• Alice Dixson relocates back to Manila with life partner



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    “Busy with baby-making!”

    Yes. That’s what the ever gorgeous Alice Dixson told In The Know on the set of her latest endorsement shoot for clothing line, Mags.

    Alice’s life partner for four years, who is based in Dubai, is apparently all set to relocate to Manila to get their project going.

    “We’ve decided to settle down here in Manila once and for all so we don’t have to go back and forth [to Dubai]. Nakahanap siya ng magandang company to join. Mahirap na ang long distance,” said the ageless actress.

    Alice Dixson

    While they are both eager to start a family, she admitted that marriage is not in the horizon yet.

    “We’ve both been married kasi before,” she added.

    Career-wise, Alice promised she will be more visible these days with a soap and a movie in the works.

    “Him being in the Middle East was the reason why I was not so visible last year,” she explained.

    After her big win on March 19 as Best Female Actor at the 7th Queens World Film Festival in New York for her dramatic portrayal of an aging prostitute in the movie Area, Ai Ai delas Alas does not deny that she will be more picky with upcoming movie roles.

    “Gusto ko na kasi mas makabuluhan. For example mother role, pero may twist. Ang dami ko pa kaya gawin eh,” she said candidly.

    Ai-Ai will display her “cute” but significant trophy in her new home in Quezon City, along with her other awards.

    “Isasama ko siya at sa tuktok ko ilalagay na parang Christmas tree,” joked the versatile Comedy Queen.

    When asked what her 22-year-old boyfriend Gerald Sibayan thinks of her first international acting award, Ai-Ai laughed again and replied, “Linoloko niya ako na ‘uy pa autograph naman, pa-picture’!”

    Kidding aside, all is well between Ai-Ai and his man who asks her everyday when she’ll be ready to settle down with him.

    “Linoloko na lang niya ako, ‘O ano na balita as of today?’ Ako as of today go pa ako! Sagot ko as of today sa 2018!” she laughed heartily. “Kailangan ko pa ng time! Hayaan niyo ako sa ilusyon ko!”

    Ai-Ai stressed she learned so much from her past relationships so she wants to be 100 percent sure this time around.

    Ai -Ai delas Alas

    “Mahirap kasi i-explain kung hindi dinaanan ang nadaanan ko. Gusto ko i-sure at hinihintay ko ang todo-todong sign ni Lord na this is it. Game over!”

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