Alpha Romeo joins 2015 Dolomites Gold Cup

 A participant to the Dolomites Gold Cup onboard a classic Alfa Romeo car.

A participant to the Dolomites Gold Cup onboard a classic Alfa Romeo car.

Alfa Romeo is set to participate as a joint presenting sponsor in the 2015 Dolomites Gold Cup, the prestigious annual vintage cars race in the mountains of the Trentino Region in northern Italy.

The Dolomites Gold Cup is a long-running vintage car event, which has always attracted passionate competitors and spectators from all over the world. The challenging mountainous route is the same as that used in the legendary race held between 1947 and 1956. And the memory runs straight to the first edition in 1947, won by Salvatore Ammendola in an Alfa Romeo 6C 2500 SS.

The Alfa Romeo brand will be the highlight of the 2015 edition: not only will it participate in the competition with a superb 1900 Sport Spider from 1954, it has also decided to take part in the event as a joint presenting sponsor, together with Maserati.

To be admitted to the event, cars must have been constructed between 1919 and 1961, although a special category does exist, with its own separate classification, for certain selected cars constructed between 1962 and 1965, which stand out for special sporting merits or possess particular historic interest. The challenging competition on the mountain roads of the Dolomites – one of the most majestic landscapes in the world, included in UNESCO’s World Heritage list – winds over 584 kilometers, in two legs and involves 14 Dolomite Passes, 62 tests – of which are 58 time trials and four average trials – gradients of over 10 percent and corners that severely test even the most expert drivers.

Among the competing cars a special mention for the 1900 Sport Spider, from the renovated Alfa Romeo Museum in Arese. Very recently this model won the “Best Car in Show” prize in the “Experience” dynamic competition during the time trials for the “XXIV Cesana-Sestriere Avvocato Giovanni Agnelli Trophy.” This model is a racing car with a “1900” dry sump DOHC 4-cylinder engine, boosted to achieve 138 horsepower maximum power and reaching speeds of 220 kilometers per hour, thanks also to a weight of just 880 kilograms and a particularly efficient aerodynamic design. The 1900 SS comes with a 5-speed gearbox and a De Dion rear axle that gives it performance and driveability worthy of a modern car, which is reactive and true, with outstanding road-holding abilities. Its compact and essential lines were designed by Bertone to transmit the dynamic flair of all Alfa Romeos, something they still do.

Along with this gem from the Alfa Romeo Historic Museum, heads will also be turned by the new Giulietta and the alluring 4C Spider, both hinting at the bonds between the brand’s past and its latest creations. The Giulietta is a compact sedan exuding an unmistakably Italian elegance while providing top of the class performance and virtues, and the second is a new sports car evolution of the 4C Supercar, the ultimate expression of the brand’s breathtaking style and motoring excellence.

In this celebration of past and present, the renovated Alfa Romeo Museum in Arese, known as “The Time Machine” held its re-opening on June 24– the day of the brand’s 105th birthday – it had the honor of staging a thrilling world preview: the debut of the new Alfa Romeo Giulia. The museum displays 69 models, chosen as those that most marked not only the evolution of Alfa Romeo but also the history of the motor car. These include the first A.L.F.A. model (the 24-hp), legendary winners of the Mille Miglia races such as the 6C 1750 Gran Sport driven by Tazio Nuvolari, the heavyweight 8C Touring, the Gran Premio 159 “Alfetta 159” (Formula 1 World Champion with Juan Manuel Fangio) the Giulietta, icon of the 1950s, and the glorious 33 TT 12.


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