Albay to adopt homeless ‘Yolanda’ victims


LEGAZPI CITY: From the usual humanitarian mission spearheaded by the Albay provincial government to areas ravaged by natural calamities across the country, this time Albayanos will be opening their houses to homeless families left by Super Typhoon Yolanda in Eastern Visayas.

Albay through the provincial government led by Gov. Joey Salceda will adopt 2,000 families or 10,000 persons for 12 months or until after their new houses are built.

“We will be adopting them for 12 months or until after their houses are built. Displaced pupils and high school students will also be accommodated in public school. All basic human amenities are provided in these centers and definitely, we will give the best accommodation the country can ever provide,” Salceda told The Manila Times.

Albay in partnership with Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) and Office of Civil Defense Bicol will assist 2,000 families in Apsemo’s newly constructed Japan-standard evacuation centers in Gogon, Polangui, Libon, Oas, Santo Domingo and Manito as well as the evacuation camps provided by Spanish government through Española de Cooperacion Internacional para el Desarollo (Aecid).

“All basic human amenities are provided. We are introducing ‘Albay Hero-Hiro’ which are essentially ‘Bigbro’ or foster family contracts with families and institutions in Albay who are willing to accommodate them for 12 months, which is our best estimate for the government to put up shelter for the homeless. They will be accredited jointly by DSWD regional office, PSWDO and MSWDO,” the governor said.

The provincial government of Albay sent on Sunday at least 23 more truckloads of relief goods to Tacloban City, the rest of Leyte and Samar provinces, which have been reeling under the devastation caused by Yolanda.

The longest and the biggest convoy of trucks loaded with relief items for Yolanda victims set out for Leyte and Samar on Monday.

Bong Aspe, a well-known philanthropist in Bicol and owner the Colonial Grill that pioneered the sili ice cream in Albay is one of the Albayanos who opened up his house to displaced families.

Through adopt a family program of the provincial government, Aspe volunteered to adopt evacuees until they get back on their own feet again.

United Nations estimate that there are 2,000,000 homeless individuals displaced by Yolanda. This means, according to Salceda, that provision of homes/shelter of 500,000 units at a cost of P250,000 each, entail a total cost of P125 billion.


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  1. I was born in Regan barracks in Daraga, Albay in 1941 my Father Maj. Francisco Sandico was the provincial of the Camp. I Graduated in Albay High in 1958 I know the Bicolanos are the most warm hearted people of the Philippines. Kudos to you Governor Joey, I salute you, You and the people of Legaspi are real Christian brothers doing what would JESUS do?

  2. Diana Rempillo on

    Gov. Joey, we need more people who are like you. I know you are a politician, but personally, I don’t want to call you that because I believe that there is no human nature in being a politician in the Philippines.

    Ten of your men and your ideas on how to help the survivors, show not only malasakit, but heart.

    Kudos Gov!

    I am glad that you are our leader. I do not vote in there, but my mom is a supporter of you.