• Alvarez tells House to focus
    on federalism, Bangsamoro law


    SPEAKER Pantaleon Alvarez urged his colleagues to focus their efforts on passing the Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL), and to exert more effort in paving the way for the country’s shift to a federal form of government.
    “Last but not the least, we have to concentrate our efforts in passing two legislative measures that hold the key to lasting peace and prosperity…First, the Bangsamoro Basic Law. Draft has been submitted to the President and will soon be on its way to our chambers. This will be the basis for creating a homeland for our Bangsamoro brothers and sisters,” Alvarez said in his speech during the opening of the second regular session of the 17th Congress on Monday.

    “Second, we have to exert additional effort in paving the way for the shift from a unitary to a federal form of government. This will address the structural defects that have hampered our national strategy in pursuit of peace, prosperity, and progress,” he added.



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