• Alcala should follow Torres

    Erwin Tulfo

    Erwin Tulfo

    I take my hat to Land Transportation Office chief Virginia Torres who announced her retirement after being involved in several controversies, the latest of which is her playing in a casino.

    Torres’ act clearly shows that she does not want to drag her boss, the President, in the mess she got herself entangled with since she assumed office three years ago
    Sensing that she is becoming a baggage to Pnoy, Torres decided to vacate her office by the end of the month to avoid bringing down the President who is also being linked to some controversies such as the release of funds under the Disbursement Acceleration Program or DAP.

    If Torres has delicadeza, Agriculture Secretary Poceso Alcala can be likened to a leech who clings to his post come hail or storm despite being linked to several anomalies.

    Alcala is currently being questioned in the disbursement of the pork barrel of several lawmakers that went to bogus NGOs of his department.

    He is also being accused of nepotism, under suspicion of monopolizing the importation of garlic and onion, and being investigated on the overpricing of imported rice from Vietnam.

    But despite being linked to these controversies, Alcala refused to go on leave and allow an independent body to investigate these allegations against him.

    It seems that Alcala is immune to criticism and continues to enjoy the trust and confidence of the President.

    It is up to Alcala now if he still has a little bit of delicadeza left in him to go on leave or retire early to unload some problems of this administration.

    * * *
    Goodbye, Gen. Larry Mendoza

    I was a reporter covering the PNP beat when I first met Larry Mendoza, who was the chief of the national police at that time.

    Sir Larry, to his men, was very accommodating and was loved by the PNP press corps because he was frank and honest during interviews. He was also a disciplinarian, having cracked down on abusive and rogue cops.

    I came to know the man when I needed security after receiving several death threats because of my line of work.

    I went to his office one day and told him that my life is in danger and that I needed a bodyguard. Instead of telling me to fulfill some requirements first, Gen. Mendoza immediately called the chief of the PNP security and protection office and said “kailangan ng kaibigan ko ng isang security, padala kaagad kayo dito ng isang tao.”

    I thanked him for his swift action on my request but I told him I have a police officer friend who was in Basilan at that time and I wanted to get him as my bodyguard.

    Again, the PNP chief nodded and called the commanding officer of my policeman friend in Mindanao, ordering him to send his subordinate to Manila at once.

    However, the commanding officer, for reasons only known to him, did not follow Gen. Mendoza’s order and delayed the transfer of the said policeman.

    The soft spoken Mendoza, upon learning that his junior officer in Basilan refused to follow his order, called the commander and told him: “gusto mo ba ako pa ang pumunta diyan at sunduin yang pulis mo”?

    My security arrived in the afternoon that day. Gen. Mendoza did not punish the junior officer or relieve him of his command as he easily forgave the minor lapses of his men.
    He would jokingly introduce me to PMA officers as the adopted member of class ’69.
    Thank you Sir Larry and good luck to your new assignment in Heaven.



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    1. Fernando Habito on

      Alcala will not resign or take a leave of absence because obviously he is protecting his personal interest.Unfortunately he is the person who got NO “delicadesa” to sacrifice for the benefits of the people.It’s all about money and power to keep his life style.