Alternative births: The falsification of a political life


While reading my collegue Kit Tatad’s column yesterday on Sen.Grace Poe and her presentation of two birth certificates to the Senate Electoral Tribunal (SET), it dawned on me that the senator is doing a Noynoy Aquino: she is presenting “alternative versions” of her birth to prove that she is qualified to remain in the Senate, and to run for president or vice-president in next year’s elections.

She is too ambitious and self-absorbed to realize it, but what she is doing is falsifying her life and her political career. These alternative versions of the circumstances of her birth are headed for the same fate as President Aquino’s ill-fated and now regretted alternative version of the Mamasapano incident.

Ms. Poe will also fool no one, beginning with the Senate Electoral Tribunal. When the citizenship challenge moves to the Commission on Elections, if she insists on running for president or vice president, and eventually to the Supreme Court, if she is not stopped sooner, she will also fool no one there.

The entire panoply of her political career will collapse on itself. And I as political analyst, will be thankful for being spared from probing further this unworthy subject for political analysis.

Two spurious birth certificates
In Kit’s recounting of the facts, Ms. Poe submitted to the SET preliminary conference at the Supreme Court last Friday (Sept. 11) on the disqualification case filed against Poe by petitioner Rizalito David, “ two certificates of live birth, in an effort to show that she is a natural-born Filipino.”

The first certificate of live birth, dated Nov. 27, 1968, shows that Mary Grace was born a foundling, and found in the parish church of Jaro, Iloilo on Sept. 3, 1968 at 9:30 am by Edgardo Militar who later put her in the custody of Emiliano Militar of Sta Isabel Street, Jaro. But the typewritten document contains so many handwritten alterations, which render it void and worthless. It identifies the child as Mary Grace Natividad Contreras Militar, without indicating how she got her surname “Contreras Militar,” but this name is bracketed (as if for deletion) and on top of it is written “Sonora Poe.”

Its most fatal flaw, says Tatad, “is a handwritten note of seven short lines on its upper right hand saying the child was “adopted by the spouses Ronald Allan Poe and Jesusa Sonora Poe as per Court Order, Municipal Court, San Juan, Rizal, by Judge Alfredo Gorgonio dated May 13, 1974, under Special Proclamation No. 138.” The order itself is legally questionable because adoption cases normally belong to the jurisdiction of the regional trial court, rather than to the municipal court. But the more important issue is, how did a legal document dated Nov. 27, 1968 manage to take cognizance of an adoption decision, which purportedly took place six years later?

The second certificate of live birth is no less invalid than the first. Dated May 4, 2006, or 38 years after Mrs. Llamanzares was born, it was executed by Mrs. Jesusa Sonora Poe, her adoptive mother, who identifies the child no longer as Mary Grace Natividad Militar but rather as Mary Grace Sonora Poe, allegedly born to herself (Jesusa) and to her husband Ronald Allan Poe in Jaro, Iloilo City on Sept. 3, 1968, several months before they were married on Dec. 25, 1968 in Valenzuela, Bulacan.

“No medical or legal evidence exists,” says Tatad, “to show that Mrs. Poe ever conceived and delivered a child during her marriage to the famous actor Fernando Poe, Jr. who died on Dec. 13, 2004.”

Alternative parents, names, identities
In presenting alternative birth certificates, Ms. Poe in effect is declaring that she has alternative parents, alternative names, and even alternative identities.

She appears totally determined to exploit to the hilt her connection (by blood or adoption) to the late Fernando Poe Jr. and even to the mythical characters he played in films.

Ms. Poe is deaf to any advice or criticism that seeks to dissuade her from falsifying her origins and her credentials for high office.

She is one of those people who are totally consumed by political ambition and dreams of glory. There are plenty of these in both politics and show business, and Grace Poe freely traffics between the two worlds, one real and the other make-believe.

The junior senator believes that show business and friendly media can sell anyone to the Filipino public, no matter how false or empty the merchandise.

The catastrophe of ambition
The great playwright Tennessee Williams wrote a great and penetrating essay about his quick and easy rise to success as a writer, which he entitled “the Catastrophe of Success.”

In his essay, Williams wrote that success can be harmful and disastrous, if it comes too easily, if you are immediately showered with fame and fortune, and fawned upon. If you have no time to learn some wisdom from struggle and failure.

Williams, after his dizzying success, retreated into drink and succumbed to a nervous breakdown. He fled to Mexico and eventually fell dead, possibly by suicide.

Grace Poe’s quizzical place in our public life calls Williams to mind. If I mention his essay, it is to suggest that she will benefit from reading it.

Ms. Poe, I submit, could be acting out the catastrophe of ambition.

She is aspiring for too much, too soon. She has been led to believe by her financial backers and advisers that she is ready for even the presidency.

She has committed the deadly error of believing in her own publicity. And she plays our people for fools in thinking that they will accept any nonsense from her.

This is all a delusion. Like a mirage, she will flame out much faster than she knows.

When Sen. Serge Osmeña, her onetime adviser, declared that her planned announcement of her candidacy is a non-event, he was saying that Grace Poe, the phenom, has already flamed out.


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    Similarly she’s looking and expecting same people who voted to this Abnoy BSC-Aquino3rd due to sympathy when his mother died in the hospital and his father died. MEANING …. SA AWA AT HINDI SA GAWA AY PWEDE KA NG MAGING PANGULO NG BANSA.




  2. on

    All these comments, for or against Poe (I am not Poe”s supporter or admirer), are all well written eruditely. Sad to say, the delusion of Grace Poe would, if I were to pontificate on her attempt to falsify her Birth Certificate, transmogrify from this innocent looking irresponsible and illegal act, into a disastrous result by having drunk too much of her initial succeess in topping the senatorial derby. THE SOLUTION IS – DON’T VOTE FOR HER.

    This is my first comment.

  3. on

    All these comments, for or against Poe (I am not Poe”s supporter or admirer), are all well written eruditely. Sad to say, the delusion of Grace Poe would, if I were to pontificate on her attempt to falsify her Birth Certificate, transmogrify from this innocent looking irresponsible and illegal act, into a disastrous result by having drunk too much of her initial succeess in topping the senatorial derby. THE SOLUTION IS – DON’T VOTE FOR HER.

  4. Poe is a natural born Filipino by virtue of Art. II, Section 3 of the applicable 1935 Philippine Constitution. That particular provision of the Constitution recognize and incorporate international law recognizing that a foundling is a citizen of the country where she/he was found. Poe doesn’t need to alter any of her birth certificate. The fact is, she was found in Jaro, Iloilo. By the way, and for whatever it is worth, RTC were created in 1980. Prior to that, it was CFI. Poe’s adoption proclamation was in 1974.

  5. In case SET will decide in favor of Mr. David…..

    G. Poe will finally leave the Philippines (again) and permanently reside in US for GOOD…

  6. Kung magpa DNA si Grace Llamarez possible na lalabas na anak siya ni Pres. Marcos at Rosemarie Sonora. Ang balita na magbuntis si Rosemarie nagpunta siya sa USA para hindi malaman ang totoo nangyari sa kanya. At ayon balita doon pinaganak niya ang bata na ang balita ang bata ay si Grace. Kung Grace ang anak ni Rosemarie at sa USA siya pinaganak di ba si Grace USA Citizen. Marami ang nakaalam kung ano ang nangyari kay Rosemarie kaya nga si Susan ayaw nila ipa DNA si Grace dahil lalabas ang totoo.

    • Alam mo Ka Ernie, I have heard this story many times before, but nobody has come forward to make a public claim. Any claim must come from someone (“an insider”) who was actually present when Rosemarie Sonora gave birth, and who has knowledge of what happened to the baby after birth.

      If there are journalists who are really interested in this issue, they should resort to the methods adopted by the National Inquirer ( a US tabloid) to determine the paternity of Chelsea Clinton. They need to obtain “touch DNA samples” from Grace Poe, Rosemarie Sonora, Bongbong Marcos and any Militar family member. These samples, which can easily be obtained, can then be submitted to a reputable laboratory for DNA testing.

      This kind of investigative endeavor requires “stealth tactics” and a lot of cooperation from many people. But since it is all for the “public good”, why not do it? The country will forever be grateful no matter what the results will show. At the very least, it would prove or disprove Grace Poe’s paternity. To me, she greatly resembles Bongbong Marcos.

  7. Pakisagot lang po, senadora Poe….

    Bakit pa po kinailangan ninyong mag-US citizen at i-renounce ang inyong Phil citizenship, when so many of us filipinos do not have to, pwede namang manirahan nang permanente, mag-aral, mag-asawa, mag-business, bumili ng properties, mag-practice ng profession, etc…sa America kahit HINDI US citizen,

    bakit po ninyo ITINAKWIL pa ang inyong original citizenship…?

    Don’t give me that excuse you have “regained” your Phil citizenship…explain why you RENOUNCED it in the first place….!

    And worse, nag-renounce ka pa uli ng second allegiance, this time sa US naman…


  8. Based on my readings concerning adoption law in the Philippines, the hand written notes or seven lines shown on the first certificate had to be recorded because of the decree of adoption issued by the Municipal Court. This is just part of the adoption process. The original foundling certificate (filed in Jaro) must record that the foundling has been adopted. The Court may even issue an order to this effect once the application for adoption has been approved. There is thus nothing wrong, on the surface, with the seven lines shown on the document. Presumably, whoever wrote them signed or initialed and dated them at the end.

    The adoption hearing should have been done in a Trial Court, if in fact such a hearing took place, and not just an automatic approval (“binayaran kaya ang judge”)? But perhaps in San Juan, this function has been relegated to the Municipal Court? Or was Susan Roces and FPJ “court shopping” to gain approval of the adoption? Was there a trial custody period by the Poes (as required by the Law) before the formal adoption? As a foundling, did the Welfare Department (now DWSD) represent G. Poe’s interests at the adoption hearing?

    There is really something irregular, weird and incredible about the “adoption” of Ms. Poe. It does not seem to have been done in accordance with the process prescribed by the laws of the Philippines.

    What I find intriguing and questionable is that the Certificate of Live Birth ( the second certificate) submitted to SET is not dated 1974 as such Certificate should have been issued immediately right after the adoption in 1974. The issuance, registration and inclusion in the Civil Registry of this Certificate is also mandated by law. In other words, the Court approves the adoption, then orders that an annotation to this fact be included in the foundling certificate (the seven lines), and a Certificate of Live Birth be issued showing the new name of the child, date of birth, and the parents and citizenship of the new parents. All these documents are to kept in the Civil Registry Office (Jaro or its equivalent civil registry office in San Juan). Why does this second certificate show a date of May 4, 2006 – twenty two years (22 ) after Grace Poe’s adoption in 1974? On this date, she has already been going to and fro between the USA and the Philippines. What birth certificate did G. Poe used in applying for her first Philippine passport? Note that in an application for a PH passport, the applicant must submit not only a birth certificate, but also adoption papers if he or she has been adopted.

    Maybe this whole adoption story is indeed just a myth designed to hide the true origins of Ms. Poe. I find it bizarre that she would not submit to a DNA test when the members of the Militar family are all willing to submit to such a test. Most adopted children try to reconnect with their biological family as soon as they find out they are adopted. Maybe Ms Poe does not want to know that she may be part of the Militar family. and prefers to be associated only with the popular FPJ and Susan Roces. After all, look where such association has taken her!

  9. What should concern us more is not the issue of being natural born . There is a very strong possibility that she is indeed one. But should we not be concerned that she once renounced her Filipino citizenship ?This a big question of loyalty to the Philippines_ our country’.Loyalty to the Philippines is a critical consideration if she is aiming to become president.

  10. Mr Penetrante anong palagay mo sa mga Pnoy Bobo mag E Edsa for Poe who is she? has she done something for the country iyong mamasapano nga she did not submit for deliveration sa plenary

  11. Well nakita n’yo naman how sincere si Sen. Poe sa kanyang mga layunin. Give her a chance. Malinis ang hangarin ni Sen. Poe hindi tulad nina Binay and Roxas na bulok ang layunin sa bayan.

  12. Kit knows that Grace’s parents are pure Filipinos. To prove it, all she has to do is submit to a DNA with Bongbong.

  13. The citizenship is not the issue, neither is the residency. The bigger issue is Poe’s moral ascendancy. The fact is Grace Poe has pledged loyalty to the USA as a requisite for a US citizenship. Pledging allegiance to the USA (please read the exact wordings) in effect is a renunciation of Filipino citizenship and loyalty. To me if at one time in my life i renounced my loyalty to my country then I consider myself unfit to become the president and No. 1 citizen.

  14. Those who say that Poe is qualified do not how to read in general and have not read the 1987 Constitution in particular.

  15. Daniel B.Laurente on

    She got an adviser running as her vice. a lawyer at that. She’s a good listener like others before her who believed in him. He was howling against the former President until people noticed him as idealistic lawyer that needs to become a leader and voted him where he is now. But the idealism in him got lost submerged into the strong flow of political trapoism. He was also immersed that popularity will set them to the pinnacle of power. Grace Poe is trying her luck on that same premise.

    • If war erupts between China and PH due to dispute on Spratly islands, I wonder where will Poe and family will go to escape? Will it be in the US or stay in the PH. Will she be able to sing “Pambansang awit…ang mamatay ng dahil sa iyo”.

  16. I am not a supporter of Grace Poe, nor see why I should, however some of the comments here are below the belt and lean towards gossip. Here is my take:

    “The Philippines has consistently ranked among the world’s top five most emotional countries, according to an annual Gallup poll.”- The wisdom of our emotion by Joel Villaseca, PDI , Sept 10, 2015.

    So Filipinos are one of the top emotional people in the world. The comments to this column are good examples of that perception/reputation. Those comments are driven by emotion and reason takes a back seat because according to Mr. Villaseca emotions are physiological not existential experience. We all know how fickle emotions are, being physiological it depends on our feelings. Feelings come and go. In one word, reactionary, not a product of thought. That is why voters loyalty also come and go, depending where the wind blows. Some people let out their gut reaction and call it analysis.

    We cannot build a strong country based on emotions. It has to be built based on principles and convictions.; therefore it requires thought, deliberation, and careful study of facts not opinion. We are human beings, creature of the highest order in the physical world. Let us not be like the lower form of life the capacity to respond depends on the stimulus. We have the capacity to choose how to respond because we have free will. Let us use that more than our instincts. If man can dominate big ferocious animals it is his capacity to reason and to choose freely.

    Let your emotions be guided by reason. Then choose how to respond.

      i respect the opinion my friends in our town shared with me some months back. they are voting for biNOY even if he is korap daw. i was surprised and i asked why. they said the biNOY has many accomplishments/projects to show even if tainted with corruption but the team of boy sisi and boy pickup have nothing to show but corruption is everywhere. there is the pdaf, dap, malampaya fund scams, mrt-lrt contract rigging, etc. but there is nothing concrete to show for it. not even one kilometer of new railroad tracts, no new trains, etc.

    • If she renounced her Filipino citizenship before, do you think she will be a good President or even citizen of the PH? What enticed her to run is not because she heartily wanted to serve the country, the truth is greedy people around her found that she is the best candidate (due to popularity) to serve their interest. She also found the position to become the leader to be exciting and glamorous. If indeed she wanted the “Tuwid Na Daan” then she would have stick with PNOY but this is no longer the case. If she did win, this is another Gloria Arroyo in the making. I wish her luck but I am not voting for her and her VP due to popularity. I wanted a President who is qualified, experience and tested as leader to lead our country.

  17. To Kit Tatad, Yen Makabenta and Rizalito David:

    Grace Poe was right in saying, “Who would imagine a foundling to become a senator?”
    Whoever issued and signed her birth papers probably thought at that time, “Puwede na yan!”

    Another EDSA could be in the making if you, the SET or Comelec would disqualify Grace. People sympathizes with orphans and foundlings. They are most of our fictional heroes.

    • Yes, they sympathize and that is the problem. People should be rational not emotional. It is the brain that makes solid and correct decisions while the heart makes mistakes over and over again. When shall we learn by rationalizing whom to vote instead of feeling to vote for someone because of her physical attraction or fame? Look at the background, it is too early for her, with no track record to boast of, even the mamasapano she left it hanging as a weapon against Aquino so she would be pronounced the presidential candidate. Dirty, yes, she played it dirty hoping it could make persuasions easy but didn’t work. No to her and to Roxas, they are of the same level of ambition not supported by proofs of sound and good government.

    • Another EDSA could be in the making? That’s nonsense.
      Ms. Poe has trouble constitutionally so the right-minded Filipino people would know they’re barking the wrong tree if they do so. Don’t generalize every Filipino. We still have more intelligent Filipinos upholding the law than mere wrong sympathizers.

    • What EDSA are you saying. Ano ba ang nagawa ni Grace Poenyeta para mag rally sa EDSA. Remembr she lives in US most of her life. She renounced her Pinoy citizenship and took allegiance to USA. Nasaan ang pag kapIlipino nito “HILAW”. If you closely look at her feature she looks like European. Baka murahin sya ng mga tao pag nag EDSA sya dahil malamang trapic lang ang abutin nya doon. PWE!

  18. My wife and i adopted a child and my child has 2 birth certificates. First is the original birth certificate showing the real mother and father. The second is the amended birth certificate showing my wife and i as the mother and father. The second birth certificate is the result of a court order granting adoption to us. the second birth certificate is now the official one – the copy which NSO has.

    Dont get me wrong, i do not like Grace Poe. She still has to answer her citizenship and residency issues.

    • What is questionable about the Certificate of Live Birth ( the second certificate) submitted to SET is that it does not show a date of 1974 as such Certificate should have been completed or recorded and filed at the Civil Registry Office immediately after Grace Poe’s formal adoption in 1974 (this completion/recording is mandated by adoption law in the Philippines). But this second certificate shows a date of May 4, 2006 – twenty two years (22 ) after Grace Poe’s adoption in 1974. Such a delay is unfathomable and highly irregular. There is just something fishy about this certificate. I wish there’s a web site where the image of this document is shown in full.

  19. Looking beyond ‘alternative’ birth, should she win the presidency, the next item to be considered would be her being a spouse and mother of American citizens – how would that figure in on matters pertaining to conflict of interest, should the permanent interest of her husband’s country (USA), to take control of parts of the country through re-establishing a military forward operating base in Philippines? Will she act on Philippines national interest over and above foreign interest and uphold our sovereignty?

    For Filipinos thinking of Llamanzares as an ‘alternative’ choice for president, would only mean that Philippines can never rise above foreign intervention, much less stand on its’ sovereignty, when it comes to upholding its’ constitution and rule of law.

    The word ‘natural’ born Filipino, is set in there for one reason, and that is to ensure that the person who sits on top of the whole government structure has his/her priorities set right without conflict of interest – taking a chance is not a choice nor does listening to rumors of umbilical cord as a sign of being a ‘natural’ Filipino citizen whose real parents remain unknown to this day.

    • mario san antonio on

      additionally, if she wins… our taxes will be feeding american mouths in malacanang and using our tax money for personal/family travels, and other expenses…

  20. Grace Poe is suffering from ” delusion of power grandeur” owing to her top resting survey polled by her adopted uncle Mangahas for her incentive to run for presidency. Poe is the poster woman for “Catastrophe of Celebrity Popularity” for banking on his adoptive father, FPJ. She knows she is not qualified for lack of experience and proper education yet she insist it is not the required element but her honesty and truthfulness and love of the poor! This is a falsehood because she is not truthful snd honest about her citizenship qualification but trying to twist her birth and making it appear she is a legit natural child of Susan and FPJ though the couple were not married yet when she was found in Jaro Iloilo. The mystery of her upbringing is no doubt affects her personal trait, character and moral upbringing. She is so upbeat and excited about running and even will promise the moon for the poor. Even without thinking she proposed to build an international airport in Pangasinan even when she knew how impractical it is since there is an airport in Clark, Pampanga, only just to get sympathy from the Pangasinese, the province of her adopted parents (Susan and FPJ). Grace Poe has no acumen to manage a business and how much more the entire nation with complicated financial, social, economic and bureaucratic problems. She lacks the exhaustive relevant education and hands-on experience of government administration yet her ego is so inflated to claim she can tackle everything. Poe is no comparison to Len Robredo who knows her capacity and adequacy called for in a higher position in governance.
    If Poe is really concern about the welfare of the poor and the country, Poe should CEASE AND DESIST from throwing her weight in the national highest position snd instead ” throw the towel” and stop even entertaining to run for the Presidency. Poe does not know that Escudero is just fooling her to run with Escudero as the running mate, knowing that Poe will be disqualified and Escudero will get reinstalled hoping her place. That is the devil’s political strategy of Escudero so he will just be a kibitzers with the fate and possibility of winning without any expenses but riding only on the coattail of Poe. Anyway, both Poe and Escudero are opportunist trapos and if they do run, in a Three-way fight, BINAY will win, but will be impeached and again Escudero, if he wins will become President, as the accidental fate governs.

    • I wonder about the deal she cut with Aquino.

      She turned the Mamasapano report over to the Ombudsman to shield Aquino, Was that in exchange for allowing her to run for President ?

      If so, then she will pardon Aquino and all the liberal party pork barrel and DAP fund thieves if she is elected.

    • If Grace Poe Lamanzares wins the presidency and then disqualified, it is not her VP (whoever it is) who will take over but the first runner-up (Binay or Roxas) because it would be as if there is no Grace in the election for president since she is indeed disqualified.

  21. Kung si Grace Poe eh napulot sa simbahan ng Jaro na nasasakupan ng Pilipinas at nang makita ito ng kahiit sino pa man na nakakabit pa ang “umbilical cord”, hindi po ba malinaw na katibayan ito na ang sanggol eh natural born Filipino? Hindi naman po siguro puedeng ipinanganak sa ibang bansa at dalhin sa Pilipinas para lang iwanan sa isang lugar. Hindi po ba? Para naman po atang nang-aapi tayo ng kapwa tao natin. Wala naman pong masama kung ang isang Grace Poe eh mag ambisyon na maging pangulo ng Pilipinas. Bakit po si Manny Pacquiao noong mapabalita na tatakbo bilang pangulo eh wala kayong sinabi? Ibig po ba ninyong sabihin eh may mas karapatan tumakbo si Manny kaysa kay Grace? Masyado na pong maraming nagdudunong dunungan sa pamamalakad ng ating bansa. Bigyan natin ng pagkakataon si Grace Poe na isang simpleng tao na tulungan ang bansa. Wala kahit isang kandidato sa pagka pangulo sa ngayon ang masasabing walang interes na magnakaw sa bansa..siguro po ang isang Grace Poe ang pag-asa natin. Maliban na lamang kung tumakbo si Ferdinand Marcos Jr, ibang usapan na po!

    • OK po, mamamayang Pilipino na uli si GPoe matapos niyang tinalikuran ang pagiging AMERIKANO. Pero po ang maging presidente ng Pilipinas ay kinakailangan na “natural born Pilipino”, na hindi nangailangang LAKARIN ang processo para maituring na mamamayang Pilipino. Pero po si GPoe ay AMPON kung kayat nangailangang LAKARIN ang papeles ng pag-ampon at komo Pilipino ang mag-asawang umampon kung kaya’t umayon ang pagkamamamayang Pilipino sa kanya.

      BILANG AMPON PO KASI AY HINDI NATIN ALAM KUNG SINO AT ANO ANG CITIZENSHIP (o sa anong bansa mamamayan) ng kanyang tunay na mga magulang. Kaya po may PROCESSO NA NILAKAD, kung kaya siya ay hindi maituturing na natural born bagama’t Pilipino na uli siya matapos niyang TALIKURAN ANG PAGIGING AMERIKANO.

    • Maari pong ipinanganak si Grace sa Pilipinas dahil sa tinuran ninyo na nakakabit pa ang kanyang ambilical cord. Pero ang hindi po malinaw dito ang kung Pinoy nga ang kanyang mga magulang. Paano na po kung Amerikano pala ang Nanay niya at hindi malaman kung ano ang nationality ng tatay niya. Hindi siya puwedeng isama sa mga tinaguriang “Natural Born Pinoy Citizen” dahil hindi matukoy kung ano ang nationality ng kanyang mga magulang. Lalo pa po at may pagka mestiso siya. Malay po natin baka kano nga pala ang mga magulang niya kaya siya nag american citizen.

  22. All Grace needs to do is have a paternity test with Mrs. Jesusa Sonora Poe….the DNA will surely prove the second certificate….wonder why she is not doing that simple step?

  23. Leodegardo Pruna on

    GRACE has not only totally disgraced herself but has switched on her total self destruction in the world of politics. Her dreams would simply diminished into bad dreams and failed ambition. She had her very abrupt rise in Mamasapano which eventually fell when she failed to submit the committee report in plenary as she had promised. She is now making a lot of promises but the one thing she had in Mamasapano was thrown out that easy and that simply would the people expect from her pronouncements.. The Filipino people should not fall into this big trap. It has already fallen twice (one tag to be the mother of democracy and the other espousing tuwid na daan which came out baku-baku and butas-butas. And here comes anak in Panday. God bless the Philippines.

    • If Grace Poe is really interested in finding her true parents or at least lineage that she is a natural born Filipino, why not subject herself to a DNA test with the _____of her adopted mother and senator _______.?

  24. Grace Poe can take a DNA test to prove that she is a natural-born Filipino being the daughter of Ferdinand E. Marcos.

  25. and WHAT does G.Poe meant by ‘Sabay sabay tayong aangat , sabay sabay tayong uunlad ” Is Grace poe now a magician? May gulay , Santa banana , WHAT PLATFORM DOES SHE EVEN HAVE PARA MAGYABANG and DECEIVING WITH FALSE ASSURANCE mga FILI[PINOS .
    MY Fellow FILIPINOS , HWAG TAYUNG PADADALA SA MATATAMIS pero EMPTY PROMISES . at Saan naman basta MAGMAMADYIK itong grace poe na ito? Parang Batang NAGBABAHAYBAHAYAN kung MAKAPANGAKO . UNBELIEVABLE . DOES grace poe have the slightest idea sa ECONOMY, SECURITY ( baka ibang version ng BBL or china backdoor mangyayari) , how about Foreign Policies , DEFENSE to name only few that a president has to tackle ( look at the PHILIPPINES under bsaquino now .. FOREVER NA BA TAYUNG KATULONG AT API SA IBANG BANSA ) ; My Fellow FILIPINOS NO TO MAR Roxas and GRACE POE …. AND YES YES YES TO Bongbong MARCOS FOR PRSEDIENT of the Rep. of the PHILIPPINES 2016 . HWAG PADADALA SA PANINIRA SA MGA MARCOSES …Not only that MARCOS HAS the BEST VISION for the PHIL. HE IS SINCERE at he can talk to every PILIPINO from all walks of life . si bsaquino , BINABARA NYA at MINAMATA mga pobre at mabababang tao … bsaquino and MAR ROXAS do not know how to talk to people NO SYMPATHY AT ALL … he and mar roxas never do as we have seen so many a times … in times of disaster / calamity .. IN TIMES OF SORROW / GRIEVING NADA

  26. so what if it was tampered? she is still A FILIPINA and An ILONGA!
    Perhaps this writer should write about the connection between Tatad and David
    in which Manila Times is NOT PUBLISHING, his weird “obsession” to the foundling.

    • Tatad already mentioned that several times in his articles.
      Educate yourself so you don’t look so misinformed.

    • tatad has mentioned several times that david was one time his staff at the senate. e kahit ba tao pa rin ni tatad is david, ano ang relasyon nuon sa citizenship case ni poequino sa set?? will the case be different if somebody else filed it other than david??

  27. The junior senator believes that show business and friendly media can sell anyone to the Filipino public, no matter how false or empty the merchandise.

    Sadly, she is right. You could not find a more gullible, uninformed and misinformed society than the Philippines.

    The majority of people live in poverty and with that comes the massive voting block of uneducated, uniformed and the misinformed which creates the perfect environment for duping them.

  28. What’s surprising to this day, is the fact that many are into case of Mrs. Llamanzares when it’s quite clear that she’s not a Filipino citizen at birth, she can even disqualified as a senator. If and when, she will be qualified by the SET, despite the surrounding circumstances of her case, the Philippine Constitution might as well be burned, torn or scrapped, it being a document of constant mockery in the country, which unscrupulous powers-that-be in the government try to distort to suit their personal political agenda.

    On the other hand, here’s a naive and ambitious politician who thinks her adoptive father’s name will bring her to ‘glory’, being a ‘hero’ and idol of many. She would like to continue what her adoptive father have started and to continue his dream. The big question is, what has he started and done in governing the country?
    While he was a “hero in many instances and savior of the world”, these were all “make-believe”. Not unless, we have to live in a fantasy world, what significant change has he done in the lives of the people, except to entertain and make money.

    Inspired by her followers, especially in the entertainment industry, she would like to be the head of the state. The big querstion is: What has she got to offer with all the economic, political and international problems of the country. What qualifications and track record has she got to indicate that she is that qualified?

    She claims to be honest and sincere. Isn’t that’s what every political candidate claims. She will probably say, she has a dream for the country, but is she not aware that every candidate and politician has a dream for the country. Finally, dreaming is not a bad idea at all. So, to Mrs. Llamanzares, dream on.

    Every candidate for high positions in the country should be decent and convincing enough to know the qualifications they bring to the office they seek be voted on.

    May God bless the Philippines and its people!

  29. She thinks politics or running the country is just popularity contest!!I wonder what knowledge she has gained in couple of years to lead 100 million Filipinos, in which the majority is struggling with their daily lives!!

  30. isn’t Grace Poe born in the Philippines? if so, then she’s a natural born Pilipino and a citizen of that land. how many years did she stayed in the Philippines since birth before she pursue her studies in the US? didn’t she qualified for that 10 years residency before such elections? it’s all in the constitution written clearly she’s qualified for presidency.

    • Being born in the Philippines does not automatically make a person a natural born Filipino citizen. What the constitution require is that a parent must be a Filipino citizen. Since the biological father or mother of Grace is unknown, she then becomes basically stateless at birth. She became a Filipino when she was adopted by Fernando Poe and Susan Roces. She is therefore a “naturalized Filipino” since there was a legal procedure that made her a Filipino and not a “natural born” Filipino.

    • Philip dela Cruz on

      In PH laws, being born in PH does not mean being natural born Filipino. Being “natural born Filipino” requires that the father and/or mother is a Filipino. In the case of Llamanzares, it is not sure who her parents were.

      With regards to residency, the requirement is 10 years IMMEDIATELY PRECEDING the election not the CUMULATIVE years one had lived in PH. From 2001 to 2006, Llamanzares is a naturalized American. In Juy 2006, she re-applied to regain Filipino citizenship (by virtue of Dual Citizens Law enacted in 2003) ang thus became a dual citizen. Should her 10 residence include the time she was an American?