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Julia Barretto from ‘It Girl’ to Pond’s Girl

As the spotlight shines brightly on showbiz scion Julia Barretto, the 16-year-old promises not to let fame go to her pretty head.

On Monday, Julia was officially launched as the newest and youngest Pond’s Girl at the Skye Bar of W Building in Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City. And with a seemingly endless string of projects lined up for tinsel town’s freshest face—from magazine covers to endorsements, and a new soap opera for ABS-CBN—the question begged to be asked: How does it feel to be one of today’s “It Girls?”

In a brief one-on-one with The Manila Times, she sweetly replied, “It’s flattering. It’s something good to hear, but it’s not something to put in your head, right?”

Besides keeping grounded, another laudable personality of young Julia is her determination to finish school. A high school junior at St. Paul Pasig, she shared, “School is so important for me. I think that you’ll see the difference between someone who is studying or who has studied [compared with someone who hasn’t]. It’s important because you’re not going to be in [the entertainment]industry forever. Knowledge is something that nobody can ever take away from you.”

With her career on fast track, how does she balance memo-rizing scripts with learning from books?

“I [am able to]balance them because I only go to school thrice a week, and they [school administration]help me with my schedule. So it’s easy for me to work and study at the same time.”

She then confessed that her ultimate dream is still to become a topnotch actress. She would love to work with the multi-awarded actress-turned politician Vilma Santos, or star in one movie with her famous aunts Gretchen and Claudine. (Julia is the daughter of Marjorie who only dabbled in show business for a time).

Just as she mentioned Clau-dine’s name, The Manila Times could not help but press Julia for a comment on her aunt’s very public tiff with her estranged husband Raymart Santiago.

Composed as always, the bright teenager expressed, “Oh, I believe that she, and everyone from the family are all strong. And that whatever they are going through, they will overcome it. And God bless her, God bless everyone.”

The traveling Pond’s Girl
Before her short tête-à-tête with The Manila Times, Julia was first interviewed by Sam Oh. Her launch as the newest Ponds Girl assigned her two products, namely the Beauty White Cream and the Acne Clear White 10-in1 Facial Wash.

Julia went to Seoul, South Korea and Bangkok, Thailand to shoot television commercials (TVC) for these two Unilever products.

At the program proper, Julia shared her fun, girly moments working overseas with Pond’s.

She revealed, “Korea, for me, was so much fun. The people there are very nice, and the women have very good skin. They’re clear and glowing talaga!”

The location of the Beauty White Cream TVC was very apt since the product, according to Julia, is infused with Korean ginseng. Saffron is another active ingredient, and together, they purify the skin layer-by-layer, to reveal a trans-lucent glow that is reminiscent of Korean women’s complexions.

As for the Bangkok trip, Julia said she pretty much felt she was in Manila since the Thais and Filipinos are very similar in ways and appearance.

At the country, Pond’s and Julia shot the Acne Clear White 10-in1 Facial Wash, which highlights how the product targets 10 facial problems, including oiliness, acne, blemishes, blackheads and white-heads, roughness, large pores, dullness, and unevenness of color.

“It’s always a fun experience that you get to travel for work. That’s the best part of being a Ponds girl,” she ended.


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