• Alma Moreno frowns at Mark Herras’ plans to marry Wyn Wyn soon



    PLUS: Derrick Monasterio, Bea Binene’s immersive jeepney ride; and male reality show contestants in one night fling

    Although Mark Herras has been very vocal about his plans to marry girlfriend Wyn Wyn Marquez after two years, it seems that the latter’s mom Alma Moreno isn’t ready to see her off to married life.

    The actress-turned-politician believes Wyn Wyn and Mark should wait a little longer before they make the huge commitment.

    Wyn Wyn is Alma’s daughter with ex-husband Joey Marquez.

    “I know they are of age already, but I believe that they should enjoy single life first. Pag may asawa na kasi, iba na [life’s so much different when you get married]. Your priorities will have to change because you will have to be focused on family.”

    Alma Moreno and Derrick Monasterio

    Alma Moreno and Derrick Monasterio

    Alma clarifies though that she has nothing against Mark.

    “In fact I find him to be so respectful. I also like that he is very family-oriented. I saw it when his mom died and I really felt then how he loves his family,” the veteran actress related to Showbuzz. “When you see a man like that you know he’ll be a good family man.”

    Unsuccessful with her senatorial bid in the May elections, Alma plans to be busier in showbiz. She has been cast as Derrick Monasterio’s mother in the upcoming GMA Network series Tsuperhero.

    “I’m a nagger kind of a mom here in the series but not in a negative way. I nag my son because I love him, but I have no idea he’s a super hero,” Alma continued in Filipino.

    Asked whether her return to TV is a sign she’s putting aside politics, she replied, “A public servant will always be a public servant. Even if I have no elected position right now, I still find a way to serve even in a small personal way. But I have plans to run in 2017’s barangay elections in Parañaque.”

    It’s been a busy week for Derrick Monasterio. He started out with an immersion to prepare for a new comedy-fantasy series called Tsuperhero, where he is set to play the title role.

    Derrick—together with leading lady Bea Binene—went to Cubao to spend time with jeepney drivers on their routes, as well as during their break times, eating at the “turo-turo.”

    The actor is excited to begin working in this new series where he plays a jeepney driver who becomes a reluctant super hero, when a creature from outer space gives him special powers.

    Bea plays a barker at the jeepney terminal where Derrick’s character makes stops and the two are always at odds with each other.

    Derrick Monasterio and Bea Binene

    Derrick Monasterio and Bea Binene

    Derrick considers Tsuperhero to be his biggest break yet and vows to give his best for the series.

    “I also know we’re going to enjoy everything about this show. The immersion alone was so much fun that Bea and I agreed to do it again. I’ll even drive a jeepney next time,” Derrick enthused.

    He went on to say that while he still has to get the hang of driving a jeepney, riding one is nothing new to him.

    “Sanay nga akong sumabit sa jeep [I’m even used to hanging on the back of a jeep],” he proudly continued. “It was part of my childhood and all through high school. That’s why when I was told that I’d play a jeepney driver in Tsuperhero, I felt so excited. Not to mention I’ll be in good company with co-stars like Miss Alma [Moreno] and Sir Gabby [Concepcion], and of course, Bea whom I’m so at ease to work with.”

    Besides preparing for Tsuperhero, Derrick was also busy this week rehearsing for Oh Boy, his one-night-only concert this evening with Aljur Abrenica, Rocco Nacino and Jake Vargas at Music Museum.

    The concert is another first in Derrick’s career as a performer and he is equally excited about the show.

    “We promise a good show for everyone. We will not only showcase our talent in singing and dancing here. Based on the title, people can expect naughty moments on stage. We actually cannot tell what will happen ourselves. ‘Cause once we get going, anything can happen!”

    Finally, Derrick will wrap up the week with an important hosting stint for the Miss Global Pageant on Saturday at the PICC, along with Miss Universe 2005 Natalie Glebova.

    Derrick’s hosting skills caught the attention of the international pageant’s organizers when he hosted Miss Global Philippines. This time, he will co-host the grand coronation night with beautiful candidates from 40 countries around the globe.

    “When I hosted the Philippine pageant, I was so relaxed at the mic, but now, I feel a lot of pressure,” he confessed. “I mean this is the international competition and it will not be shown only in the Philippines but in other countries as well. I want to do really good because I want to make the Filipinos proud, and that’s why I even took a hosting workshop just to prepare for this international event.”

    It’s time indeed to reinvent the tween love team of Kristoffer Martin and Joyce Ching. The two lead cast of the new GMA soap Anything For You, which they consider the biggest test of their respective careers. For the first time, they will play the role of husband and wife with a child, and for the first time too, they will show some skin in daring scenes.

    Among the two, it’s Joyce who is kind of reluctant to take on a more mature role, the reason being she comes from a conservative Chinese family. She clarifies, however, that she isn’t afraid of what her family and especially her elders will say, but her uneasiness in intimate takes.

    “It’s good that I’m working with Kristoffer so I really don’t have to worry. We’re very good friends and I know he’s going to protect me. Besides, it’s TV so when you say mature, it’s not really sexy,” Joyce averred.

    For his part, Kristoffer said he’s in the process of transformation to take on a more mature role. He has been going to the gym regularly buff up. “I know I won’t be young forever. Our tween days are over and I need to reinvent myself–show everyone that I am also capable of doing other roles. I’m glad that GMA gave us Anything For You where we can show that we are ready to tackle more demanding roles.”

    SHORTS… This actor’s sexual preference as well as his lover is known to the whole world by now. As such, stories about his past escapades are coming out, like whether it’s true that he got so close to a fellow contestant in a reality show. The contestant is said to be very nice and very giving. It was after the finals night on their way home that they decided to have a drink. The nice and giving guy, who eventually became an actor too, woke up the following morning on the bed beside his fellow contestant with questionable gender…

    …. A popular and very good dramatic actress is going back to GMA. Her project with the Kapuso Network is in fact already a go. Showbuzz is not at liberty to divulge who this dramatic actress is, but it will be very exciting news when it comes out…

    …Dingdong Dantes is on cloud nine these days because his prime time show Alyas Robinhood is doing so well, and beating the competition in nationwide surveys. The Primetime King is in the US right now with his wife Marian Rivera and their baby Zia. Dong and Yan are doing a series of shows in California and other states. They will be away for almost two weeks.


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