• Aiza Seguerra looks back on showbiz beginnings


    National Youth Commission Chairman Aiza Seguerra

    Together with her life partner Film Development Council Chairman Liza Diño, former child star, musician and current National Youth Commission Chairman Aiza Seguerra is grateful to have the opportunity to give back to the entertainment industry where she made her name today.

    At one of the events of the successful Pista ng Pelikulang Pilipino where her office gave its full support to the FDCP, The Manila Times caught up with Seguerra who happily looked back at her beginnings in the business.

    It was on the longest running noontime variety show “Eat, Bulaga!” where she and her Mommy Caring took their first hopeful step for the precocious child to join showbiz. Over the years, the program has introduced a number of the biggest and brightest names in the industry, launching countless careers through a backdrop of limitless fun and entertainment for Filipinos worldwide.

    Indeed, if there is one talent who is famously associated with the program since her early days on television, it would be Seguerra.

    Seguerra was only three years old when she joined “Little Miss Philippines” in 1987. Even if she was not crowned the winner, the singer/songwriter was eventually called back for a coveted stint in the program.

    Seguerra enjoys watching Ryzza Mae Dizon on the noontime show, bringing back all her fun memories as a child on ‘Eat Bulaga!’

    “The show has been my foundation,” Seguerra said recalling her younger years. Eat, Bulaga! became her second home for over 10 years and it was there she learned everything about being an artist and entertainer.

    From there she went on to play the daughter Vic Sotto on the iconic sitcom, “Okay Ka Fairy Ko,” which had a spin off as the popular “Enteng Kabisote” series on the big screen in later years.

    Eventually, Seguerra launched her solo music career and cut memorable singles like “Pagdating ng Panahon” among others, cementing her place in OPM.

    Seguerra said she owes much of her success to the noontime variety program as it allowed her to do what she loves best – entertain people and inspire them through her music.

    “How I am now, how I work, I owe that to Eat, Bulaga!. Every time I work with people, I always look for that familiar environment. Eat, Bulaga! will always be a safe place for me,” she declared.

    Now a government appointee who makes sure to combine her youth projects with endeavors to support showbiz, Seguerra went on to enumerate many other celebrities who also began in the noontime and now enjoy successful careers.

    She recalled dancer-turned-actress Rochelle Pangilinan of the Sex Bomb Girls dance group, who become a soap opera star on GMA Network shows.

    “What’s great about the support Eat Bulaga gives its discoveries is that it helps them provide a better life for their family while molding their talents, like Rochelle and I were able to do,” said Seguerra.

    With her ‘Eat Bulaga!’ family where it all started for the singer-songwriter: The iconic Tito, Vic and Joey with Coney Reyes

    Now 34 years old, Seguerra enjoys watching the noontime show’s current child stars Ryzza Mae Dizon and Sebastian Benedict—more popularly known as Baeby Baste—who remind her of the fun she had with Tito, Vic and Joey and the rest of the Dabarkads.

    “Nandyan pa si Maine (Mendoza) who became an overnight celebrity on the show, and the That’s My Bae Boys like Kenneth Medrano, Miggy Tolentino, Kim Last, Tommy Penaflor, Jon Timmons, Joel Palencia, who are being groomed to become the industry’s next hosts and leading men,” she proudly continued. “Iba talaga ang nagawa ng Eat Bulaga para sa mga may pangarap para sa sarili nila at sa kanilang pamilya.”

    In ending, Seguerra said that if she can do even half of what Eat Bulaga! for her for another young talent, or at the very least give back to the business that has been very good to her, it would show how thankful she is to the people who helped her reach her dreams today.


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