Aljur Abrenica in a pre-Kylie Padilla scandal?



Is it him or just a look-alike?

Vignettes couldn’t help but dwell on this conundrum after it received a private message (PM) from a college friend who’s working in Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The PM came with a video captioned “The Aljur Abrenica Scandal,” which runs for one minute and 27 seconds to be exact.

Unlike most if not all sex videos particularly showing celebrities literally in their birthday suits, the subject here—who is “Aljur” (enclosed in quotation marks all throughout this column to clarify Vignettes cannot be sure of his identity)—is in a smart casual getup. To be specific, a gray-colored long-sleeved polo shirt—folded three-fourths up his arms—with matching gray slacks.

The video begins with “Aljur” originally seated and facing a laptop in what seems to be a private library what with are bookshelves lined in the background. Close to half a minute on the counter, he rises then casually unzips his pants as he proudly reveals his you-know-what from his white undies.

“Aljur” then fondles it with a wide, come-and-get-me kind of grin on his face while chatting.

Still in doubt whether it’s who the original “uploader” of the video is obviously suggesting the subject to be—actor Aljur Abrenica—Vignettes keeps playing back the video, complete with reading glasses, to be sure.

Aljur Abrenica INSTAGRAM

Still, our cynicism won’t subside. “Si Aljur ba talaga ito or look-alike lang niya?” was our private reply to our college friend, which yielded a confirmatory answer.

Under close scrutiny, it cannot be Aljur’s younger brother Vin, whose built is more gym-enhanced.

Probing thoughts begin traipsing in our mind—how come those of us from inside the biz never got wind of such a video on the real Aljur in existence. And why did it first circulate in Riyahd if it is indeed the actor in the clip?

And if the person on video is the real McCoy, when could this have probably been taken? Remember, Aljur is now father to his and Kylie Padilla’s first born and very recently welcomed into the clan headed by Robin Padilla.

Vignettes welcomes any clarification from the actor—a flat denial or otherwise.


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