AlDub: From ‘kilig’ to ‘ca-ching’

Even in launching their new endorsement, AlDub remain split-screen lovers

Even in launching their new endorsement, AlDub remain split-screen lovers

Six-point-thirty-seven million; 5.7 million; 3.5 million. These are the record-breaking figures that the AlDub phenomenon has unleashed over Twitterverse during the most riveting and crucial dates of their ongoing “Kalyeserye” love story on noontime show Eat Bulaga.

The above numbers were respectively gathered on September 12 when Yaya Dub (Maine Mendoza) was rescued from her kidnappers, and she and Alden Richards (as himself) had a close encounter while both blindfolded; on September 5 when they first saw each other from afar before Yaya Dub was abducted; and on August 29 when Yaya Dub was almost married off by Lola Nidora (Wally Bayola) in a fumbled deal with a shady character named Franki Arinoli (Jose Manalo).

To different sets of folks, these numbers mean different things. Among networks, it is proof that Eat Bulaga is the reigning champion by far in the noontime ratings game. For fans and netizens, the figures confirm their powerful unwavering support for their idols, as well as their incredibly growing number. And apparently, for big businesses, they mean more revenue.

Yes, from spreading “kilig” with their split-screen romance, the AlDub phenomenon—as expected—is now poised to translate their record-breaking fan base into the lucrative sound a cash register makes.

A day before the 6.37 million Twitter-garnering episode on Saturday, fast food giant McDonalds uploaded its #AlDubKoTo TVC on YouTube, officially going on record as the very first brand to land Alden and Maine as endorsers.

Yet again on Monday, AlDub was launched as Smart Talk ‘N Texts newest brand ambassadors at a Quezon City hotel with Alden making a live appearance and Yaya Dub sending her message via fan signs (writings on a piece of paper) on a VTR. Specifically, AlDub represents a new service called “TNT Extend.”

“TNT Extend is our latest promo, which allows subscribers nationwide to extend their existing favorite promo subscriptions for only P5 per day,” explained Evelyn Jimenez, Prepaid Marketing Group Head at Smart. “And if there is a couple who can show the true value of TNT Extend, it is certainly the phenomenal split-screen love team of Alden Richards and Yaya Dub, whose exciting and challenging noontime-show romance has captivated the Filipinos here and abroad.”

Meanwhile, in a sit down with Carlo Endaya, head of Brand Strategy and Communications at Smart, The Manila Times asked precisely what TNT expects to gain from the AlDub phenomenon in terms of business.

“We expect two things to happen,” Endaya candidly replied. “The first is an even bigger subscriber base, even if TNT is already the leader in the prepaid market in this regard; and secondly, as a result, this growing number will also lead to the construction of more cell sites across the country, which in the end will also improve our services for subscribers.”

Endaya, who revealed that the making of AlDub’s TVC was a more painstaking process for his team—they had to make sure their concept in no way ruined the ongoing story line of the star crossed lovers—believes that this marketing coup is worth it.

“Everything had to be approved by both TAPE Inc. [Eat Bulaga’s producer and Maine’s management team] and GMA [Alden’s management team], but we were more than willing to cooperate because just like the rest of the country, and so many Filipinos around the world, we’re fans of the AlDub phenomenon,” Endaya enthused.

As of press time, The Manila Times is still awaiting Smart’s response to the question of talent fees for Alden and Maine, but as sure as it will have as many number of zeroes as the AlDub tweets, for Al of AlDub, the phenomenon means more than just the sound of “ca-ching.”

“Hindi lang po yung buhay ko, yung career ko ang nabago ng AlDub,” said the handsome prince charming, who in real life, is just as humble, respectful and lovable as he is on Eat Bulaga. “Nakakagulat po na pati buhay ng napakaraming tao na natutuwa sa mga lessons na napupulot nila sa Kalyeserye at napapa-saya at nai-inspire ng AlDub, nabago din po ang mga buhay nila.”

Asked by The Manila Times how long he thinks the phenomenon will last, he simply answered, “As long as we all feel that ‘kilig’ inside us, magtutuloy po ang AlDub.”

And with his killer be-dimpled smile, Alden revealed how he felt for Yaya Dub: “I’d like to get to know her better.”


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