Alcala should go on leave


I still cant understand why she hasnt been questioned by the NBI, in the uk where i come from someone accused of a crime is taken to the police station & questioned that very same day. They depending on the complexity & seriousness of the crime can & are also questioned on many other days. Every questioning is recorded on tape with voice so we see & hear everything. But here in the philippines it doesnt seem to work like that, the system here is again silly & complicated. Without informing the the suspect of every detail ask them questions & have their answers recorded. If they later change their statement then it can be worked out why. Here there is so much paperwork & a huge money trail that it has to include almost if not all politicians that have access to these funds. Its why most of them went into politics in the first place, not as in my country a desire to serve their country & make their country better but to line their pockets with gold. We know that from local up to national politicians they enter politics comfortable & in a few years are extremly rich, but their salaries are not the sorce of their riches & wealth. From the local councillor to the local mayor to law makers to every politician the highest scutiny should be taken against all of them. I dont know how long that would take but it has to be done to rid this country of the corruption thats infested its total infrastructure from top to bottom


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  1. In fairness to Sec Alacala, mas inclusive o pagtangkilik sa mga Pilipino farmers ang diin at policy ng NFA kung ikukumpara sa dating palaasa at pagdepende sa rice importation…

    Karamihan sa mga grupong ayaw sa patakaran ni Alcala ay yun din ang tinatamaan sa paglago ng local rice production sa bansa, Sila ang mga RICE CARTEL at may pakana sa sunud-sunod na rice smuggling sa bansa..

    Sila ang mga nakinabang sa tuloy-tuloy na rice smuggling at importation nuong panahon ni Gloria Macapagal Arroyo.