• All-new Montero Sport achieves 5 stars in ANCAP


    D3---Montero20151215The Australian New Car Assessment Program (ANCAP) has given Mitsubishi’s all-new Montero Sport (Pajero Sport in some markets) a five-star rating, with an overall score of 36.22 out of 37.

    The car scored 16/16 in its Side Impact Tests, 2 /2 for the Pole Test, 3/3 for the Seatbelt Reminder Tests and 15.22/16 in the Frontal Offset Tests, the latter the only criteria not having a perfect score. The Whiplash Protection Rating and Pedestrian Protection Rating were given “Good” and “Acceptable” ratings, respectively.

    According to the ANCAP report, the all-new Montero sport utility vehicle (SUV) held the passenger compartment well after the crash test, but there was a deformation of the rear floorpan behind the driver’s side. The driver’s and passenger’s contact with the airbags are stable, but the doors are firmly closed which requires more effort in getting out the vehicle. Because of the SUV having side curtain airbags, it has achieved perfect score in the Pole test.

    The all-new Montero Sport scored 14.16 (adult and child head impact), 0.86 (upper leg impact), and 6.00 (lower leg impact), totalling 21.02/36 points in the Pedestrian Protection Test.

    ANCAP Chief Exceutive Officer James Goodwin said that the newer model is a significant improvement over the previous generation.

    “With ever increasing numbers of people buying SUVs, it’s good to see more vehicles in that category obtaining a five-star result so that consumers have greater choice when it comes to buying a safer vehicle,” Goodwin said in a statement.

    Other SUVs that have recently given a five-star rating include the Honda HR-V and the Audi Q7.

    The all-new Montero Sport includes dual frontal, side chest, driver knee and side head airbags, Electronic Brake Distribution (EBD) and Emergency Brake Assist (EBA), hill launch assist, reversing collision avoidance, and stability control as standard equipment.


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