All’s well that ends well with Gretchen Barretto and niece Claudia


Over the weekend, social media was abuzz with Gretchen Barretto calling out her niece, up-and-coming recording artist Claudia, an “ungrateful child.” This was the controversial actress’ reaction to her sister Marjorie’s youngest daughter who, when asked to compare her singing voice with someone unnamed who was obviously Gretchen. replied, “I think we’re different naman. Like our songs and our voice, it is different so I don’t mind.” Claudia then added, “I mean, it’s nice to know that someone else actually sings.”

Claudia Barretto INSTAGRAM PHOTO

It was Gretchen who paved the way for Claudia and several other Barretto nieces and nephews to begin showbiz careers. During her younger days, Gretchen also tried her hand at sinign but it was through the ST (“Sex Trip”) era that she became goddess of the celluloid world. Her acting career went into a lull when she became involved with businessman Tonyboy Cojuangco, with whom she had a daughter Dominique. Cojuangco and Gretchen are still living together today.

On Instagram, the former sexy star reminded Claudia that she provided a “safe home for a few good years” for Marjorie’s family until Claudine took over the responsibility, including sending them to school.

But on Sunday, Gretchen who said she was in Hong Kong for the weekend, was less accusing, and requested her fans to refrain bashing her niece and let them “heal peacefully.”

She further shared that her daughter, who is close to Claudia, called her. She wrote, “I am learning the very painful way that as a mother we must be selfless, we must forgo hurt and disappointment, we must be more understanding and patient, we must ignore the pain that our children make us feel, we must embrace them through their flaws and love them unconditionally. I do not want my Claudia to be bashed in any way. I beg for understanding and forgiveness. Please allow us to heal peacefully.”

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On the same day, the aspiring singer-recording artist, answered, addressing her aunt as “mama.”

“I just want you to know that what I said was never meant to offend you or disrespect you,” explaining that her reply to a question during the bloggers’ conference was taken maliciously out of context.

“As you know, I’m only starting my career and have yet to truly show my intelligence. It’s difficult to do that now because of how nervous I can get sometimes when I’m asked questions … I have yet to get used to it and have yet to learn how to use the correct words. However, I still believe that what I said not wrong. I hope you see the video, mama.”

Claudia’s single, “Stay,” quickly climbed up the charts upon its release by Universal Records late in May. She is excited that her second single will be released soon. She also said that she wants to be known as a singer, and becoming an actress like older sister Julia, is not in the horizon at the moment.


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