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    The more important question is – are there laws against it? Should there be laws against it? If there are no laws against it then the government is at fault. Ranting about it without the backing of any particular law in this country is futile. What about all other ambassadors in the country, have they all divested from their private jobs and investments? What are the rules and laws with regards to these appointments? This post is badly written because the rules were not given to begin with. Did he break any law?
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    If there is a clear violation on the part of Cuisia for retaining his post in private companies while exercising the function as the country’s ambassador to the US, then he should withdraw either of his government appointment or job in private firms or the president of the Philippines has to remove him. However, if our diplomats are allowed and authorized to hold position/s or work/s with other companies then there is no point to argue on this matter…amend the law as simple as that just to fit in on what do they want to…just hoping that there is no conflict of interest on the part of Cuisia while serving 2 masters at the same time…if so, it is about time to value delicadeza….
    There should always be a basis…stop speculating or guessing on certain issues…
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