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    “But when you give to the needy, do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing.” Matthew 6:3

    Alden Richards has anchored his Christian duties on the Bible verse above for indeed, very few people know that the popular actor does regular charity work away from prying cameras and sans the usual celebrity fanfare.

    Showbuzz is one of the few friends whom Alden has allowed to join him every so often when he quietly makes donations to children’s charities, mounts feedings in indigent communities, or visits the elderly in homes.

    He becomes all the more generous whenever a new blessing comes to his career.

    Hesitant to talk about this side of his life, Showbuzz insisted the actor give a little peek into charity work in the hopes of inspiring others to do the same.

    Alden Richards

    “I’ve been given a lot these past few years and I have more than enough for myself, so I’ve always thought, why not give to the needy and make them happy?”

    What he discovered, however, is that doing good brings him more happiness that he ever imagined.

    “It’s not just the feeling of happiness actually… it’s a feeling of joy,” he corrected himself. “You feel it when you know you have done something good for another person. You see, there was a time when I just kept buying things for myself. I thought I should reward myself with all that because I had been working so hard. But it didn’t make me happy—the joy you get is short lived. There’s no fulfillment.

    “It’s so unlike helping other people and doing it in secret. Yung hindi mo pinapa-alam sa iba, that’s where the joy is because you know you’re doing it to help and not for others to admire you.”

    Most recently, Alden visited the wounded soldiers from Marawi. He brought them gifts, which he chooses not to reveal.

    “I consider spending time with the Marawi soldiers very memorable. It was my honor to be them, who risked their lives for country and defending people they don’t even know. What’s unfortunate is that many of us don’t know about their hardships,” shared Alden.

    Without seeking anything in return when he goes about sharing his blessings, Alden is humbled by the fact that something always comes his way all the same. In fact, shortly after visiting with soldiers, Showbuzz did this interview at Alden’s endorsement shoot for Cookie’s Peanut Butter.

    “This endorsement has a very special place in my heart because the owners are my friends. They used to give me jars of peanut butter as gifts and they’ve now that they’re expanding, I’m just so happy to be their endorser.”

    Paolo Ballesteros

    “It’s my birthday movie!” exclaimed Paolo Ballesteros the day his latest starrer, “Barbi D Wonder Beki,” opened Wednesday, his natal day.

    Happy as he is over the coincidence, part of him is very nervous as he sees Barbi as another acid test since the original of Joey de Leon’s was a a box office hit.

    “As in every movie that I do, I gave my all to Barbi. Todo effort talaga. When it comes to the looks and everything—I’m really like that. I give the same amount of dedication and effort to every project I’m given,” Paolo enthused.

    After Barbi’s showing, Paolo will finally concentrate on moving in to the new house he had built for his family.

    “It’s almost finished,” he excitedly told Showbuzz. “We are definitely celebrating Christmas in our new house. I just don’t know if I will have enough time to put Christmas decorations because it’s less than a month and Christmas na. But I’m really excited because we have this home for the whole family. It took almost a year to build it and I’m very happy with the results.”

    Paolo has also started shooting for the sequel of his award-winning hit movie “Die Beautiful” with the title “Born Beautiful.” The story this time will revolve around the character of Trisha’s best friend Barbs. Martin Del Rosario has been tapped to portray the part after plans fell through with the original Barbs (Christian Bables), and Paolo is very excited.

    “I’m excited to work with Martin. We’ve already shot some scenes and I admire his eagerness. He really wants to learn and he does not complain kahit mahirap ang ginagawa niya.”

    Eager to help out his co-star, Paolo laughingly added, “Pinapaki-alaman ko siya! I told him to shave his eye brows because it’s too bushy. Sabi ko, it will be easier for you to put makeup on if you have your eye brows shaven. It will also be easier for the production and it will make him look more believable.”

    Besides the makeup tips, Paolo also gifted Martin with a bra!

    “The wardrobe department has bras but not the type that men can easily wear so I gave him one. I was able to shop for some bras na para sa malalaki ang katawan. Para na nga siyang man’s bra.”

    What Paolo admires the most in Martin is the young actor’s receptiveness.

    “I noticed in the last shoot he wasn’t comfortable yet so I told him to just relax in our scenes. Para lang kaming nagkukwentuhan. We were like that in Die Beautiful. Ganu’n naman kasi ang buhay ni Barbs at ni Trisha. What the people see on the screen, ganu’n din kami when we are in the dressing room, sa labas, so sabi ko sa kanya, dapat ganu’n din kami, very relaxed.”

    Kris Bernal

    Kris Bernal was on cloud nine when she posed beside her new star in Eastwood City’s Walk of Fame. She considers having a star as a fulfillment of another dream. It also makes her feel that she has “leveled-up as a star.”

    “Just look at the names of the people who have their star on the Walk Of Fame. It’s really something to be proud of when you have your own star along with so many showbiz greats,” she gushed.

    Kris of course is very grateful to GMA Network for making her the star that she is today. Besides being a “Starstruck” grand winner, she has steadily climbed the ladder of success and credit goes to her hard work and perseverance. She started just like everyone in showbiz with small roles until she proved her worth to become a lead.

    The kind of acting she displays in her ongoing afternoon series “Impostora” is a testament to this.

    “It’s not an easy project. Portraying two roles whose characters are poles apart is very hard. There are times when I can’t help but cry dahil sa hirap. Ang dami kasing confrontation scenes ng mga character ko. But that’s where the challenge is and I’m happy that we are rewarded with very good ratings,” she beams with pride.

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