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There is a certain glow of happiness in Aljur Abrenica’s eyes these days, especially since he got back together with girlfriend Kylie Padilla. Indeed, love is lovelier the second time around.

“I believe it was really bound to happen. We never really lost communication even after we broke up the other year. We remained friends, and we’ve been so open with each other about what’s happening in each other’s life,” Aljur openly shared. “And through out all those times na hindi kami, I was wishing—no, I desired and wanted—to have her back again.”

“I never stopped loving her,” he unabashedly declared. “It was about three or four months ago when I decided it was time to ask back again. We talked about it, and eto, kami na ulit, and I can say I’ve never been so in love.”

Aljur Abrenica looks every bit in love

Aljur Abrenica looks every bit in love

During Showbuzz’ lengthy one-on-one with the handsome actor, he was unable to escape addressing rumors that he and Kylie are now living in at his newly renova­ted QC home. People say that the actress’ car is always seen parked at the Kapuso hunk’s home, but Aljur was quick to deny the rumor.

“Yes, Kylie and I have reconciled but we’re not living together. She goes to my house because I’m helping her fix some personal matters but we’re not living in. Kylie still stays in her own place, and I live in my house near GMA [Network]. We’ve just gotten together and living together was not one of the arrangements we talked about” Aljur averred.

It took Aljur and Kylie a couple of months to come into the open about getting back together. Showbiz folks and their fans only found out about it after the couple posted photos from their short Japan vacation on social media.

“We felt it was time to celebrate, and we wanted to share the good news with the public. Mas mahirap naman kung itatago pa namin. Anyway, people are bound to talk about it when they see us together so we might as well be open about our relationship.”

So how is the rekindled relationship? “We’re happier now. We talk about everything. I guess it’s because we’re more mature and we’ve realized a lot of things. Noon kasi, basta girlfriend ko siya, boyfriend niya ko. We loved each other but it was, you know, parang puro kilig. Now, we feel responsible for each other. I always tell her now I have her back sa kahit anong problemang pinagdadaanan niya. Of course, there are times when we do silly things kasi spice ‘yun, masaya kami du’n, but the relationship is now more serious. Mas lalo kaming in love ngayon,” Aljur said in all sincerity.

He laughed when he shared that since talking about getting back with Kylie even his leading lady Janine Gutierrez has kept teasing him. The two Kapuso stars have become very good friends since being paired in two soaps together. Reunited with Janine in the weekly series URL, they quickly caught up about each other’s lives.

“Yan si Janine, kinikilig sa amin ni Kylie. She always teases me on the set pag may kausap ako sa phone. She’d always tell me that I look so in love. Hindi ko naman dini-deny sa kanya. We’ve come to the point that we’re so comfortable with each other so we share personal things—about our careers, our feelings… We’ve really become very good friends, which is also why working with her is such a breeze.”

After URL, Aljur said he will patiently wait for the next project from his home studio, whom he says is taking such good care of him. He looks back to his demands to rescind his contract a couple of years back as an unpleasant episode, and is grateful he is back in the network’s good graces.

“Tapos na ‘yon and I’m glad we’ve ironed out everything. I’ve had three projects with GMA, and whatever happened before—I just want to say again I apologize to management. I want everything to be clear. I look forward to working with other GMA stars in my coming projects.”

* * *

If Aljur is so in love again, his fellow Kapuso actor and friend Rocco Nacino remains to be lo be loveless after his break-up with erstwhile girlfriend Lovi Poe. He was spotted with a non-showbiz lady friend at a party recently but Rocco clarified it was just a date and nothing more. He isn’t dating anyone exclusively and isn’t looking for serious relationship again.

Rocco Nacino is in no rush to get into a relationship

Rocco Nacino is in no rush to get into a relationship

“I guess I’m not yet ready for that. Even if I go on dates, I don’t pursue anyone seriously. I just feel that I want to take more time before I plunge into another relationship. Siguro napagod rin ang puso ko. I am not closing my doors though. If someone comes and she sweeps me off my feet, ready ako. I believe love will come at the right time. I don’t force my self; I’m not looking for a new relationship. If it comes, it comes.”

All of Rocco’s attention right now is focused on his career. He is so proud of the success of telefantasya Encantadia, which is soaring in the ratings.

“It’s now the No. 1 prime time show on Philippine TV according to the trusted Nielsen ratings. Ang sarap sa pakiramdam na when you come to the set, the first thing that you will hear is, ‘Congratulations, we did it again,’ and when you look around, you see everyone involved in the production happily working,” the actor enthused.

“We really are so inspired with the success of the show. Credits go not only to the stars but also to our director, the staff and crew, and our creative people who don’t run out of ideas on how to make the story more exciting. It really feels so good to be part of a project that is so successful and so loved by the viewers.”

Besides Encantadia, Rocco is also busy promoting the indie movie Bar Boys, which will be shown in early 2017, and also stars Enzo Pineda, Kean Cipriano and Carlo Aquino.

“It’s actually a barkada movie,” Rocco beamed. “The story revolves around four friends—all law students, their journey from law school until they take the bar. It’s a story of friendship among four persons with different attitudes towards life. I’m sure a lot of people, kahit hindi aspiring lawyers, will identify with the characters we portray.”

Rocco is also set to resume shooting for the movie Lakambini with his former girlfriend Lovi Poe. Is he ready to work with her again? “Yes, of course. It’s work. I think we can both be professional about it,” Rocco replied.

* * *

The cat is out of the bag! Or should we say the “cats”? Barbie Forteza’s four new leading men in her new prime time soap, #MeantToBe, have been revealed. They are Kapuso stars Ken Chan and Jac Roberto, model Addy Raj, and former ABS-CBN talent Ivan Dorschner.

Not one but four leading men for Barbie Forteza in her upcoming prime time series ‘#MeantToBe’ in (from left) Ken Chan, Jak Roberto, Addy Raj, and Ivan Dorschner

Not one but four leading men for Barbie Forteza in her upcoming prime time series ‘#MeantToBe’ in (from left) Ken Chan, Jak Roberto, Addy Raj, and Ivan Dorschner

The four leading men expressed their excitement over working with Barbie at press conference on Monday.

“We were together in Tween Hearts before but we weren’t partners,” Ken offered. “Parang support lang ako nu’n, so I’m so happy I’m now one of her leading men. Magkaibigan kasi kami ni Barbie because the group from Tween Hearts have remained very close. This is really something to celebrate, Barbie and I working together.”

For Jac, the role is a big break. “When I was told I was going to be one of Barbie’s leading men, I couldn’t contain my happiness. I was smiling from ear to ear—si­yempre, si Barbie yan. I promised myself that I will do my best to really be deserving of this break. Barbie and I have worked together in The Half Sisters but her leading man was Andre Paras. I was a support, but noon pa man, nakita ko na, she’s a very nice person. Mabait, masayahin and she’s nice to everyone. I look forward to our taping. With Barbie around, it will be a very happy set for us.”

Ivan meanwhile expressed excitement over being a Kapuso now. He said he looks forward to working with Barbie, and new experiences in GMA Network. He is preparing for acting workshop with the cast and is eager to bond with his new Kapusos.

Finally, Addy, who is new in showbiz, is overwhelmed to be paired with Barbie for #MeantToBe. He expressed gratitude to GMA for trusting him enough to be part of a big prime time project. He feels a mix of nervousness and excitement, and said he is determined to do well, knowing he is working with very good actors

* * *

SHORTS… Moviegoers will have a grand time going to the cinemas even before the 2016 Metro Manila Film Festival opens. Big projects originally intended for the festival like Regal Films’ Chinoy, Mano Po 7 and Vic Sotto’s Enteng Kabisote 10 And The Abangers are scheduled for showing in early December. Will they have a direct effect at the box-office results of the MMFF entries?

…Sweethearts Tom Rodriguez and Carla Abellana made Christmas plans even before the -ber months came along. They will spend the holidays in Arizona, USA to be with Tom’s family to celebrate his dad’s remission from lung cancer.


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