Alden Richards surprises unrewarded heroes


There are many ways to give back to society. In the case of GMA Network leading man Alden Richards, he prefers giving happy and unforgettable memories to those who need and deserve them most.

With his continued success in showbiz since his AlDub tandem with Maine Mendoza was born in 2015, Richards has made sure to help out the very individuals who placed him where he is today, as much as he can. And just before the country celebrated National Heroes’ Day on Monday, the amiable celebrity went out of his way to make two groups of hardworking Filipinos feel important, special and valued in very a unique way.

Everyday heroes
With the help of his loyal sponsor SnowCaps supplements, Richards identified two groups of people whose occupations are often difficult, hazardous and most of all unrewarded. Without looking far, the actor gathered street sweepers and lady traffic enforcers whom he considers everyday heroes to an unforgettable day spent with him.

For a whole afternoon, these special folks were treated to a long and hearty lunch, and much needed pampering at Blue Water Day Spa in Greenhills, San Juan. Just as they thought their welcome down time could not get any better, Richards surprised them at the spa to spend time with them to chat and take group photos and selfies.

Alden Richards (center) gathered street sweepers and lady traffic enforcers from his hometown in Cavite whom he considers everyday heroes and treated them to a day of pampering

“I’m so happy because I found another opportunity to share my blessings with these hardworking street sweepers, and barangay tanods from my hometown in Bacoor, Cavite. You’ll agree that they need time like this to just relax and be pampered what with the very physical demands of their job. They’re the ones who always outside under the heat of sun and even strong rains,” Richards said in an ambush interview.

“Giving back is very important for me. It’s my whole purpose as an actor because I’ve been given this ability to make people happy. So there shouldn’t be second thoughts in doing that. You must always give back to people because they’re the ones who put you where you are today,” he added.

Richards recalled how it took time for him, nonetheless, to organize activities such as this unique outreach when he was still building on his career. Of course, he went by the adage, “Charity begins at home,” making sure to set up his family first, before he finding himself in the position to help others. And so he can keep on giving back, he has started to invest in businesses recently to put his earnings to good use.

“It’s my goal this year to put up more businesses. My dad’s been telling me for a while now that since I’ve been given so many blessings, I should make the most of what I have for the future. Going into business will help me secure my family and also allow me to pursue my social responsibility.”

Richards’ first venture has been in the restaurant business. He currently has three branches of Concha’s, which he named after his grandmother.

“Concha’s will be up for franchising next year,” he happily shared. “And before the year ends, I’ll be opening a gas station business. I’ve been advised that in doing business you shouldn’t put all your eggs in one basket; you have to diversify because there is no certainty how the demand for one thing will be over time. You should always have other options as a source of income,” Richards furthered.

Coincidentally, the other half of AlDub—his good friend and on-screen partner Maine Mendoza has also started going into business—and Richards is happy he has her to exchange notes with in this new avenue in their lives. Mendoza is currently running a franchise of a fast food chain she endorses in her hometown, Sta. Maria, Bulacan.

“Maine and I always talk about business ventures these days. She would ask me for advice and vice versa. She said she wasn’t really planning on a food business to start with but it was the first to materialize so she went with it. I am very happy she’s already seeing the fruits of her two years in showbiz.”

With acting still his main profession, Richards of course, was unable to escape questions on current issues hounding him—specifically a netizen’s accusation earlier this month that he has a child out of wedlock.

Just as he said on an interview with “24 Oras,” he declared, “I have clear conscience; I don’t have a child out of wedlock.”

He said that rather than dwelling on negative issues and the bashing these bring online, he would much rather reach out to other people just as he was doing that day.

“I actually don’t get affected by controversy or bashing anymore. I have so much in my hands right now that I don’t have the time to even think about negative issues thrown at me. What’s important is that the people around me know what is true,” he ended as he went back to the group of street sweepers and traffic enforcers who always have his back.


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