‘Ours is almost a love story’



By this time, young actors Barbie Forteza and Derrick Monasterio are already in romantic Italy, not on holiday, but hard at work to shoot their upcoming movie, “Almost A Love Story,” under BG Films International.

The huge project is very significant for the teen stars since it signals the return of their love team back when they were tweens. They even had the cutest of names from their fans—remember “Derbie?”

A few days before Barbie and Derrick left for their European shoot, Showbuzz sat with them to ask how they feel about their return to the big screen, as well as something more personal. Why did the budding romance, which everyone perceived to be getting serious, get nowhere?

“What really happened?” Showbuzz went straight for the bull’s eye.

“Ours is actually almost a love story,” they both admitted, laughing they were able to use the title of their movie from the get-go.

Barbie Forteza and Derrick Monasterio

“We were in many projects together. Kami ang pinag-love team ng GMA. We became really close, and I admit I felt then I was responsible for Barbie. Alam mo ‘yon? I felt that as her leading man, I have to protect her. I was already on that level but I wasn’t courting her,” Derrick revealed.

“It’s true, we were so close and we really cared for each other. We were very comfortable sa pagsasama namin, and tell each other whatever we felt, what our problems were. Sa closeness namin, parang kulang na lang, maging kami, and our fans were really saying na kami na but I don’t know, wala talagang nangyaring ligawan, but it led to a very beautiful friendship,” Barbie said in agreement.

The last project she and Derrick did together was the series “Half Sisters.” From there, they pursued separate projects.

“We would bump into each other every now and then and the level of friendship that we developed would still there. Ganu’n pa rin, kulitan pa rin. He’d still look into may bag at maghahanap ng pagkain. Walang ilangan,” Barbie enthused.

“Hindi pilit ang closeness namin even if we don’t see each other regularly. We’re happy for each other, like if I know she’s happy with her love life or she’s happy for me,” Derrick added.

Clearly, these special friends are very excited to be back together and working in Italy to boot!

“It’s our first time in Europe so we’re really excited. I’m just thankful that it’s Derrick who’s with me. At least, may kaibigan ako in a place unfamiliar to me, and I won’t be alone if I get lost,” said Barbie.

“Ako naman, thankful din that Barbie is my leading lady because this is the first time that I’m working with our production team. Barbie has worked with them before in ‘Laut’ so she knows their working style so she can orient me. And in Italy, of course I’ll take care of Barbie. As I’ve said, I feel responsible for her kaya hindi ko siya pababayaan even if it’s also my first time in Italy,” Derrick added.

Due back in time for Christmas, the youngsters hope they can squeeze in some gift shopping in their tight schedule for their families and friends.

Portraying a gay role is nothing new for Edgar Allan Guzman. He has done it several times before so when the offer to do another gay character in the Metro Manila Festival finalist “Deadma Walking,” he gamely accepted it. He didn’t realize, however, that Mark is a loud, flamboyant gay.

“It’s my first time to do a gay character like that so what I did was to look for a peg. And who else should I turn to but my gay brother, who is really—well, gay,” he chuckled fondly.

“Don’t get me wrong, I love him very much and I am so proud of him. The whole family has accepted him and we have no problems with his orientation.”

EA didn’t ask his kuya for tips though, nor did he ask him questions about the life of a gay man.

“I just observed him—how he talks, moves and how he reacts to certain things. There were times na nag-uusap kami pero yung casual talks lang and I get ideas from there,” EA volunteers.

Deadma Walking is the story of two gay best friends—EA’s character Mark and his BFF John, portrayed by Joross Gamboa. Mark is terminally ill and connives with John to stage a fake wake so he gets to hear what people think about him while he’s still alive.

A celebrity screening was held this week and everyone had high praises for the movie—including Paolo Ballesteros who was critically acclaimed for his the similarly themed “Die Beautiful” starrer.

His birthday is on December 31 yet but Mike Tan celebrated the occasion three weeks early in a unique get together with his fans. Instead of just a usual lunch, Mike took them to a restaurant called Back Of The House where Chef Phil Salvador taught everyone how to cook fettuccine from scratch.

“I was thinking of a different type of bonding with my fans and I thought it would be nice if we do this kasi dito, hindi lang sila nabusog, they also learned something. It’s also very timely kasi mag-pa-Pasko so may bago silang alam na lutuin na pwedeng panghanda,” explained the thoughtful actor.

Mike held an early party for his fans not only because of Christmas but since he will be busy with his newest drama series “Di Ko Kayang Iwan Ka.”


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