• AkzoNobel introduces professional paint line in PH


    Global paint manufacturer AkzoNobel introduced its Dulux Professional line of professional paints to the Philippines at the 43rd United Architects of the Philippines (UAP) Annual National Convention.

    The convention and exhibition, CONEX 2017, was held at the SMX Convention Center late last month.

    Architects, contractors, interior designers, trade professionals and other exhibition guests were introduced to Dulux Professional’s portfolio of paint and coating solutions for all paintable surfaces including interior, exterior, metal, and wood.

    Also on display were finish and texture options available for wall decoration solutions within the Dulux Ambiance Special Effects Paint portfolio. The products featured were all customizable to match specific requirements, budget, and sustainability targets.

    The visually striking CCTV Building in Beijing is also protected from the elements by AkzoNobel paints.

    Dulux also highlighted its selection for the finish on some notable structures worldwide, including Singapore’s Gardens by the Bay, the Sheikh Zayed Bridge in Abu Dhabi, and the Largo-do-Pelourinho in Brazil.

    “AkzoNobel is excited to offer the well known paintings and coatings solutions, technology and sustainable practices to the Philippine market,” said Jeremy Rowe, Dulux’s managing director for decorative paints in South and Southeast Asia and the Middle East.

    “The Philippines continues to enjoy a boom in construction across all sectors with infrastructure improvements across the country. In keeping with CONEX 2017’s theme of ‘Fast Track to the Future’, what we at AkzoNobel have put on display are our paint and coating options that don’t just add color and vibrancy to structures but also add protection and durability. Our technological expertise has produced innovations that make buildings better, transportation more efficient and industrial production run more smoothly. Architects, contractors, interior designers, and even environmental planners can now take advantage of our customizable products and our world class services to help design, build and deliver in the same way that we have been working with our infrastructure partners in other countries,” Rowe added.

    A front-runner in sustainable innovations, AkzoNobel’s showcase included energy and resource efficiency technologies such as the trademarked Keep Cool, Lumitec, StayClean, Colourlock and Colourguard offerings available under the Dulux Professional line. The Company also offers water-based alternatives to traditional solvent-based products.

    “Under our sustainability platform, Planet Possible, our products invite consumers to do more with less. For example, our paints have high opacity, which means you need less product to fully coat a surface without compromising aesthetics and functionality. We also have paints and coatings that regulate external heat to minimize the need for additional energy an air conditioning unit would use,” Rowe continued.

    Sheikh Zayed Bridge in Abu Dhabi, finished with AkzoNobel Dulux Professional paint. AKZONOBEL PHOTOS

    Rowe also pointed out that AkzoNobel’s proprietary Dulux Professional Services offer a one-stop shop for pre- to post-construction solutions with a team of trained dedicated specialists to guide potential business partners through projects using Dulux Professional products.

    The company currently works with two local distributors who have undergone intensive specification and color training, enabling them to provide valuable coatings advice on solutions for the commercial, education, healthcare, repainting, residential, and leisure sectors. The company looks to collaborate with more construction and design professionals on design projects that benefit different sectors, it added.

    “We have worked with the best architects and engineers in different countries across the region and the world and we are just as excited to work in partnership with the best in this country, particularly on projects that help ‘create a brighter, more colorful future by delivering more value from fewer resources’,” Rowe said.

    Headquartered in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, AkzoNobel employs approximately 46,000 people in 80 countries, and its product portfolio includes brands such as Dulux, Sikkens, International, Interpon, and Eka. BEN KRITZ


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