Amdocs makes case for intelligent chatbots


CUSTOMER service providers (CSPs) can close the gap between customer experience and expectation by harnessing the full potential of virtual agents or chatbots, software and services provider Amdocs said
Daniel Horan, chief digital officer and chief marketing officer at Amdocs Asia Pacific, said CSPs needed to harvest the full potential of chatbots in serving customers.

“Chatbots become an opportunity for CSPs to embrace AI (artificial intelligence) and invest in making their customer engagements automated, personalized and contextualized,” he said at a media briefing in Makati City on Wednesday.

He said that consumers complain that current chatbots struggle with complex requests, do not deliver personalized offers and lack human attributes, based on a September 2017 study by research firm Forrester Consulting.

He urged CSPs to listen to achieve a win-win solution in investing and using AI, which involves technologies designed to make computer programs act more human by interacting with users through conversations rather than button clicks.

To address customers’ complaints on current chatbots, he said companies must focus on intelligence and not just on chatbots.

By involving the right people in AI strategy definition and in sales and marketing, consumers can explore the company and service before they become customers, Horan said.

He added it is a must to align the chatbots’ human attributes with what customers want, noting that based on the Forrester study, 46 percent of consumers prefer their chatbots to look like a human.

Horan, however, noted that even though the use of chatbots focus on communications companies, it also applies to all industries in regions across Asia, the US, and Europe.

“I think all industries—government and non-government—need to consider this because when you think about customer interactions, if I have an interaction with a government department, applying for something or documents, this is important especially for an environment with not enough resources to get the data of customers—these sorts of solutions can do it faster. And the customer and the government can have better results,” he said.


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