America is not a safe space



PITY the anti-Trump protesters thronging the streets of American cities.

Apparently, no one ever told them that they live in a geographically, economically and ideologically varied nation, and that about half of its inhabitants might support a Republican candidate for president. They mistook the country for the campus of Oberlin College.

The news that it actually isn’t arrived with the force of a thunderclap on Nov. 8. The shock of Donald Trump’s election has occasioned tears, rending of garments and days of protests showcasing the rank infantilism of the American left.

Prior to the election, liberal commentators obsessed over Trump’s rumblings about not accepting the outcome and worried about his supporters lashing out. Trump shouldn’t have pre-emptively declared the election rigged, but the specter of Republican mayhem was always far-fetched. When was the last time that GOP protesters ran out of control and burned down local business establishments? Tea-party rallies were famous for their orderliness — participants in a massive rally on the Mall in Washington, D.C., even picked up their own trash.

It is left-wing protests that invariably devolve into lawbreaking, and so it was that the same kids who think Donald Trump is too divisive were soon smashing windows and throwing projectiles at police in behalf of their supposedly more open-minded vision of America. (The left’s street protesters act as if there is no social or political problem that can’t be addressed by hurling things at cops.)

The same media that would have denounced pro-Trump protests as a threat to democracy has treated the anti-Trump protests as a natural symptom of a divided country. Erupting in rage at the result of an election went from a grave offense against our system to the latest front in the battle for social justice right around the time that the Upper Midwest was called for Trump.

The level of self-awareness of the protesters isn’t high. Some hold signs reading “This is what democracy looks like.” It is true that the right to peaceful assembly is a key aspect of any liberal democracy (even if some protesters need to work on the “peaceful” part), but as an illustrative exercise in democracy, you can’t beat the national election last Tuesday that has so outraged anti-Trump protesters.

They have now adopted the slogan “Not my president,” a phrase that the day before yesterday the left considered a racist slur when hurled at President Barack Obama.

The post-election mayhem could be written off as the work of an unruly fringe, if it weren’t that the Democratic Party is so beholden to the sensibilities of its cosseted youth, whom it mistakes for the shock troops of the future. A party that considers it forbidden to say “all lives matter” because it will offend the enforcers of political correctness is a party that is going to have trouble appealing to Middle America.

One anti-Trump protester was seen the other day holding a sign reading “Your vote was a hate crime.” It’s hard to imagine a better distillation of the coercive small-mindedness that prevails on college campuses. This attitude ensures a state of perpetual shock and outrage at the lived reality of a continental nation of more than 300 million free men and women.

The anti-Trump protests will in all likelihood continue. They aim to associate the president-elect with chaos and delegitimize him from the outset. But it is fully in Trump’s power, so long as he doesn’t show irritation or anger, to see that they backfire. One petulant tweet aside, he has struck a unifying tone, while it is his adversaries who are unhinged.

Trump’s critics are certain that he is the champion of a blinkered worldview. But the election and its aftermath show that it is the self-styled citizens of the world who need to get out more.



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  1. I can’t understand the opinion of a few. The only reason for such opinion that unlike us, green card holders, we went thru years of waiting to for an opportunity to stay in the US. We were required to learn the english language and learn to assimilate with the people of the USA. We were required adhere and agree to learn the history and constitution of USA. From that, US election is not base on popular vote. It is decided by electorate college. If you are an american citizen, you call congress and petition to change election by popular votes. For those claiming discrimination, I remember the days before Obama, who is the most divisive president in US, the dream of MLK has finding the way in US society. I would agree there are some pockets of resistance. Even so, remember more than 50% of the US population voted for the first a BLACK PRESIDENT. That alone would provide evidence that before Obama the US is open to race, religion and gender. Thank You

  2. Trump will most likely be the high water mark of the US in terms of social justice. The white population continues to become less and less a percentage of the country’s makeup. Many are in the old manufacturing area of the Northeasts or in the racial area of the southeast have Trump blames their ills on minorities (in particular Mexicans), immigration and bad trade deals. The truth is that changing the trade deals will be worse not better although it may force china to finally act like the rest of the world and float their money, immigration is keeping the US fully staffed unlike other countries such as China, Japan whereas the population is aging. Today the US is importing teachers and technical people to keep up with demand as they did nurses a decade ago. Trump’s whitelass will ultimately prove a problem for the us as he is not prepared to lead a nation on the global stage. The US is going to see a lot of du30 type of issues with Trump and most likely based on his cabinet picks War. My guess war with Iran as that is who Israel wants the US to fight next, but could be other countries. dur30’s snuggling up to the communists will NOT be meet well with Trump who will most likely just cancel trade and military agreements and maybe taxing the call centers just to be Trump. Trump does NOT do well with people who don’t appreciate him. If Philippines looses american BPO business the only blame will go to the attitude of du30. I don’t think anybody voted for the massive changes in terms of history, alignment and culture change when they voted for du30. Likewise american’s will go through similar with Trump.

  3. Seen at an FB post:
    “When Trump announced his intention to run for POTUS, it was a fucking joke. But when he was practically MEMED into the White House, THEN people reacted.”

  4. Seems that our very own yellow empire has infected the politics of the US of A. Hillary might have learned a lot from Lewis and her associates from the P.I.’s Liberal (lugaw) Party. Oh also from Ninoy’s Reds.

    • Right. Yellowism. Is a malignant disease. It has even contaminated the minds of Liberals in America. And I thought Americans are smarter politically.

  5. The protests will continue throughout Trump’s presidency. Clinton won the popular vote by more than 1.5 million votes. Trump’s campaign rhetoric is to blame which was a whistle call to whites. He will be marred by protests and scandal for the next four years and he will lash out like the whinny little bitch that he is.

    • Joshua Schneider on

      Popular vote in the USA means basically crap. that is one of the reasons we have an electoral college.. just how may dead people voted, and does anyone think they voted Republican?… and what was the democratic motto…. oh yes….” vote early and often” Just why did so many liberal judges disallow photo id when it is required in most states, just to get a library card if you need one. The liberals knew they would have to use every illegal trick in the book to try and put a crook such as Hillary in the Presidency. My god they even had to cheat someone like Sanders to get her in the race. And oh so sorry Clinton Foundation, it looks like your donations went from over 3 million dollars to barely over 300 thousand in just one month. Hard to sell access to a nobody isn’t it? I would imagine after the court case against the Clinton Foundation settle they will be paupers.

      Students of history know the the liberal movement started in the early 1900’s. This cumulation of common factors for the attempted destruction of the American Constitution that the US was founded on had to go. But it was a long time for educated folks to give up their history, It took decades to change that history, founding fathers, just a bunch of fools. Decades to change our moral values, decades to try and replace the religion of God with the falsehood that big government was the answer to all our prayers.

      Then the easy part, just find some rich fool like Soros, without any morals, to put a controllable fool (he thought) like Obama into the Presidency. Thank God that Obama thought he was the smartest person in the room and he and Soros had a major falling out.

      History and Lady Liberty are a bitch, but they our bitch and they fight for what is right! Just look at the unlocked shackle on her ankle. It should be something that all that try to take away the liberties of men and women should remember.