• Almost half of Pinoys unhappy with Aquino


    BAGUIO CITY: Almost half of Filipinos are not satisfied with how President Benigno Aquino 3rd runs the country, according to the latest survey of IBON.

    Rosario Bella Guzman, executive director of IBON, said 46.9 percent of those who responded to the April 2014 nationwide poll conducted by her group said that in the past three months, they did not find the President’s performance satisfactory.

    The results were unchanged from the January 2014 poll, Guzman added.

    In the survey held in April, at least 36 percent found Aquino’s performance satisfactory, a slight decrease from the results in January 2014 (37.5 percent) and in October 2013 (39.0 percent).

    The April 2014 survey was held from April 24 to 30 among 1,500 respondents 18 years and above.

    The survey used a multi-stage probability sampling scheme and has a margin of error of plus or minus three percent.

    IBON earlier reported that most Filipinos saw no improvement in corruption and poverty in the country.

    Filipinos were asked if they thought there was less corruption and three out of five or 64.9 percent of the respondents did not agree, the survey results claimed.

    Only 23.9 percent of the respondents believed there was less corruption.

    IBON also asked respondents if there was less poverty in the last three years and 14.8 of those surveyed said yes, while eight out of 10 or 77.4 percent disagreed.

    Seven out of 10 Filipinos or 67.0 percent also said their families were poor..


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    1. george maliksi on

      please matuto na tayong kumain na ang ipinambiling pera ay hindi galing sa masama

    2. I agree with this article. I’m living abroad and I suggest Filipinos living abroad to stop watching ABS-CBN’s TFC or GMA news, rather read news online to know what’s really happening in the Philippines.

    3. As ofw,i believed pres.Aquino governance in the right track.As a filipinos we couldnt depend in our govt.we must do our part to help our country.decipline ourselves, abide the law implementing than always complaining.And might,those the respondents that survey are
      lazy and not well educated and ddnt know what pnoy done to make our country reforms in terms of our economy prosper .the traditional
      politicians and those plundering
      lawmaker the reasons why the Phil.cnt move forwards our economy compare our aseans nieghbor.

    4. Kontrolado ng mga taong nakapaligid kay Pangulong Aquino. Tulad din ng maraming naging Presidente. Utang n loob ang sumisira sa panunungkulan kaya di mapigilan ang kurakot sa gobyerno. Si Abad si Llacierda si Alcala at Ochoa (ALAO) Dito p lang sa mga taong pinagtiwalaan ni Pangulong Aquino maling daan na ang tinahak nila at personal na interest ang namayani sa kanila. Kaya kahit sino pa ang maging presidente walang pagbabago maaasahan ang sambayanang pinoy. Pagkatapos ng termino ni Presinte Aquino, siya na ang may hawak ng koronang THE MOST CORRUPT PRESIDENT.

    5. daniel marahomsar on

      hay naku, survey na naman..sasakyan na naman ang DAP, impeachment, etc, etc..sino ba survey nyo?..yung mga taong gusto lang eh umupo at hihintay nang grasya galing gobyerno?..mga taong gusto libre lahat? mga taong ayaw sumunod sa batas?……”half of pinoys” yun ang na survey….tama na!

    6. stop it, Ibon! your survey always depict “negative” on whoever your target is. people already know your tendency to dovetail your surveys to the interest of some time-warped groups. I hope, by doing this fake surveys, you are not doing binay and his kind a favor. peace.

    7. Bernardo Carpio on

      It looks like marami pa rin sa atin hindi marunong umintindi. They know how to “read” but they do not “comprehend”.
      To think aquino is doing a good job palagay ko talagang madaling uto-in ang Pinoy. But I am still an optimist.

    8. Angel Pulido on

      I think President Aquino is rightfully performing his job. Well, of course, he is only a human being. No one is perfect. Nevertheless, compared to the previous presidents, he is way better, if not the best. But people tend to blame the administration for being poor, if not for almost everything. The same holds truth in USA, if not entire the whole world. I think that every family has to work hard to elevate their level of livelihood, not just waiting for the mana from the government or heaven. We could not simply say, “Bahala na ang Diyos” which is a very common expression in the Philippines, especially the religious fanatics. Even here in USA, we work hard to survive. In fact, most of us in USA have to work two jobs to survive. Because Obama or Aquino will not provide every thing you need to survive. Help yourself and God will help you. Amen!

    9. haha!! either noranian,marcos,estrada,binay,revilla loyalist ang sinurvey nang mga yan!! funded nang mga wala nang makurakot sa gov’t ang may pakana nang mga ganyang survey, gagawin nila lahat at gagamitin ang media,artista at kung ano-ano pa para sirain si pnoy! hwag po tayong bibitiw sa dakilang puso nang mga aquino sa pagmamalasakit nito sa kapakanan nang bansa kahit nga buhay pa ni ninoy ang naging kapalit nito laban sa mga gahamang politiko… go pnoy!! we support you and your vision!!

    10. almost all the thieves are behind bars and several went hiding and committed suicide. still the survey says not happy per rosario bella guzman. hahahhaha u—lol

    11. give another 10 yrs. more for Pnoy so to clean up the corrupt gov’t officials.
      anong say niyo. juan dela cruz

    12. Wala nang magaling na Pangulo sa mga taong to. Dapat magkaron ng batas na bibigyan ng pagkakataon sa gobyerno ang mga reklamador pero pag sila na ang nsa pwesto at may nagreklamo pa rin sa kanilang pamamalakad ay ihaharap sila sa taumbayan at babarilin sila sa bungo.

    13. rosario bella guzman of IBON, you are a below normal person of stupidity. where did you get that survey when 80% of filipino people are in favor of Pnoy’s tuwid na daan. we American Pinoys here in USA are 110% in favor of Pnoy’s performance as president. siguro tinalian and bayag mo nina binay at binay payong & wife thief, estrada’s horny’s, revilla, enrile, marcoses, aroyo’s. hahahhahahhaha gago.

    14. Roldan Guerrero on

      Aquino bribed almost everyone around him. The SWS, etc., gets 5M on every survey they perform. This is the hidden secret behind his fake popularity. Majority of both houses of lawmakers composed of super balimbings will betray him once he will face the consequences of his wrongdoings. He may no longer have access of national funds as PDAF and DAP are now dead. It would be very regetful to see Drilon, Belmonte, even Abad and the others betray him as they cant no longer expect any amount from the PORK BARREL KING! He is worst than GMA and the most among all Phil. Presidents. Expect the GRAVEST to happen to BSA…his dramatic entry to the penitentiary….

    15. Economic Growth boasted by BS Aquino’s administration is the rising cost of commodities specially the basic ones like foods while the minimum wage in Baguio City is nailed to PhP278.

      Such Economic boast is the growing number of unemployment in the city and 4 years college degree to be a sales lady in SM.

    16. How come the survey yield high rating for Aquino? Ang taas naman niyan! Ano ba ang nagawa sa bayan niyang Aquino na yan. Peace and order needs more to be improved, high prices of ALL the commodities, politicking within their ranks is uncontrollable, lahat ng masama nasa atin na…unfair solicitation of surveys!

    17. Biased article if you ask me. The subject says almost half of Filipinos are unhappy when it could have stated that more than half of Pinoys are happy. When you approach an article looking at a glass as half full then you know right away that it shouts negativity.

      Regardless if the survey by IBON (first time I’ve heard of such organization) is accurate or not I can use the same exact facts to come up with an article in a positive tone–highlighting that there are more Filipinos still happy with PNoy. If Thom Picana is a responsible journalist then he should have been transparent in writing this and talk about both the 46% unhappy Pinoys and the 53% happy Pinoys. Unfortunately, he chose to pick the “Tabinging Daan”.

    18. Ron Caniada on

      Only the scambags politicians are not satisfied how the President running the country. We the filipinos abroad believing he is doing great job. Mr. President Aquino we the filipinos abroad agreed with you 110%. Hurry up! catch all these scambags politicians before your term’s end.

      • Huh?? You are still living abroad and you are satisfied? I don’t know but according to statistics, there is increase in OFW rate during the term of Noynoy..

      • Only OFW people are happy because they are not affected by the high price of living. try to live there and make a living

      • Very True. Pnoy Presidency is one of the best thing that happenned in this country. It slowed downed and greatly decrease corruption. Ibon has a Very Bad Credibility problem and Very Un reliable.

    19. Rocky Coronel on

      I see this trend increasing as we approach election 2016. With his hardline attitude of over protecting his people (start with Puno, Torres, Alcala, Vitangcol, Abad, etc.) I suspect him doing all these things on purpose to benefit Binay. Poor Roxas, he remains without clue that he is being junked.

    20. It seems that IBON survey is more realistic than SWS survey.I am sure Pnoy and his Palace speakers will deny this survey, there is always have ready alibi.

      • A couple of things the President and his entourage are very good at – denials and excuses ….

    21. Baka naman uneducated ang sinali sa survey. Yong mga hindi nagbabasa nang current events and only interested in balitang artista. Squatters na nababayaran ang boto. Mga mahihirap na tamad magtrabaho at ang gusto dole out from the government ang bumuhay sa kanila.

      • they made use of multi-stage probability sampling, so it is random. the sample size is a representative of the entire population. if you do not subscribe to the findings, then try to make your own survey and interview only the noytards like you. and that is called, purposive sampling in statistics.

      • why not try to conduct a survey on FB.. and you will see that this column is relevant!! I AGREE UNTO THIS!!!

    22. With the decision out for DAP and the protection of the President to the authors of this fund, I am sure that the trust of the former is sliding down. More so that the prices of prime commodities are going up, the majority of the citizenry is getting poorer, so what is left now to be desired from the government? All of this answer is only “good faith” for the drum beaters in Malacanang.

    23. Claro Apolinar on

      This survey of IBON is suspect because because it is known to be a left-of-center institution. But if SWS and Pulse Asia will only cease to be instruments of the Aquino propaganda machine and do honest surveys, they too will find that more than half of the Filipinos are now dismayed by the corruption, hypocrisy and incompetence of the Aquino administration.
      The other day I heard the ordinarily pro-Aquino Ted Failon of ABSCBN say “Noong araw naniwala ako sa Tuwid na Daan, Ngayong hindi na!”
      That is coming from a Lopez station idol and veteran associate of the wife of Aquino’s annointed successor to the presidency, Korina Sanchez.
      I hope Ted Failon honestly stays as pro-Philippines as he was the other day. Let’s pray the ABSCBN doesn’t fire him. God bless honest journalists!

      • I 100% AGREE TO YOU, SIR… that’s what we believe here too… kaya i disagreed with #Ron Caniada kasi ang totoo naman ay more than half na ng mga Pinoys ang dismayado kay Noynoy!!! nadadala lng nila sa propaganda at kapamilyang namamahala ng SWS (survey)……

    24. Your survey sample is 1,500…out of 95,000.000 million people, this article is totally BS. ..be responsible journalist.

      • wow, what an opinion. better review your statistics. sample size can be a representative of the entire population if right probability sampling and margin of error were used. you do not need to survey millions to get their sentiments.

      • dischordant thoughts on

        how would you like the survey to be done? interview 95M people? Bwahahahahah! kaya nga tinawag na survey yan e.

        ang dapat busisihin o tanungin mo – randomly chosen and representative of the total population ba yung sample na 1500?

    25. Mr.President you need to spend more money on education,there are still 46.9 percent that are illiterate.you need to use ironfist sir,so result will be faster.eye for an eye.Mabuhay President AQUINO,6more years.

    26. There seems to be no basis for the reported 50% not being happy with PNoy’s government. Filipinos were asked if they thought there was less corruption and three out of five or 64.9 percent of the respondents did not agree, the survey results claimed.

      Why would you ask a person the question if there is less corruption and poverty when dlearly he has no previous figure! If there is no measurement there will be no improvement. If I was interiewed I will ask a number of questions before answering a motherhood statement. The people conducting survey should study what and how to ask and need eductation of statistics.

    27. I think the survey is erroneous. 7 out of 10 OFW feels that the economy has improved and the perception of the foreigners is that our country is in the right track.
      We have to question the validity and objectivity of IBON’s survey. Where the questions made it clear for the respondents to understand. What sector of society was interviewed? How many were interviewed, how many college graduates, what age were interviewed, where the questions to the level of those interviewed and what part ot the country or city, provinces were surveyed.

    28. I,m happy with Aquino, 20 more years with him will make the Philippines like Singapore. The problem with Pilipinos, are they are not a very discipline
      people. They always want to rely on the government to feed them, they don,t
      want to find a way to progress. Powerfull country like the US, Germany and Japan don’t rely on their government, all they need from them is to guide them. wake up Pilipinos , all that you are good for are making babies.

      • we need another EDSA in Ilocos norte. take the marcos loot and give it back to juan dela cruz….. this is possible if juan dela cruz cannot be bought by their billlion loot. hahhahhahh u-lol

    29. This is about the APRIL 2014 survey which is apparently a conservative survey. Let us hear the next survey, say August and find out how low can the King of PNoy go.

    30. But this survey is not done by the relatives of aquino? Wait next week when False asia ang sws will release their own doctored result. It will be a hundred percent satisfaction result with aquino’s non performing government. But anyway thanks a lot IBON that you really have a fair and honest survey of the real sentiments of the suffering masses. You are more credible than false asia under a relative of the president. Mabuhay po kayo.