• Alice in Wonderland insanity in PNoy’s pep talk to allies


    WHAT the Palace billed as an “agenda setting” dialogue between President Aquino and his allies yesterday in Malacañang was no more than an insane pep talk. His aim was obviously to keep the political leaders of his ruling Liberal Party and his coalition supporters from deserting. It is known that some of PNoy’s people—including members of the Cabinet—have sent feelers to and actually had talks with Vice President Jejomar Binay and his closest associates.

    Mr. Aquino’s insistence that his administration has accomplished so many reforms, all of which he said should be continued by his successor, made the meeting an Alice in Wonderland mockery of reality. He again told lies about his administration’s economic-growth accomplishments that by now everyone knows are not his doing. Growth in GDP, but in job creation and poverty reduction, is the result of correct decisions made by the Ramos and Arroyo administrations, based on our country’s “sound fundamentals” thanks to the ever-increasing remittances of US dollars to their families by our Overseas Filipino Worker heroes and to the Bangko Sentral’s good management of our money supply and interest rates.

    As if he were giving a State of the Nation Address (SONA), the President again made claims about job growth and training of millions achieved by TESDA. But these achievements are questionable as to the veracity of the figures and the correctness of the financial reporting.

    Aquino distances self from VP Binay
    While the Vice President has so far been respectful to the President and has not spoken critically of the Palace for having failed to live up to its hypocritical “Tuwid na Daan” banner, PNoy in his speech yesterday began to distance himself from Mr. Binay. He said the people present in Rizal Hall where the rally was held were his partners, implying that those who were absent were his foes. Mr. Binay was absent—because President Aquino and the organizers of this rally did not invite him.

    Vice President Binay is the front-runner in polls about the 2016 presidential election. The VP, a member of the Aquino Cabinet, is the candidate-to-be of his own party, which is allied with the coalition of parties opposing the LP.

    In connection with who should be his successor and how to ensure that the next president of the Philippines continues “his reforms,” the President said, “At siyempre po, ang mga kontra sa atin, magtutulak ng sarili nilang kandidato. Sa kanila nga po, na hindi natin kasama ngayon dahil kontra ang prinsipyo nila sa atin, ‘di ba’t natural lang din na kokontra sila sa lahat ng nagawa natin? [Naturally, those against us will push for their own candidate. Therefore, to those who are not with us today because their principles are opposed to ours, is it not also natural for them to oppose everything that we have already done?)”

    While PNoy said the search for the coalition’s candidate in 2016 is still on, it was LP stalwart and aspiring standard-bearer, Secretary Mar Roxas, who delivered the talk introducing the President before his speech.

    President Aquino’s praise of Secretary Roxas was the most insanely unreal, a la Alice in Wonderland.

    He lauded Mr. Roxas for instituting reforms in the Philippine National Police.

    This shows how delusional the President—his speech writers and advisers—are. For the truth about what has become of the PNP during PNoy’s term and under Mar Roxas as DILG secretary is the opposite of being reformed. It has become a fearsome den of criminals.

    President Aquino apparently does not know that crime has doubled in our countr—and PNP officers faked the numbers to show that crime has decreased.

    The crime surge and the evil that has befallen the PNP are chronicled—with ample statistics coming from the PNP chief himself and other government sources—in the Manila Times’ two-part column series by Mr. Ric Saludo “Crime has doubled under Aquino. Here’s why.”

    Recently in the news, which Mr. Aquino is apparently not aware of, is how the PNP has become the home of high-ranking officers who are kidnappers, drug industry operators who do fake drug busts, and perpetrators of rub-outs, killing even their fellow policemen working for rival criminal gangs or heroically doing their duty to stop rogue cops.


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    1. Abbey Canturias on

      Obviously, his team builder-father, Ninoy, was “Hindi nag-iisa.” The lone-ranger son, NoyNoy, is “Hindi nag-iisip.” Kawawang linalang; kawawang bayan!

    2. The insanity of the Alice in Wonderland delusional pep talk of BS Aquino to his party allies reminds me of the short tale of Hans Christian Andersen about a stupid emperor who hired two weavers whom he paid handsomely to make him new clothes. He was made to believe that it will be invisible to those who are stupid and unfit for their positions. So while not seeing anything, his officials just gave him praises about his new clothes. But during a parade, a child cried out “He’s not wearing anything!”.

      Just like the emperor in Andersen’s tale, BS Aquino has been made to believed by his sycophant KKK and speech writers that, while doing nothing really that benefits the Filipinos, the country is doing great under his leadership. But his turncoats allies, who were with Arroyo before, know better. Like rats abandoning a sinking ship, these “allies” of Aquino are now secretly starting to desert the Abnoy and sending feelers to the next potential President Jojo Binay.

    3. I think the editorial of your paper is full of shit. Previous administrations has no comparison to the present. It is the most honest. Previous administration were all corrupt. But most corrupta
      are Marcos and Arroyo regimes. I wish nobody buy your paper.