Amazing foreign aid and loans for ‘Yolanda’ relief and rehabilitation


(By Rick B. Ramos, Opinion, December 28, 2013)
Now, now PINOY ang nonoy, do not screw this up. SO far, you have to the great discomfort and embarassmnet of all FILIPI NOS abroad. DO NOT F…. THIS UP!
Joel C. Sim,

Mr Ramos your columns are well written and well received. No one needs to quibble on foreign aid who gives the most, however I think this report could have mentioned the aid that was given and continues to be given by the UK. In Cash over UKP80mil, with more to come. Early on 2 warships. with helicopters and desalination water supply. Emergency shelter of 245,000 people, safe drinking water for 650,000 people temporary learning spaces for 72,000 children, food for over 325,000 people blankets and cooking provisions for 78,000 people, seeds & tools for rice growing for over 500,000 people essential health services fr 65,000 people.73,000 tons of transport equip 42,569 plastic sheets, Heavy equip by C17 x 3 25 DFID humanitarian experts, 18 medics, 7,500 solar lamps & more. Check it out on the Dept for International Development web site for a full check list. Now did all the aid provided get to those who really needed it is the $64,000 question. ?

Did you intentionally omitted the Japanese contributions that sent 2 ships with more 1,100 men? How many rescue personnel did the AFP sent?
Roger A.,

Happy days for the corrupt Abnoy govt. Thinking of ways to divert funds into their pockets.

Ang ganda ng pagtutulungan..Pero dito sa Sweden, ang grupo ng Pilipino dito, ay mahirap intindihin..3 kami Phil. org. coordinate w. Karnan Helsingborg Lions Club, ito ang hahawak ng pera at bibili ng school material sa mga batang biktima ng bagyo..Lahat ay solicit, venue, orchestra at foods sa gala..Ang mga Pilipino dito, grabe ang suspetsa sa pera, tapos gusto pa makisakay ng mabarat pag attend..Di na nga tumulong, dami pag negativ comment, at babarat pa..Nakakalungkot.
Leif Hansson,


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  1. Mr. President, did you appoint anybody to receive all these aids and be sure that they are properly documented and have reached the intended recipients?. Material things donated should be used as intended and not wasted or rusted out in storage. I hope Mr. P. Lacson be successful in rebuilding the devastated areas as early as possible, so the people be back to their normal life. May God have mercy.