American nabbed in killing of Filipino wife



Suspecting he mauled to death his Filipina wife, police have arrested an American in Makati City.

Makati City Police chief Senior Supt. Manuel Lukban identified the suspect as James Edward Moore 2nd, 32.

His wife, Aiko Baniqued Moore, a model, was found to have head injuries. The couple has been married since 2011.

Lukban said police checked a report of domestic in Moore’s unit Rockwell Amorsolo West condominium in Barangay Oblation on Wednesday night.

Moore was apprehended by the guards of the condominium in Barangay Oblation and turned over to police.

Police are preparing to file a charge of either murder or parricide against the American.




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  1. So Mr.Ranavales has the american been convicted yet? who are you to say anything? But if he is guilty he deserves punishment.And dont let this one scumbag over shadow all the americans there helping in Tacloban and other areas.If Mr.R.has so much time to post comments,maybe he should be more useful and go help yolanda victims.

  2. I’d like to hear his side of the story. Just because it’s illegal, doesn’t mean it’s not justified.

  3. Let us detain him at the Makati City jail… then let the detainees to give him a

    WELCOME CEREMONY which is being done by fraternities to their neophyte members.