• Alodia’s fight versus acne

    Through a customized acne program, the famous cosplayer achieved a flawless face today

    Through a customized acne program, the famous cosplayer achieved a flawless face today

    Internationally known cosplayer and model Alodia Gosiengfiao may find herself in the limelight, but like any other young woman, acne problem is a struggle she also deals with.

    There are even moments when the pretty celebrity feels that occasional pimples get the better of her beautiful skin.

    Thankfully, she has sought the advice of Dr. Vicki Belo, whose personal fight against acne as a young girl was what drove to address this concern that plagues the youth.

    Throughout extensive research in her long career, she has left no stone unturned in finding a lasting solution.

    As a result today, Dr. Belo’s titular clinic holds the distinction of having the most advanced and complete line of treatment for acne and acne scars—from products, to facials and peels, to laser light therapy to RF treatments.

    Gosiengfiao can prove this herself after embarking in a customized acne program. Planned by Dr. Belo herself, this program cannot be found anywhere else.

    “Effective management of acne requires a combination of treatments,” said the doctor. “Our customized acne treatment program will have the patient undergo assessment from our expert doctors first, and then products and services can be combined to tailor-fit the needs of the patient depending on the severity of acne problem. We can promise clear skin in only eight to 12 weeks and you can say goodbye to those ugly, bumpy and painful acne.”

    As result, Gosiengfiao now has a flawless skin, and thanks to regular treatments under Dr. Belo and clinic. More importantly, she has won the fight against acne.


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