Allies start to carry out President’s threat


THE President’s allies in the House of Representatives immediately moved to carry out the threat against the Supreme Court that he delivered on Monday evening.

Two prominent Aquino allies have filed bills seeking the repeal of the Judiciary Development Fund law that grants the High Court a substantial budget of almost P2 billion to allow the justices, acting through the Chief Justice, to be financially independent of the Executive Branch. The fund is for the improvements in the Judicial Branch such as the salaries of employees, the supply and repair of facilities and such things.

The President ended his speech on Monday with these well-chosen menacing words: “My message to the Supreme Court: We do not want two equal branches of government to go head to head, needing a third branch to step in to intervene. We find it difficult to understand your decision. You had done something similar in the past, and you tried to do it again; there are even those of the opinion that what you attempted to commit was graver, if we were to base it on your decision. Abiding by the principle of “presumption of regularity,” we assumed that you did the right thing; after all, you are the ones who should ostensibly have a better understanding of the law. And now, when we use the same mechanism—which, you yourselves have admitted, benefit our countrymen—why is it then that we are wrong?”

These words, together with those asking the Justices to reconsider their decision against the DAP, simply mean that if the Magistrates do not favor the motion for reconsideration, the President’s allies in Congress would punish them. The ultimate punishment, which only Congress has the power to inflict, is impeachment, with the House filing the charges and the Senate accepting these and deciding, after a trial, to convict. Meanwhile, the abolition of the JDF can be a reinforcement of the President’s message.

A Marcos Presidential Decree created the JDF. The fund comes from docket and other legal fees paid to the courts by parties in litigation.

Congressmen Niel Tupas Jr. of Iloilo and Rodolfo Farinas of Ilocos Norte filed separate bills for the repeal the JDF law. Passage of the bills makes all court fees and collections that get pooled into the JDF part of the National Treasury, to whom the Supreme Court must immediately and regularly remit the money. Then no allocation, disbursement or expenditure of any amount from the JDF will be paid unless covered by an appropriation as part of the budget for the Judiciary and spelled out in the annual General Appropriations Act passed by Congress.

Yesterday, three other congressmen, all lawyers–known to be leaders of blocs in the House, Rep. Giorgidi Aggabao of Isabela, Rep. Elpidio Barzaga of Cavite and Rep. Silvestre Bello of 1-BAP party-list–manifested their support for the Tupas and Fariñas bills.

The congressmen’s thinking is that if, according to the SC justices, the Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF) and the Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP) are illegal because these are discretionary, then the P1.7 billion annual JDF—which some call the Judiciary’s “pork barrel”—should also be seen as illegal and therefore be abolished. The Chief Justice alone has the duty and power and duty to approve and authorize JDF disbursements and expenditures of the JDF.

We hope and pray that the Supremes uphold their admirable unity in being solidly behind the decision to declare the DAP unconstitutional and illegal.

And we also hope and pray that the people, many of whom have withdrawn their support for the Aquino administration, as manifested in the latest SWS and Pulse Asia surveys (albeit conducted before the High Court’s DAP ruling against President Aquino and Secretary Abad), will back the Supremes.


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  1. YOU OPPOSERS, BAYAN MUNA, do have this contribution to the FILIPINO people?

    The President said the government has released more than 40 billion pesos to modernize and upgrade the capabilities of the military in the past four years.

    Aquino said the country has acquired two warships, a landing craft utility ship, eight Sokol Combat Utility Helicopters, three AW-109 naval helicopters and four refurbished UH-1 helicopters, among many others.

    The Philippines also expects to get the following military equipment, according to Aquino:

    Headlines ( Article MRec ), pagematch: 1, sectionmatch: 1

    • FA-50 lead-in fighter trainer jets
    • refurbished UH-1 helicopters
    • combat utility helicopters
    • long-range patrol aircrafts
    • close-air support aircrafts
    • anti-submarine helicopters
    • frigates
    • full missile capable multi-purpose attack crafts

    Aquino said the government has no plans of slowing down in modernizing its military.

    “Anytime we have an opportunity to make our military more efficient, we have every intention of taking that opportunity,” Aquino said.

    • DAP has no bearing in this modernization of the Military. Even Noy used it in this purpose it is still illegal. Since both upper and lower congress were at Noy’s disposal, the allocation will be becomes a law for this modernization program, then why do they have to juggle the funds?
      There really was a sinister motive to hide them public money.

    • We are not opposers, we are concerned citizens that our country is in peril because this president priority is not in line with the job description an elected president should do first As elected by the Filipino people his Boss as he called it his job to do those what you have mentioned but no, he campaigned first to carry out his personal vendetta vs his political opposition. Those you above mentioned should have done first and foremost, period because many Filipinos are unemployed , facing threats in South China sea , to tell you the truth this president is divisive and has no purpose but for his personal gain, period.

    • Well I think the opposition wanted to impeach a President who is being commended by the World Bank, various leaders of other countries and most Filipinos. Except the corrupt officials who now facing charges.

  2. WOW! Silvestre Bello, the DOJ chief of GMA is now with the daang matuwid crowd? hahahahahahaha

  3. Due to gravity of this administrations and his cohorts in Congress failure to uphold the Constitution thereby disregarding the rights and welfare of all defenseless majority poor Filipinos the only recourse and remaining hope for our democracy , would be, the one and only last arbiter , i.e. the Supreme Court and its honorable Justices and we prayed to God .that they would remain strong and resist any unlawful influences there maybe , by any powerful minority rich Filipinos.

  4. Let the crooks in Congress do their thing and abolish JDF. Let’s all unite and support SC in this crucial episode of our history. To the SC magistrates; please do not sell your souls to the devil. Never mind these threats. Anyway, you hold the trump card. Most of you will still be there after the term of this tyrant BSA. I’m sure the Filipino people are with you except this yellow menace. After this turbulent and oppressive regime, its your turn to judge BSA on the expected legal suits he will have to face. And on this, vengeance is yours.

  5. Alejo Rosete on

    Ang taong bayan ay hindi takot.

    Okey lang at tingnan natin kong sino ang tinatakot ninyo.

    Si Marcos pinatalsik eh
    Si BS Aquino ang susunod.

  6. Of course the people will support the SC as they are upholding the law. The yellowtards-politicians threat of abolishing the JDF does not mean anything to the SC and will not affect them in anyway because because their Judiciary is still have to be funded by the GAA which would only mean that congress have to do it’s job of budgeting and legislation NOT POLITICKING. So to those congressmen led by Tupas who only want to do politicking, rest assured that you will be the one to go down first when your Noytard boat sinks.

    • How does the president become oppressive? All his act is all base on the power vested in him when he swore-in and voted by the majority. The president is working and doing his best to work out his promised of “daang matuwid”. Who is affected by his act is it the righteous or the opposite. He cannot do this act alone why? Because he is not a dictator. The president is doing what democracy is. We have all the choices in what we believe is true and righteous. It is us who failed to understand what is right to all of us.