• Aiko sees herself marrying Persian boyfriend



    Celebs who won the elections; and a pair of former schoolmates in one network who aren’t friendly with each other

    Aiko Melendez and her Persian boyfriend Shahin Alimirzapour are so sweet to each other. Members of the press who saw them at the blessing of BG Films International’s new office noticed how they would often hold other’s hand during unguarded moments.

    Aiko admits that Shahin really makes her happy. Their romance, which started at a casual meeting at a mutual friend’s party, is getting stronger. Never mind that Aiko is 12 years Shahin’s senior.

    “I believe age is just all but numbers. What matters is how you get along. When you have the same wave length, and when you see things together the same way [that’s what matters],” Aiko enthused.

    Shahin for his part admits that she was smitten by Aiko’s beauty the first time he saw her. That’s why he approached her at once and introduced himself, not knowing that she’s an actress. Before he knew it, he was already asking for her handle on Facebook.

    “From there, we just started going out with a group, with her friends and ‘yun, dahan-dahan, we started getting to know each other,” Shahin said.

    Aiko Melendez and Shahin Alimirzapour

    Aiko Melendez and Shahin Alimirzapour

    The last time Aiko was in a relationship was seven years ago, and it’s only now that she decided to give a love life another try. And with the way their relationship is going, the actress feels she made the right decision. She finds Shahin very loving.

    Shahin is involved in a trading business while taking up Dentistry at Centro Escolar University in Manila. He said he has already told his family about Aiko and the two of them are planning to visit his family in Iran within the year.

    Do they see themselves eventually marrying each other?

    “Of course. I am only 40, and it’s every woman’s dream to settle down and be with someone who’s gonna take care of you and grow old with you. That’s really our goal,” said Aiko.

    * * *

    Today, Dizon will take on a special role in the much-awaited reboot

    Today, Dizon will take on a special role in the much-awaited reboot

    When she learned GMA Network is doing a remake of Encantadia, Sunshine Dizon secretly wished she would be part of the iconic fantasy series. She is, after all, an original Sangre, the lead characters of the program.

    But after the new cast was announced and her name was not included in the list, Sunshine thought there was no way that she could still be a part of the gigantic telefantasya. The actress simply decided to wait for her next project in GMA until she got a big surprise.

    Out of the blue, Sunshine received a call from a member of the production saying that a role was created especially for her.

    Sunshine Dizon played the role of Pirena, the keeper fire, in the original ‘Encantadia’ edition

    Sunshine Dizon played the role of Pirena, the keeper fire, in the original ‘Encantadia’ edition

    “At first, we had to keep it a little hush-hush to keep the surprise element for the audience—for all the ‘Encantadics.’ I was so happy because at first, I thought it was only Dingdong who will be in the show among the members of the original cast.

    “But when they said they had a big role for me, I was so touched,” the actress related.

    Sunshine has been measured for her costume, and became more excited when upon seeing the actual sketch. With the kind of costume that was designed for her character, Sunshine decided that she needs to lose some pounds and be fit to look good in the costume.

    * * *

    Elections are over and several showbiz personalities emerged victorious in the positions they ran for. Vilma Santos is now a congressman for Lipa City’s lone district, while Richard Gomez, after several tries of securing an elective position is now the elected mayor of Ormoc City.

    Quezon City will still have Herbert Bautista as mayor, ditto with former president Joseph Estrada for Manila.

    Fourth time’s a charm for Richard Gomez, new mayor of Ormoc with wife Rep. Lucy Torres

    Fourth time’s a charm for Richard Gomez, new mayor of Ormoc with wife Rep. Lucy Torres

    Other notable winners are the Yllana brothers, Anjo as councilor in Quezon City and Jomari and Ryan as councilors in Parañaque where Van Dolph Quizon, Roselle Nava and Wahoo Sotto also won city council sits.

    While writing this column, I received a call from Imelda Papin telling me that she’s about to be proclaimed as winner for a congressional district in Camarines Sur.

    Other winners from showbiz include Alfred Vargas who ran unopposed as congressman in the 5th district in Quezon City, Roderick Paulate as QC councilor, Daniel Fernando as vice governor of Bulacan and Jolo Revilla as vice governor of Cavite.

    Lani Mercado is now the mayor-elect of Bacoor; Dan Fernandez also mayor of Sta. Rosa, Laguna; and Yul Servo is Congressman for the third district of Manila.

    * * *

    SHORTS . . . Tom Rodriguez is now preparing for his new soap opera for GMA Network.

    While waiting, he keeps himself busy with his new hobby, which is sculpting . . .

    Dennis Trillo was Jennylyn Mercado’s special guest at the premiere night of her movie with John Lloyd Cruz . . .

    Although they came from the same school in a province near Manila, these two actors are not really very close. The popular actor is not really keen about making friends with the other actor because he was bullied by this other actor when they were in school.

    Now that they are both in showbiz, and both talents of the same network, the popular actor seems to be making the other feel he’s not really interested to make friends with his former schoolmate.


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