• Alcala again on PDAF abuse . . . ! ! !

    Erwin Tulfo

    Erwin Tulfo

    Agriculture Secretary Proceso Alcala is once again being linked in the release of several hundreds of millions of pesos in Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF) to bogus corporations in 2012, aside from the ones earlier reported that went to Janet Napoles’ fake NGOs.

    My mole at DA said that close to P200 million from the pork barrel of several lawmakers were transferred to Alcala through the National Agricultural and Fishery Council (NAFC), an agency under DA, despite intense protest from the NAFC leadership of the said fund transfer.

    My source within the department, who asked for anonymity for fear of reprisal, said it was allegedly the order and prodding of the agriculture chief to have the said amount transferred to his office from NAFC as early as 2010 when Alcala assumed as secretary of DA.

    The source said that NAFC Supervisor Assistant Secretary Salvador Salacup and Executive Director Ariel Cayanan have nothing to do and can’t stop the fund transfer since it was the directive of Alcala. They even advised Alcala not to push through with the transfer since there is already an investigation by the Commission on Audit (COA) at that time about the PDAF abuse, my source added.

    Like I said, this is not the first time that Alcala’s name is dragged in the pork barrel scam within his department. Earlier, the secretary’s name popped up regarding the release of funds to Napoles’ fake NGOs.

    However, Alcala was quick to point to his assistant secretary, Ofelia Agawin of the DA Finance unit, whom he said was responsible in processing and validating of the NGOs’ list of the department. Surprisingly, Agawin continues to report for work to this day and has not been sacked or sanctioned by Alcala for the said inefficiency.

    One wonders, how many hundreds of millions of pesos more will it take to prove that Secretary Alcala is personally involved in this pork barrel abuse?

    It will be wise for Alcala to stop pointing his fingers to others and just accept the mistakes of his men. After all, these people may just be following orders or just trying to protect their boss from any problems such as this.

    Blaming people for your mistakes is not one of the traits of a real man, Sec . . . BE A MAN!

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    Protocol or ‘Pa-pogi”???
    Was it really the stupid protocol that caused the almost six-hour delay in defusing the tension in Pasay City last week after a bag suspected to contain a bomb was thrown on top of a bus along EDSA?

    Or was it the wait for a top-ranking government official to arrive at the scene before removing the bag said to contain an improvised explosive device that caused the hellish experience of motorists stranded in that major traffic snarl?

    PNP National Capital Region Chief Supt. Marcelo Garbo blamed the long line of protocol that Explosive Ordnance Division personnel have to contact or follow before clearing the area and the bomb as well.

    But highly reliable sources within Camp Crame said, it was not the protocol that was the problem but the wait for a ranking government official who wanted to get into the crime scene for obvious reasons was the reason for the delay.

    Police sources said this high-ranking official called the PNP and told its commander to wait for him before removing the bomb from the site. Unfortunately, due to the heavy traffic, the said official can’t get to the site after several hours that he orders the cops to go ahead and clear the area and the bag.

    Wow . . . ”kailangan ba talagang hintayin ka sir”??? The last time I checked, the national election won’t be until May 2016!



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    1. Mr. Tulfo, Proceso Alcala can be compared to a leech, keep on sticking to PNoy’s skin and Pnoy, although already bleeding, still allows the man to keep on sucking blood. There must be something special about Alcala that PNoy will not get rid of him come what may. Do you have any idea, sir?