• Alessandra de Rossi plus Ivan Padilla equals ‘12’


    Alessandra de Rossi and Ivan Padilla as Erika and Anton in ’12’

    A movie about two people in love always has its audience. Majority of the viewers, if not all, most likely hope for a happy ending, but it’s really how the story unfolds and the roller coaster ride of emotions that create an impact. In Viva Films’ newest presentation, that push and pull of feelings is one of the things you can expect, and more.

    “12” tells the story of Anton and Erika, a couple who started out as friends for five years then got into a romantic relationship for seven years, bringing their total time together a total of 12 years. Anton is a commercial director, while Erika is a former band member who becomes his stay-at-home partner, lovingly and happily devoting her time taking care of her man. Finally, the day comes when he asks her to marry him.

    “The answer is something they have to watch in the cinemas,” laughed the ever-jolly Alessandra de Rossi, the country’s reigning block buster queen for sleeper hit “Kita Kita” teased.

    She portrays the role of Erika with complete abandon just like she is known to do in every performance. According to her producers, this film will leave no doubt in anyone’s mind that this award-winning actress is really devoted to craft and is unstoppable from Kita Kita onwards.

    Playing Anton is newcomer Ivan Padilla who was last seen on the big screen as Hunter, Bela Padilla’s boyfriend in “100 Tula Para Kay Stella” also from Viva Films. Padilla is related to the famous Padilla clan of actors, but he is excited to show the world that he deserves to be recognized for his own talent in acting. Just like de Rossi, he asserts that he gave his heart and soul in playing his character.

    At 12’s press conference on October 11, Padilla related that he acquired acting experiences in American TV shows like “Dexter”, and “CSI:Miami”, “CSI:New York”, and “The Closer”, among others, and Hollywood movies like “Here Comes The Boom”, with Salma Hayek. He is also adept in martial arts, particularly Jiu-Jitsu.

    The chemistry between de Rossi and Padilla is something to look forward to in this romantic drama that is surely relatable to couples of today. The movie opens in cinemas on November 8.



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