Alex Gonzaga and Joseph Marco get comfy

The team dubbed by fans as ‘SephLex’

The team dubbed by fans as ‘SephLex’

Onscreen partners Alex Gonzaga and Joseph Marco are back together again for the big screen rom-com, My Rebound Girl.

Collectively dubbed “SephLex” by loyal fans, the two previously worked together for the Philippine adaptation of popular Koreanovela Pure Love in 2014.

According to Gonzaga, her reunion with Marco led them to get to know each other better. She describes him as the “perfect gentleman” especially when she suffered an allergic reaction during a shoot at a Benguet coffee farm in the Mountain Province.

“During Pure Love, we weren’t really comfortable with each other because, of course, we had just met back then. It was our first project together, and we were just starting become friends,” said the gregarious actress. “But here in the movie, there’s this constant closeness between us. He’s very consistent on making me kilig [giddy].”

Gonzaga added, “Joseph is great to be with—he easily connects with other people. He is a perfect gentleman that’s why I am very comfortable with him.”

Marco and the 28-year-old actress were romantically linked during their TV days, but when asked if the mestizo leading man courted her, Gonzaga honestly replied, “She did not court me during Pure Love—it seems like it was after!”

Following a hearty laugh, she added, “But we didn’t have the opportunity to get to know each other. I think at that time, neither of us prioritized getting into a relationship—but this time, I’m ready to entertain [suitors].”

Indeed, Toni Gonzaga’s little sister is all grown up now as she opened up, “I like someone who is persistent, because there are [suitors]who come around and don’t really hang on.

“For the record, I don’t know if Joseph is really courting me or if he is really serious now. He sends has signals but I don’t like to assume. But maybe if he comes to our house unannounced…” the ever funny Gonzaga trailed off, bursting into another fit of laughter.

Finally having his shot at the Q&A, Marco simply said, “I don’t want to force anything. I just want whatever we have to take its natural course. We tried [to get together]before but like what Alex said, we weren’t ready that time.”

Biggest break
Gonzaga, who waited all of nine years to star in a solo movie also opened up about finally getting her biggest break via My Rebound Girl.

Marco and Gonzaga first teamed-up in the 2014 TV drama ‘Pure Love;’ they reunite for Regal Entertainment’s ‘My Rebound Girl’ PHOTO FROM FACEBOOK/PURELOVETHEOFFICIAL

Marco and Gonzaga first teamed-up in the 2014 TV drama ‘Pure Love;’ they reunite for Regal Entertainment’s ‘My Rebound Girl’ PHOTO FROM FACEBOOK/PURELOVETHEOFFICIAL

“Every newcomer in showbiz obviously wants to have this kind of opportunity. It still hasn’t sunk in because the idea [of being the lead in the movie]pressures me. But I am confident and proud with what we’ve done here. And I am thankful to Regal for choosing me to star in this film out of so many other actresses in the industry.”

Just like Gonzaga, Marco also considers the movie his biggest career blessing.

“I waited for six years to land a lead in a movie. Technically, this is only my second movie that isn’t an independent film. My first was Talk Back And You’re Dead, and I was like the third wheel for the JaDine love team. So this really is a major break,” the 27-year-old actor shared.

“When I got this project, only one thing came to mind—that I will be fully committed to the movie, giving it one hundred percent,” Marco related. “That’s why when they gave me the script, I went over it 10 times before the shooting. So I was able to imbibe the character,” he added.

In My Rebound Girl, Gonzaga plays Rocky, who is wary of becoming someone’s rebound relationship. After her boyfriend Timmy (Carl Guevarra) breaks up with her, she meets Rich Magsanoc (Marco), with home she gets close as business partners for a coffee shop.

Complications come to the fore when Rich’s ex-girlfriend turns up just as he and Rocky realize they are falling in love. Rocky’s paranoia also makes a comeback as she starts to question herself if she is just Rich’s rebound girl.

Directed by Emmanuel dela Cruz, My Rebound Girl also stars Martin Escudero, Nathalie Hart, Mitoy Yonting, Alora Sasam, Helga Krapf, Anna Vicente, Pinky Amador, Racquel Villavicencio, Lawrence Yap and Nico Nicolas.

The movie, produced by Regal Entertainment, opens nationwide on September 28.


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