Ahwel is an ‘angel’



THERE’S more to Ahwel Paz being a co-anchor to talent manager Jobert Sucaldito in their late night showbiz program on DZMM. He is an angel.

Not too many are aware that for many years now, Ahwel wouldn’t host his own birthday party with all his close showbiz friends in exuberant attendance. Instead he’d set up a mobile clinic offering free medical consultations for the press. Attending doctors would recommend hospital admission if necessary.

It goes without saying that Ahwel’s generous share in a medically unattended industry—where most if not all members are not health cardholders—is greatly appreciated.

Just last week, Ahwel once again displayed his concern for colleague Richard Pinlac who suffered a severe hemorrhagic stroke on May 17. Bills had ballooned to more than half a million excluding the professional fees of—hold your breath—13 doctors.

Taking upon herself the “maternal” responsibility for Richard, Cristy Fermin had led a “choir of carollers” literally begging help from well-to-do friends. But generous donations wouldn’t suffice. As she honestly put it, “Malalapitan mo sila isang beses lang, hindi ka na makakaulit.”

Blessed with a vast network of friends, in and out of showbiz, Cristy had found a savior in Manny Garcia, a former PCSO high-ranking official, who did everything he could to be able to slash close to half a million pesos off the total hospital bills.

Was the billing problem with the Capitol Medical Center where Richard had been bedridden for more than a month finally solved? No.

A jaw-dropping, eye-popping balance of more than P400,000 had yet to be settled with the CMC requiring Richard’s family to pay half in cash, and the other half with a cheque. The hospital likewise ruled that a mandatory collateral (which later turned out to be just among the requirements on the checklist) be handed to the billing section for the patient to be issued a discharge order slip.

Earlier, Ahwel had already come to the rescue by successfully getting a 10-percent discount, equivalent to more than P100,000, on the partial balance. Having heard of the collateral required by CMC, Ahwel—dropping everything on Monday last week—drove his way to the hospital, arranging for Richard’s release pending full payment of the accrued bills.

The following day, his family had brought Richard to a rented house in Quezon City as he couldn’t stay with his ill father at their residence in Bacoor, Cavite.

All told, let this column serve as a mouthpiece for Richard’s family to extend their heartfelt gratitude to all the “earth-bound” angels Cristy Fermin, Ahwel Paz, Manny Garcia, Katrina Paula, Lily Chua, Robin Padilla, Boy Abunda and to all the others (you know who you are) who have “flown” Richard high above these most trying times.

* * *

This is a disclaimer to earlier published reports on the identity of the alleged mistress of Timothy Tan, husband of Sunshine Dizon.

Her name is not Clarissa but Charisma. From a source, the pretty staffer of a Quezon City hospital doesn’t have a social media account, hence making it impossible for her to lash back at Sunshine.

Still according to some people who know Charisma, she has a child from her previous marriage. Adds our source, it was reportedly in January this year when Sunshine had begun suspecting of Timothy’s unusual behavior.

“Ang hindi alam ni Sunshine, titingala nga lang pala siya sa itaas ng unit niya at ‘yun ang sagot sa tanong niya,” citing the actress’ unit on the ninth floor of the building where Charisma stays three floors up..


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