• Alumni hit ‘Escudero-branding’ of school


    SORSOGON CITY: Alumni of the Sorsogon National High School (SNHS) urged the Sorsogon Provincial board members not to rename their school to “memorialise” a politician whose achievements, they believe, are not extraordinary as compared to the collective efforts of nameless alumni who have given their just share in contributing to education and to the growth of Sorsogon.

    The alumni are referring to a resolution filed last week at the Sorsogon Province legislative body mandating the renaming of SNHS to Dr. Salvador H. Escudero III Memorial High School.

    The late Dr. Escudero III was the husband of incumbent Rep. Elvie Escudero (1st District, Sorsogon) and the father of Senator Chiz Escudero.

    The resolution filed at the provincial Sangguniang Panlalawigan, whose presiding officer is Vice Governor Antonio Escudero Jr., has caused negative reactions and protests among Sorsogon’s social media networks.

    The late Dr. Escudero lll was the brother of the incumbent vice governor.

    The protesting alumni cannot imagine why a 109-year high school, an institutional landmark, would be renamed to honor a politician who was not yet born during its founding in 1906.

    Sorsogon Provincial High School (SNHS) now known as the Sorsogon National High School, founded in 1906, is now on its 109th year.

    Countless outstanding sons and daughters of Sorsogon graduated from this historical high school.

    Dr. Escudero III was also a SNHS alumnus.

    “We do not question the achievements of Dr. Escudero III, nor do we find the intentions of the provincial officials wrong, but we believe that even in his lifetime, the late Dr. Escudero III did not harbor that his Alma Mater will be renamed after him,” said the SNHS alumni in the petition.

    The alumni believe the Escuderos in Sorsogon have enough “delicadeza” and shall disallow their leaders from making efforts of immortalizing them at the expense of a century-old institution.

    The alumni believe Dr. Escudero III was not the only one who contributed much to Sorsogon’s growth, as claimed by the proponent-board members, but there were also others worth emulating.

    According to the petitioners, a diversion highway was already named after the late Dr. Escudero III.

    “There are times that we have to honor our provincemates, however, there are also times wherein we should give credit to others as in the case of Senator Teodoro De Vera of Bulusan, he being the first Sorsoganon elected in the Upper House,” declared the alumni.

    “We have also the late Congressman Vicente Peralta who stood in his oratorical best during his representation of Sorsogon in Congress,” the petitioners said.

    “They never dreamed to memorialize their names,” the petitioners declared in their petition, which was posted online.

    The alumni said there are many unknown school alumni who also made a big difference to the province of Sorsogon and to their alma mater.

    It is ironic that the proponent of the “Escudero-branding” of the high school in the provincial legislative body is not an alumnus of the school.


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    1. Keith Donaldson on

      money seems to buy anything in the Philippines .The children who married foreigners live overseas and send money back home to there family’s in sorsogan are the ones who should be recognised not untrustworthy public servants always scheming for ways to better themselves .My advice sack the school board for tolerating this nonsense .

    2. Tell these bored Board Member to name his dog or cat with that name he wanted to immortalize. And see to it that he’ll never be elected in any political position in the future. He is a shame to the people of Sorsogon.