Airport wheelchair attendant in hot water


THE niece of the septuagenarian couple who were held at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) after a bullet was found in their carry-on bag has accused a wheelchair attendant as one of those who demanded P50,000 from her aunt Tuesday.


Fei Balagot, the niece of Esteban and Salvacion Cortabista, 78, and 75 years old, respectively, identified Nino Namba as the wheelchair attendant of Excellent Services who “negotiated” with the elderly couple to shell out cash in exchange for their release.

Balagot recalled that Namba was wearing a company uniform bearing number ‘78.’

The Cortabistas, who were supposed to travel to Los Angeles, California via Korean Air, have accused an officer of the Office for Transportation Security (OTS) for planting the bullet in their carry-on bag.

Ferdinand B. Morales of the OTS, assigned at the NAIA terminal 1 final security checkpoint, found a .357 caliber bullet, first reported as .38 caliber bullet, when the couple’s carry-on bag passed the x-ray machine.

According to Police Aviation Security Group director C/Supt. Pablo Francisco Balagtas, Namba was described by Balagot as the porter who allegedly demanded the money after the Cortabistas were held for questioning.

Balagot added that Namba warned the septuagenarian couple that the amount may increase once they were turned over to the Aviation police headquarters.

The couple was later released for further investigation.

Balagtas said police investigators are coordinating with the Manila International Airport Authority (MIAA) to secure a copy of the CCTV footage.

Meanwhile, Terminal 1 manager Dante Basanta has requested a copy of the 201 file of Namba from the MIAA pass control office for background and character verification.


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  1. makasalanan ako on

    Terminal 1 manager, Dante Basanta, kasabwat ka ba rin dito? Why you still need to go to MIAA pass control office to check background and character verification on Nino Mamba, a wheelchair operator and one of those who demanded P50,000 in cash for the exchange of the retired couple’s release. I think you are just buying time, dahil nabigla ka ano? If you were not involved, you should have tried to get in touch with the DOJ and help withdraw the complaints filed against this couple. Secondly, you should have filed criminal charges against Nino Mamba. What have you done at this point? Are you going to tell the media that you are out of the loop too? Nagmana ka rin sa AMO mo, na si Mr. Honorado, kurakot at walang kaluluwa. Para sa inyong lahat diyan sa NAIA na nagungurakot, ano ang pakiramdam nyo na pinapakain sa pamilya ninyo ang mga ninanakaw ninyo? Patawarin kayo ng Panginoon.

  2. Mukha ata meron sumasabutge kay Mar Roxas pagka’t alam naman ng laahat na ang slogan ni Mar Roxas ay ” Daan Matuwid ” ni Pnoy at ano man ang kasiraan ng administration ni Pnoy ay sumasalamin kay Mar Roxas.Hindi namn siguro ngayon yuon sumira sa kanya nuon 2010 na Samar Boys na nasa Malacanang na nag taguyod ng NoyBi?
    LP Pres. Abaya paki investiga kagad at huwag mong patagalin, dapat bago May 9, 2016 malaman ang resukta at meron kayong ma demanda, kundi masamang epekto ito kay Mar-Len ( Ro-Ro) at sa lahat ng LP candidates.

    • alam mo utoy kahit wala sumabotahe sa manok mong si mar eh dadamputin pa din sa kangkungan yan dahil TALO YAN SIGURADO.

  3. This greedy monster if found guilty of doing this shameful act should be hanged in public. Greed, greed, greed is our horrible unspeakable image projected by these people. No matter how we OFW’s try to project good image for our country we are still seen by other races as corrupt. What a burden we carry.