Ai-Ai in love but in mourning



From hereon, February will be probably the most meaningful, if not the most heartbreaking month for Ai Ai Delas Alas.

While love abounds in her life all year round with long-time partner Gerard Sibayan, the country’s premiere comedienne will also remember in the season of the hearts, the ill-fated time she lost two of the most important people in her career and personal life, two years running

Ai Ai lost director-friend Wenn Deramas who succumbed to heart attack immediately following his sister’s death on the same night of February 29, 2016. Arguably, it was Deramas who made Ai Ai the biggest box office star via Star Cinema’s family drama Tanging Ina in 2003, which was followed by a string of other successful movies.

Despite their shaken friendship brought about by box office issues in the MMFF 2015, Ai Ai paid her last respects to Deramas at the crowded wake, even visiting his buried remains without a chaperone.

A year later, on February 9 Ai Ai mourned the passing of Father Erick Santos whom she considered more than just her spiritual adviser but also a family friend.

Vignettes bore witness to several religious gatherings hosted by Ai Ai where Fr. Erick led a group of young and good-looking priests to concelebrate mass. But of them all, Father Erick would always take center stage regaling his audience – manangs and the young alike – with his brand of “homedy” (homily-comedy).

Ai Ai Delas Alas

Exuding a charismatic, cool and exuberant mien, Father Erick was unorthodox in more ways than one, a total departure from – pardon Vignettes – all the other church stereotypes whose drab and oftentimes humorless homilies could either put anyone to sleep or make him regret he stayed seated for the sermon.

In street jargon, Father Erick was a favorite among the jologs. His roots in Tondo, Manila sure had a lot to do with his impeccable enigma toward the common tao.

Why and how Ai Ai became a Papal awardee in October 2016 was all of Father Erick’s recommendation to the Vatican. However, it was he who advised Ai Ai and Gerard to abstain from you-know-what until they take the vows of Holy Matrimony or at least before the conferment of the Papal honor.

Meanwhile, a video in honor of Father Erick – with his composition “Buhay Na Buhay” which he sang himself – reaffirms the 55- year-old priest’s legions of fans, both old and young. The almost eight-minute material aptly ends with a smiling Father Erick with a halo as he ascends to heaven, looking down on a motley group of people saying, “Thank you, Father Erick!” in unison.

* * *

GUESS WHO? Poor female celebrity (FC), for simply being too straightforward and honest with her thoughts (at times to a fault), recently incurred the ire of “dimwits” on social media, brazenly branding her as “insecure.”

A hater, perhaps a hotel habitué, shared a stale issue involving FC. According to him, FC would be sighted at the buffet tables during eat-all-you-can promos at plush hotels on frequent occasions.

“She’d never get a seat to dine but would stay near the table and pick whatever her fingers can hold para makaiwas siyang magbayad. Still gorgeous, but she lacks social graces.”


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