• Alleged PDAF agent Patricia ‘Gay’ Tan also dealt with DOTC even during Roxas’ time?


    Patricia “Gay” Tan was not only an alleged agent for the “pork barrel” of legislators but she was reportedly also into “ghost” deliveries to projects in various government agencies as well.

    Patricia, who is better known as Gay Tan among her lawmaker-clients, was first mentioned in July 2013 by pork barrel queen Janet Lim-Napoles as her mentor in the priority development assistance fund (PDAF) scam.

    Her name appeared once again on Napoles’ list of conduits, submitted by the “PDAF queen” to the Department of Justice and later turned over to the Senate.

    Tan, like Napoles, owns several foundations, one of which is the Livedior’es, where she reportedly channeled hundreds of millions, if not billions, of PDAF of lawmakers intended for livelihood projects.

    Rumors say she and a former congressman, who lost in the last senatorial elections due to negative publicity, own Livedior’es foundation, whose office is in Makati City.

    An employee of the Department of Transportation and Communications (DOTC), who asked not to be identified for obvious reason, said Tan had several “ghost” deliveries of computers amounting to almost P400 million to the department from 2008 until 2010.

    These computers were funded by the PDAF of a lawmaker from the eastern part of Metro Manila who is popularly called “Boyet” by his colleagues.

    Patricia’s business transactions with DOTC continued up to the time of Secretary Manule “Mar” Roxas 2nd, who was the department head then. She allegedly even became the sole supplier of computers and other equipment to the same agency, my source said.

    And just like Napoles, Patricia, who is married to a nephew of tycoon Lucio Tan, had connections in both Houses of Congress, and Cabinet secretaries of Pnoy for friends…but that’s for our next issue.

    Meanwhile, Tan reportedly is confident she will no longer be summoned to the Senate as her senator-clients fear she will further implicate them in the PDAF scam once she appears before the blue ribbon committee.

    In that case, the Senate definitely would not want her presence in the House.


    A better and cleaner BOC nowadays?
    What’s this story I have been hearing over at the South Harbor that all Bureau of Customs (BOC) personnel are currently abstaining from “tara” or bribe from unscrupulous importers and brokers?

    My mole at the international port told me that BOC employees are now very much afraid to demand or accept bribes for fear they may lose their jobs even if they will not be caught red-handed but merely reported by complainants to their superiors.

    My source said BOC Commissioner John Sevilla warned his men when he assumed office several months ago that aside from being charged in court for corruption, they will be fired from the service if they will be caught extorting money or receiving “tara” from the brokers and importers.

    Sevilla walked his talk as several Customs personnel were not only fired from their jobs but were also charged in court during the past several months for not heeding his call.

    And to make matters worse for corrupt BOC personnel, Deputy Commisioner for Intelligence Jessie Dellosa, whose job supposedly is to gather only intelligence information against smugglers, now conducts surveillance too on suspected corrupt BOC personnel and officials alike.

    Dellosa is said to have called lately the attention of several employees and warned them of disciplinary action after receiving numerous extortion complaints against them.

    Of course, Dellosa can’t do all the monitoring by himself and so he has asked the help of several AFP intelligence officers namely Capt. JC Cabading and a certain Col. Alcudia, who are now detailed to the BOC, said my informant.

    Aside from trying to rid BOC of corrupt personnel, the bureau has somewhat collected the right duties and taxes lately due to its strict enforcement of the tariff code by the office of Deputy Commissioner Ariel Nepomuceno.

    Though it is still a long way to go for the Customs bureau to be able to meet its target, Nepomuceno reportedly is optimistic that the BOC will somehow come close to collecting its target by the year’s end.

    My asset inside BOC said Nepomuceno has been convincing crooked importers and brokers to just pay the right taxes instead of paying off corrupt BOC personnel.

    My spy told me that even those brokers who have been used to bribing Customs personnel over the years so they can pay lower taxes are happy these days since there are no more extra costs for them in the form of bribe or, in pier lingo, “tara.”

    Looks like the President finally has found the right chemistry to solve the corruption issues at the Customs bureau.



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    1. That means Janet Lim Napoles is not the only one doing it, there are others, its so happen that JLN made the mistake of detaining Benhur Luy that is why Benhur spilled the beans on his master. Imagine how much taxpayers money went to corruption with several Janet Lim Napoles, congressman, and senators are on the kickbacks? Zero deliveries, no farm to market roads, no fertilizers for the farmers that is why there is no self sufficient on food like it was promise by the government, and why we are still a third world country? Large scale corruption in the government by tongressmans, senatongs, and gov’t. officials. Nakakahiya tayo sa buong mundo. Pati donation sa Yolanda victims ninanakaw pa ng ating mga government officials. This people that stole peoples money have no conscience and no fear of GOD.

      • You are correct. This is the reason our economy never improves, there are widespread hunger, we are always importing rice and other food items and the agricultural land all over the country is undeveloped or under-develop. All the money and funds intended to improve our agricultural sector which is very important item in our economy is stolen by our legislators themselves and only a few centavos reach their intended beneficiaries.

    2. Sa ganitong issue ng korapsyon lalu na sa kasalukuyang administration ni Pnoy ay walang maasahan and bayan kung hindi ang mga matapang at tapat sa kanilang layunin na mga kolumnista’t manunulat na ilabas sa publiko ang mga katiwalian.

      Mr. Tulfo, isa ka sa mga mediaman na maaring tumapat sa dambuhalang mga tiwali ng pamahalaan na hindi mapa-urong. Sana ay gawin mong adbokasiya at hindi lamang isang beses na artikulo mo mailathala ang mga ganitong katiwalian kung hindi walang humpay na ipalaban hanggang ang mga tiwali ay nakukulong at tuluyan na nabibigyan ng hustisya ang bayan. Mabuhay ka!

    3. Other than Janet Napoles, there is a Gay Tan and many more, that is for sure. Why there names are not yet in the open is possible no one has yet squealed about their existence which apparently is because they took care of their workers or doing it by themselves. Of course we cannot expect their legislator and government executive clients to spill the beans on them.