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    1. The Manila Times was one of the few newspapers that were reporting Aquino’s administration lies and corruption the last 6 years, where were all anti yellow comments then ?

      You retards were probably the same people supporting Aquino’s administration, clapping like monkeys every time Aquino lied during his SONA’s. Standing behind the Aquino and his clowns impeached thru bribes Chief Justice Corona for a bigger payoff for hacienda luisita, Cheered Arroyo’s continued imprisonment, Comelec cheating, Farmers shot in North Cotabato, SAF 44 massacre, Pork Barrel scam by most of the Congress but only 3 opposition arrested, The DAP fund, The Yolanda fund.
      MRT contract scandal, Endo, FOI bill, Anti dynasty bill.

      Six years from now you guys will be condemning Duterte’s administration as the devil and on you’re knees for the next Presidential savior just like you do every election.

      Stop electing devils and wondering why you’re still living in hell

      You guys line up behind the flavor of the day in search of belonging

    2. Maybe “Manila Times” should change its name to “New York Times – Manila Edition” considering how its editorial staff is trying hard to appease the colonial master.

    3. Colonial mentality and dependence on foreign aid robbed us of meaningful progress. America made sure that those people elected have this mentality. Now that we have woke up and elected a president who can say no to USA, USA and their yellow cohorts here are doing everything to bring him down!!

    4. Filipino’s always blame someone else.

      The way things are going Filipinos can blame China from on,
      Word of advice,
      China don’t like it when people criticize their government, That’s how you end up in a reeducation camp like the one China is building for Duterte.

    5. Indeed US failed us because they were the creator of the so called EDSA hoax that installed the “monster ” yellow regime that devoured our poor country of all its wealth and dignity. Utilizing the dreaded CIA they’ve started destroying Marcos when he started reclaiming Sabah utilizing ninoy and the liberal party.

    6. Fidel Ramos is the Biggest Traitor in the Country Based in His Policy.. He is an American Agent.. A Top Agent of America.. Digong is Very Smart.. Now Ramos is Exposed.. He Betrayed Marcos, Erap, and Gloria.. Ramos initiated People Power 1.and 2, even the 3 that is not succesfull During Gloria’s Time… President Digong Know how to Exposed a Traitor…

    7. America failed us in a way that after they had Marcos was overthrown with the cooperation of their state department and their media, they used Filipinos for their propaganda of world democracy and to spread their multinational business. America knew the Aquino-Coquangco’s grab of Marcos’ stolen wealth and gave it to their relatives and closed friends. And they also knew the corruptions and incompetence of noynoy’s administration especially the spread of meth drugs. America let down Filipinos ever since during the second world war when they passed act giving Filipinos veterans the same benefits as American GI and then rescinding that law by the same US congress who passed that law.