Co, she added.

    A resolution has been filed asking the Senate committee on justice and human rights to look into the stabbing incident at the NBP but the Senate panel chaired by Sen. Richard Gordon has yet to schedule the hearing.

    Trillanes has also denied any involvement in the stabbing incident.

    “It is totally absurd. Anyway, Aguirre and his gang better get their stories straight because we will have a full blown Senate inquiry to get the truth out,” he added.  JEFFERSON ANTIPORDA 



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    1. Sen de Lima, it is not Sec. Aguirre who is implicating you (and Sen Trill) in this particular frustrated murder.

      And to you Sec. Aguirre, leave the disclosure with the NBI.. You’re fanning the gigantic fire already raging between you and her. You’re not of the same feather, Sir, so you will never ever come to any common ground. Assign yourself, instead, the task of uncovering any mask if ever the big gambling lord who tried to bribe you did bribe your predecessor and she accepted it. How many times? Not only protector of drug lord but also of gambling lord. O, di po ba?