• I have always been a fan of the ‘80s


    This is considerably weird since I was born in 1986 and desperately wished to have been born a few years prior just so I could have had more memories of living the actual era. (Why didn’t you get pregnant earlier, Mom?)

    I’m a John Hughes fan. My favorite movie is The Breakfast Club. (I identify with Bender. Problematic, I know.) When it comes to local movies, I’m a big fan of Bagets (1 and 2). Some of my preferred music genres are New Wave and Hard Rock. My bucket list of concerts to watch includes those by The Cure, Sting and the Police, Metallica, and Scorpions.

    I have no idea how I was exposed to these things, which were created and at their prime around the time I was born. My parents weren’t big ‘80s people because they had their heyday in the ‘70s. But the ‘80s got to me and stayed through all these years.

    There is something about the clashing and over the top sensibility that I find appealing. Possibly because it gave you room to figure out your personal identity by presenting you with a lot of options.

    It was the era that let you experiment with self-expression through prints and colors, neons and pastels, mismatches and contrasts. Pretty much anything went for everyone from fashion to music.

    In beauty, the marked difference between the ‘80s and the other eras is how they embraced the fully-made up look.

    People were not afraid to load up on makeup. The more made up one looked, the better it was. There was no rule about choosing one feature to highlight over the other. In fact, the goal was to make every possible feature on your face stand out: brows, eyes, cheeks, lips.

    It’s a lot different from today’s preference for the “no makeup” makeup and fresh-faced looks.

    But, since several ‘80s trends have been making a comeback, I find it interesting to consider how makeup application from back then could be applied today.

    What is an easy to manage a makeup look that gives off an ‘80s vibe—without going over the top?

    Let’s consider the key elements for an iconic ‘80s look:

    – bold natural brows

    – blush as contour

    – bright lips

    – eyeshadow application up to the brow bone

    – colorful eyeshadow

    – heavy foundation

    Off the bat, I’m eliminating colorful eyeshadow and heavy foundation. (Sorry, Barbie doll eyeshadow palette.) I’m also scrapping off eyeshadow application up to the brow bone, because working with eyeshadow this way is tricky and I want to keep things easy for most readers to follow. (Ergo, column title.)

    Everyday wear makeup to me means something that works for your skin, and allows you to subtly enhance your features. Plus, if you are anything like me and would choose sleep over prepping for hours just to look presentable, an ideal everyday look should only take 10 to 20 minutes to accomplish.



    The Step-by-Step

    1. Prep your face as usual. Cleanse, tone, moisturize, plus whatever else you usually apply. My morning routine includes essence, serum and eye cream too. I skip on the moisturizer because my essence already has moisturizing properties. Also, I use a heavy moisturizer at night so my skin on a regular day does not need that much moisturizing. Don’t forget to use sunblock. (Says the girl who got 10 or more shades darker while shooting in Palawan.)

    2. Apply your base. I have oily/combination skin right now so this regimen is what works for me. I don’t use primer for regular, everyday wear. My Biore sunblock doubles as a mattifying product so I use that instead to help keep the oil at bay. Conceal your undereyes and blemishes. Apply powder foundation. I got a lot darker in Palawan so I have to mix my own concealer shade now. My powder foundation was from earlier this year when I also got a bit tanner than usual. It’s not my usual shade so I just bring it out when I’m on the dark side. (Yes, Star Wars reference.)

    3. Contour Blush. Have two colors of blush ready, one a bit on the matte and darker side, another, lighter and with shimmer, yet complementary to your other blush. Having a blush palette like this one from Nars makes it easy. I know most recommend to suck your cheeks in to find your cheekbones, but I like doing a somewhat forced smile instead. This shows me where the contour should end, which is somewhere under the apple of your cheeks.

    4. Fill in those brows. I use a pencil to fill mine in for personal use. It’s easier to draw in fake strands and brush them out with a spoolie to blend.

    5. Eyes. Because we already have our contour blush on, and will be putting on lipstick, we can keep our eye makeup to a minimum. To still make my eyes stand out without eyeshadow, I”m opting for eyeliner and mascara. Don’t be afraid to put on somewhat thick eye liner on the top, make sure to get those waterlines lined too. You can also apply a little on the outer edges of your under eyes near the lash line. Next, curl those lashes and apply mascara. I’ll also put mascara on my bottom lashes for this look.

    6. Lipstick, please. Pick a lipstick in a bold color. The ‘80s was a time for fuschia and coral lips. Reds and plums work too. But since I am extremely tan and want something that goes well with my chosen blush, I am opting for a deep fuschia lip.

    7. Enhance other features. I have this mole under my right eye that I like to add eyeliner to and enhance. It’s what I would consider my beauty mark. I have other moles on my face, but this one is my favorite.

    And then we have our final look:

    (Jopie Sanchez has been a hairstylist and makeup artist since 2010. She usually does work for film, video shoots, commercials and weddings. You can follow her life and her work on Instagram @JopieSanchez.)


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