• Americans cared more about saving SAF than Aquino and his generals


    The Senate report on the Mamasapano massacre revealed one of its saddest chapters, narrated in one of its executive (read: secret) sessions.

    Special Action Forces were radioing for help as they were trapped, and real-time video by American drones showed the actual battle that Muslim snipers were killing them one by one with their caliber-50 Barrett rifles.

    US helicopter evacuating the SAF wounded on Jan 25. Where were ours?

    US helicopter evacuating the SAF wounded on Jan 25. Where were ours?

    It was most probably mid-day, five hours after Philippine National Police (PNP) officers, not only those on the ground but even PNP acting chief Leonardo Espina, had asked

    Major General Edmundo Pangilinan, commander of the 6th Infantry Division, for artillery to fend off the Muslim forces.

    According to the Senate Committee report there were six Americans at the command post, probably civilian contractors under the US military’s payroll:

    “One of the Americans (at the tactical command post) ordered Pangilinan to fire the artillery. However, Pangilinan refused and told him, ‘Do not dictate to me what to do. I am the commander here.’” Appearing even proud of his remark, Pangilinan confirmed he said that in a Congress hearing the other day to confirm his promotion to top major-general rank.

    I don’t think the American gave an “order,” or he wouldn’t have any business in that kind of clandestine affair.

    Most probably, he was viewing in real time provided by their drones that the SAF troops were trapped and would be soon massacred. Probably, nobody else in the tactical command post had the guts to emphasize to the general that without the artillery, the commandos were goners. Probably, the American got to be friends with the SAF commandos, based on reports that Americans had trained them.

    So most probably, and considering how informal—and emotional—Americans could get, he got mad, and maybe one of them even raised his voice to Pangilinan and told him: “Can you fire your f——ng artillery now, general, or those soldiers will be f——ng massacred!”
    And how did Pangilinan respond? Not with an angry flag-waving statement that went something like, “the US cannot interfere in our country!” Not with a rational reply that the artillery didn’t have precise coordinates and may hit civilians.

    Instead, his reply was so petty and egoistic: “Do not dictate to me what to do. I am the commander here.” Pangilinan was more concerned about his bruised ego, that he was being “dictated to,” than about saving the lives of the SAF troopers.

    Was it because Pangilinan didn’t want to appear to be “dictated to” and to assert his position of authority, so that he ordered the artillery to fire three white phosphorus markers, only at 5:48 p.m.—10 hours after he was first requested to do so by PNP officers at 8 a.m.? But that was hours after the 44 had been killed, with the Muslim insurgents even having the time to be able to approach the wounded, shoot them in the head and rob them even of their personal belongings.

    Indeed, the Senate committee’s report that six Americans were at the operation’s tactical command post providing real-time monitoring (with the use of their drones and high GPS systems) belies Pangilinan’s excuse, which he gave in the hearing.

    He had claimed that he didn’t want the artillery fired since without precise information, they risked hitting the SAF or even civilians. But the US monitoring systems at the command post were the most technologically advanced in the world, that coordinates could be precisely established, and had been, in fact, given.

    He even claimed that he had not deployed “forward observers,” i.e., personnel watching where the first rounds would land so as to adjust the next firing, because the PNP had not coordinated with his troops. But the US drones, in effect, meant a limitless number of “forward observers.”

    There’s another instance in which the Americans seemed to care more for the lives of the SAF than those of Aquino and his generals. Even as the battle was still ongoing, they sent at least one helicopter to evacuate the wounded. The Western Command had six helicopters based in Cotabato City. Why weren’t they deployed? There was no request, Aquino’s generals replied.

    Did the thought cross Aquino’s mind that fateful day while he was pretending nothing serious was happening as he toured Zamboanga City to ask the helicopters hovering above the city for his security to, instead, be deployed to rescue the SAF in Mamasapano? Not a chance.

    There could only be three reasons why Aquino’s generals dragged their feet on saving the police commandos:

    One, it was petty jealousy, and even inter-service rivalry. The Laguna-based SAF would be praised for having killed a notorious international terrorist in Maguindanao, where the Army’s 6th Infantry Division was based and should have had a vast intelligence network to know that the terrorist lived there, apparently for years. Since the SAF didn’t want to share the credit, and didn’t coordinate with them on the operation, they were left to fend for themselves, until the generals realized the casualties would become too high that they moved to rescue and fire the artillery to save the 84th SAF company, after the 44th SAC had been decimated.

    Two, the generals were in cahoots with the insurgents, especially with the MILF. While this may be a cruel accusation, I was told way back in 1996 by my MILF informants: “Don’t you notice that nearly every general gets to be assigned in Maguindanao before he retires? They amass their retirement money here, since we buy our arms and ammo from them.”
    And third, the most likely reason, which is why suspended police chief Alan Purisima – Aquino’s commander of the operations—claimed his boss’s last text message was at 10:16 a.m., and why Chief of Staff Gregorio Catapang and his generals refused to submit their cell phones to the PNP Board of Inquiry: Their commander-in-chief told them to stand down, or his peace plan with the MILF would be derailed.

    This is not just dereliction of duty, not just betrayal of public trust. This is criminal, deliberate negligence that resulted in the deaths of 44 of our elite troops.

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    1. The AFP generals were afraid they would be overwhelmed by MILF once they interfered the SAF operation, so 44SAF who were massacred better that they will be all masscred at the time, to avoid another massacre again in the future by MILF the government should grant the request of MILF to have their Bangsamoro and approve their BBL…

    2. it’s already declared that the operation was a valid one. so someone or some people have to be held liable for the killings. pagod na kaming mga taga mindanao.

    3. I completely disagree with your opinion Mr Tiglao although I completely respect your views of the incident. My fair and honest opinion on this was it is a product of tactical blunder collaborated by CIA and PNP first Im sensing that it was CIA idea not to inform AFP on this operation. Second PNP or SAF is not prepare to fight as shown by the lack of response from the 300 plus Pulis personnel 30 minutes away from the massacre area..they have mortars and APC too..what did they do? If the AFP engage MILF here it will become a full scale war believed me knowing the way MILF fight.. And without a plan even myself would not sent any of my men or any of my artillery rounds in the area a mistake cannot be corrected by another mistake we are lucky we only lose 44 lives with this poor tactical planning..I salute those 44 brave men and I hope PNP learn a lesson on this incident and hope not to do the same mistake again..

    4. this article is base mostly on assumptions and making conclusion based on innuendos(most probably,it could be,was it because,most likely..etc). All concerned from top to bottom are accountable but this article is not objective.

    5. Not Failipino on

      Yan ang problema character ng Filipino mentality. Madali Maingit at Mayambang. Ayaw makipagcooperate sa Mahusay yung may tao na may isip at maganda gamit.

    6. I totally agree with Marlo when he said “Yes, it is an open secret. They sell guns and ammunitions. They use their annual intelligence fund to fatten their bank accounts. Disgraceful.”. AMLC should trace the accounts of these generals and investigate where did they get all their wealth. Corruption is real reason behind these shenanigans. If only the government officials (elected as well as non-elected) has the conscience of not amassing wealth, then the Philippines should have been at par with some Asian nations like Singapore. Although our present president is not a corrupt individual, we should think twice NOT to elect the Binays to higher positions. The Binays’ corruption is an OPEN secret that we stupid Filipinos (like Judas) still ignore because for a few silver that the Binays give us to vote for them.

    7. Pablo Escobar on

      i agree with you mr tiglao. many generals who were assigned in 6th ID made their way to become the COS of the AFP. it is a very very juicy divsion post, like 1st DIV.

      (DEMOTED) Brig. Gen Pangilinan’s excuses are not acceptable. no sense of urgency, SAF’s operation was a BIG SLAP on his face. It is very very impossible for him not to have any knowledge of the presence of Marwan,etc under his noses.

      Since Marwan is gone, means no more name to justify for a bigger budget for a “project.”

      Now Pangilinan is waging his all-out drama vs the BIFF. why he didnt do it way way before?

      shame on you pangilinan.walang konsensya.

    8. I was weeping as I read this poignant revelation…of course, it was like a video they were watching real-time in that drone control-room in Zamboanga Edwards Airbase…

      I hope Pnoy doesn’t get a peaceful night’s sleep, being haunted by the 44 souls he and his generals consciously let be massacred…

    9. Benigno Kuha-Ko, Akin-Na on

      ano kaya ang mangyayari kung magka-giyera ang Pilipinas laban sa ibang bansa? – ang gagaling pa naman nina Pee-NOY, Gen. Purisima, CaDUWAG (catapang?), gen. Pangilinan, Cerbo…isama na natin si Mar Roxas.

    10. If there are people in the AFP that should be punished and court matialed, they should be Catapang ang Pangilinan. P-noy will see his due later. I hope these people can still soundly sleep in the evenings knowing that they have intentionally sacrified the lives of their comrades in arms. Never mind BS Aquino. Aa mentally challenged man has none of those sensibilities and concerns. Makakatulog pa rin iyan na nakangisi dahil wala namang konsensiya yan.

      • Don’t worry, hijo. Sigurado ako na mapapa court martial ang dalawang yan pag upo ng susunod na Pangulo.

    11. No wonder the 44 SAF DIED, since the commander-In-Chief is a liar. The officers are liars and cannot be depended on for protection of lives.

    12. That is a CIA helicopter in the picture,too bad those choppers dont have mounted machinegun on them they would went in and help the SAF Commandos,Good partners all they could is evac the wounded at least they help unlike that terrorist lover MGen Pangilinan,he should be court martial for death of the Fallen 44.

      • The US is very careful in their legalesse. They will never ever use any US asset. Surely, those are security contractors who have their own choppers, tanks, heavy artillery and even their own fighter jets. That’s why the next President may just copy the State Department template: hire mercenaries to decimate those secessionists.

    13. James Gordon Ramsay on

      Now, we see the AFP are involved. The 6th Infantry Division (ID) Commander, Major General (MG) Edmundo Pangilinan saw real time video. He wouldn’t call an artillery strike because a foreigner had asked. Some well placed artillery fire would have stopped them. This is coming from a former U.S. Army Artillerymen, me.
      He was so proud that he blew off that “pesky” foreigner. His vain arrogance slaughtered 44 men needlessly. MG Pangilinan , I suspect, can sleep without any problem. His arrogance, during the Congressional Hearing, about the foreigner made proud to be PINOY,. What an empty nationalistic bullsh*t. There are 44 lives that he could have done, but his overblown ego, hiya, and misplaced nationalism got them overrun by the Muslim Insurgents.

    14. One solution, hire mercenaries. They’re the best in the business of eradicating these terrorists.

    15. I Remember... on

      It was obvious end of January…. now it is proven history. Sad, very sad that sick men are in charge in this sick county.

    16. at least in the US side they knew the SAF commandos died due to the incompetence of the generals and not them the commandos since they requested for artillery support. that is if this is true scenario. in short the commandos did their job well regardless of the difficulties and miscalculations on the ground.

    17. incompetence, incompetence. an intelligent officer or senior officer knowingly the danger of the situation will accept this request for artillery support from a foreign adviser.

    18. The PMA should be replaced or at least other sources of officer materials such as the OCS,ROTC etc. should be given a chance to get to higher positions based on merit and ability.The present top brass of the AFP should be court martialed and the C in C should be charged in court for their criminal negligence.
      With the kind of military leaders the PMA is producing we would be better off hiring retired officers from contries like the US,Israel etc. who are battle hardened and are real professionals to lead our military.And we might as well put in battle volunteer patriotic units led by the foreign military officers.In the Ukraine conflict the civilian volunteers are better committed and perform better than the actual Ukrainian military itself.If we cannot recruit disciplined local volunteers then we should hire foreign military contractors to defend our country.

    19. Carl Cid Inting on

      This only proves that there was a ‘stand down’ order emanating from the highest source. Malacañang has a lot more to answer. Why did the president approve Oplan Wolverine, knowing fully well that there were peace mechanisms with the MILF that would be violated? The ‘stand down’ order was to prevent these peace mechanisms from being broken, albeit too late. To save face, because he apparently ‘double-crossed’ his partners in the Bangsamoro peace agreement, the president allowed the MILF and BIFF to massacre the valiant, yet hapless, SAF troopers.

    20. I still have serious doubt about the position of the blocking force of SAF in Mamasapano, it is not stratigic because of elevation and vegetation in the area. How come there were no forces left on the other side of river where they came from? The river is less than 30 meters wide and if there were forces on the other side logistical support can be provided. It makes me wonder why did SAF commandos did not have mortars that can provide artillery support. I tend to believe that the SAF were there as escorts for a pay off that went sour.

      • Tama ka, kaibigan. Nagka onsehan sa bayaran, yan ang katotohanan. Nguni’t sasabihin sa atin na wala tayong documentary evidence or corroborating witness kaya ang alam natin ay idedeklara lamang na “tsismis” or “hearsay”.

    21. On the thought about the Americans and of JSOTF-P, that on February 24, 2015 at the closing program together with AFP, it would be safe to speculate that expletives would be flying about the room, aimed at the attending generals for their absolute incompetence to carry on a personal judgment in the thick of an live firefight.

      The Americans might be heard saying – ‘You f__king morons, what have you learned in all those years you spent in your basic training from your f__king premier military academy?! You f__king idiots just got these men whom we trained hard killed because of your f__king arrogance, and by having your f__king egos get in the way of your vowed service to defend your men on the field!’

      Then the AFP generals, after getting an enormous amount of tongue lashing from their American counterparts, as an after thought, decided to run after BIFF rouges and declare a military offensive, just to save their faces (not dignity though).

      The abrupt deactivation and eventual departure of the Americans from its participation with JSTOF-P, can be viewed as either, the FBI had considered their mission as ‘accomplished’ after confirmation of Marwan’s DNA, or it can be reasoned out to lead it to a plan of cutting down the participation of 600 American servicemen on a six month rotation with JSTOF-P. Or, it could also be a sign to tell the bungling AFP generals, of the lost of confidence, a very tragic sign to show a perceived ally.

      USA may not really reveal the real reason of its almost sudden departure just after the Mamasapano massacre, because USA will always have their way – a complete deniability, which then leaves open the bungling AFP generals holding the bag. It is now however, up to these men in uniform to rectify their errors and come clean, to salvage whatever reputation is left of them.

    22. Bert O. Romero on

      Mr. Tiglao, could this revelation be the reason why the Commission on Appointments withheld the confirmation of General Pangilinan yesterday? If this incident is true, then Pangilinan should be made to retire from the service and appropriate criminal charges be filed against him? But what about Foreign Secretary del Rosario? He has been publicly saying that the US did not have a hand in the Mamasapano operation. He has debunked the claims by both the Board of Inquiry and the Senate that Americans were in the tactical headquarters and that they were involved in intelligence gathering, reconnaissance and in the retrieval of the bodies of the slain SAF troopers. Del Rosario was making all these allegations despite the footages showing Americans hauling bodies of dead Filipino troopers into a helicopter. Was del Rosario lying to protect the Americans in furtherance of national interests? National interests of the Philippines or the US? But why would del Rosario lie ? With his grandfatherly mien, he couldn’t be possibly lying . Don’t you think del Rosario’s stance need further looking into ?

    23. Yup, we remember Gen. Catapang and his smirk when he claimed the ceasefire had to be protected.
      We also recall the reaction of this Gen. Pangilinan when Gen. Nepenas thanked the AFP for their response where in the senate he reacted noisily about their having gotten the “blame” for no response, he is truly cold-blooded but not in the right perspective. I’m happy his promotion was withheld, he should be fired along with Purisima.

    24. Vicente Penetrante on

      Remorse comes after the fact. Some people make explanations to excuse themselves, but that will not prevent their sleepness nights.

    25. Mabuti pa kano kampi natin si pangilinan di dapat maging two star general siya ang may kasalanan sa kamatayan ng kalahati ng SAF 44. May konsensya pa kaya sila sa pagkamatay ng SAF 44. For the first time tama ang ginawa ni cayetano na harangin ang promotion ni pangilinan. To Pinoy blood is in your hand for the death of SAF 44. Makarma ka sana.

    26. Amnata Pundit on

      Don’t forget that all these generals are PMA graduates who have monopolized all positions in the military. Makes you wonder if that academy deserves all the importance the government gives to it. I would rather abolish that school and get Ateneo graduates to monopolize the military. Based on their performance in running the government nowadays we will get the same results, but we don’t have to spend all that money on their schooling.

      • Why ateneo?? look at the one running the country now? nakakakilabot pag another atenean na katulad niya nasa military!!!

      • Dapat nga, nagtapos sa Diliman ang mamuno ng gobyerno. Kailangan na ang susunod na mamumuno ay nakapag aral ng kasaysayan ng bansa sa pagbabasa ng Philippine Society and Revolution na sinulat ni Amado Guerrero at Democratic Revolution na sinulat ni Ferdinand Marcos. Kailangan sa susunod na mamumuno na meron magagamit na pananalapi na hindi kukulangin sa USD300 Billion na hindi galing sa buwis upang gumawa ng mga proyekto para sa bayan. Pag wala syang makukuhang pera na ganyang pinakamababang halaga, wala syang maisasakatuparan na nationwide infrastructure building at AFP modernization at lahat ng gagawin ay puro pagnanakaw, pamumulitika at panggogoyo lang ng taong bayan.

      • That’s what I been saying all along. These graduates of the military academy have become a disgrace. A complete overhaul is needed. The “honor code” is nothing but a pile of crap. There was even a joke that the academy is actually where you study to become a millionaire. Philippine Millionaires Academy, that’s what it has become. Show me one general who is not a millionaire. The recent debacle involves a class of millionaires pretending to be military men.

    27. Nes Trinidad on

      Can that concerned American please upload to the internet the cctv security footage showing who was in the room with them the whole time? This should be used to prosecute all those responsible (Aquino, the Military generals, etc)…. If this is the mettle of our generals, God help us all

      • Nakatago na yan video file na yan sa mga hard disks ng security contractors. Kailangan natin si Snowden para nakawin ang mga files na yan, hehehhe. Gagamitin lang ng US yan video pag gusto na nilang pabagsakin si simyon.

    28. Probably. I don’t think so. Most probably 2x. Maybe. Was it…? Seemed to… Mr. Tiglao, a veteran journalist, is basing his observations on these assumptions… Respect yourself, sir!

      • With all those specific information Mr Tiglao pointed out, do you think his observations are based on mere assumptions? Hasn’t it crossed your mind that he has informer/s?

      • oh, glenn, sometimes the saying that ang katangahan walang gamot is true. if your mind is made up of a belief regardless of the facts, you will be stubborn and believe only in your own reasoning. tsk tsk. kaya tayo ganito, kahit anong hampas sa atin ng facts, proofs, wala rin, tamatama pa rin ang feudal mentality natin. Paghanga tayo sa artista, kampihan yan kahit hindi tama. ganyan din sa politika. The Americans by the way did not get involved in the operation. if they were there, they were only monitoring the activities with their hi tech gadgets. But pinoys have so much pride.pag sinabihan mo ang isang taong nasa puesto kahit teacher nga lang, ng ideas mo, sasapalin ka at mas mataas puesto nia. Kaya we don’t advance anywhere at all, in fact we are going backwards while other countries are moving forward. Mentality ng pinoy inis sa mga pamilya, or friends who succeed. Inis na mapagsabihan, at parang nawala ang kanilang pagkatao. Ayaw nga magalaga ng anak at nagging babae sia. ha ha! so where are we now? still being stirred in the bottom of the glass while those who have open minds and welcome ideas and learn, go up the stairway. Adios, hasta la vista baby!

      • Mr. Tiglao’s analysis conforms with what many Filipinos have been thinking all along. There was a specific order from the higher up to hold fire and leave these SAF troopers to the dogs.

    29. Yes, it is an open secret. They sell guns and ammunitions. They use their annual intelligence fund to fatten their bank accounts. Disgraceful.

    30. Now Pnoy and his generals kuno, are “reaping what they sow”. As another saying goes, “He that troubleth his own house shall inherit the wind”. What wasted lives, just because of pride and stupidity. Heaven help us.

      • if bobby tiglao’s assertions are true, then the group in zambo with boy sisi are all liars and let the saf get massacred. for what?? for lack of coordination?? to punish napenas for not coordinating?? but who got killed or massacred?? not napenas or purisima but the 44 saf. the boi and poe-llamanzares reports are part of the cover up to shield the group of boy sisi, boy pickup, gazmin, catapang, and the generals including this pangilinan

    31. Mr Tiglao, tama po ang sinabi ninyo sa artikulo ninyong ito. Dahil sa pagtanggi ni gen pangilinan na bombahin ang lugar ng mga grupong ito na kalaban ng SAF44, ito ang dahilan kung kaya namasaker ang mga bayaning pulis nating ito.

    32. Pangilinans response to the american is typical of the filipino. Remember back to the manila bus hostage, the negotiator & his aide were at the door of the bus talking to the hostage taker & could so easily have grabbed him & forced him to the ground until police reinforcements ran over & arrested him but just remember his response to that. ” i would lose my credibility as a negotiator if i did that. His credibility was more important than the hostages lives. To me he should have lost his job & have been taken to court & tried for a few offences & stripped of all salary & benefits & retirement benefits.
      I think its the norm here for people to not understand their responsibilities, all they understand is their power.

    33. Stupidity runs from top to bottom . BS aquino felt the hurt when BOI
      Implicated him , he did not feel the hurt when the SAF 44 died .
      What a false sense of entitlement .

    34. Hector David on

      What kind of an inquiry if people who are part of the operations do not surrender their celphones( orders from above?) .. This guy Pangilinan was even promoted . For witholding artillery support ??.. What kind of an AFP do we have .. 44 SAF were massager des and no one is to blame .. Officers get promoted for non assistance??

    35. I distinctly remember in one of the earlier interviews of Caduwag wherein he said they did not send reinforcement since the MILF might construe it as a violation of the cease fire agreement. I am sure it wont be difficult to find tapes of that interview.

    36. the second guess was highly probable. that is why they don’t want peace in mindanao because of the big bucks that these generals get everytime there is trouble.

    37. Leodegardo Pruna on

      How I wish that you are with the intelligence. It is too disappointing that we have at the helm of government incompetent leaders who have their own interest to fend rather than the people whom they vowed to serve. The SAF 44 definitely did their country the greatest favor of revealing how our leaders behave in critical times. God bless the Philippines.

      • Kung wala sila itinatatago dapat ibinigay nila cphone nila. Mas malamang na may stand down order si Penoy. Mabuti din at hinarang ang promotion nitong si Pangilinan na dahil sa kanyang ego ay ayaw mag fire ng artillery. Kung puede court martial sya.

    38. I believe the scenario you painted about how the American reacted is very believable. The reaction of first saving the SAF men is one we could all understand. The hard one to understand is why Pangilinan did not let the artillery fire. The situation was on drone TV and they had a close surveillance picture. The reasons he gave for not using the artillery are a coverup. Who gave the order to stand down?

    39. The new buzz in the street is this : The fallen 44 were killed by the NPA. That’s right! Not BIFF. Not MILF…but the NPA. Napenas – Purisima – Aquino…

    40. we share the exact same sentiments.
      it’s time to scrutinize the AFP for its loyalty. it’s seriously compromised. no wonder we couldn’t end the insurgency/terrorism in the south. it’s because of people like catapang and pangilinan — and aquino.

    41. What a truly sad, heart-breaking story. I am at a loss for words at how the fallen 44 met their tragic end when it did not have to happen. Instead, it played out, from beginning to end with the end being permanent and useless because it was avoidable. It did not need to end this way. How sad. Sadder still that their own did not seem to care and did not lift a finger to help and to save them.

      All those who had anything to do, any participation, any act of omission or commission that contributed to the death of the fallen 44, must answer for their crime, for they have committed a terrible crime. Justice must be served, even if it is served on a cold plate. The fallen 44 and their families deserve no less.

      Decisions on what to do next regarding this tragedy cannot wait. The consequences must be resolved. That lunatic president must step down ASAP!

    42. Julian Tulay on

      Filipinos at it’s most, I ‘ve seen Americans donate their hard earned money to charity helping poor and not very lucky one to go on their life, In contrary to most Filipinos especially the politician, they even steal the money which belongs to government s/b spent to help it’s ctizen.

    43. Rene L. Canlas on

      sir bobi..i think you are right with what you wrote..sayang ang buhay ng mga saf fallen 44 ng dahil lang sa pride at ego ng mga namahala doon.

    44. Senator Grace Poe exceeded expectation in her Mamasapano report . Fresh as a politician brings with her the values of her parent for being courageous and principled in the Senate. Let us shield her now from dirty political attack after the official Senate Mamasapano report have been released. let this report start to heal the families of our 44 fallen heroes as Lady Justice will see through her eyes the truth in the families quest for justice in the future.

    45. A very good article. This is the hard truth that Malacanang is hiding from the public. On Aquino’s saving his peace pact with his friends MILF instead of the lives of his soldiers will become his legacy. A selfish motive that will destroy him politically bringing down with him his Liberal Party including his endorsed candidate until 2016. Let’s fight for the non-passage of the BBL as this peace pact is only for the legacy of Noynoy and his friends MILF and Malaysia without concern on other stake holders like the other minorities, the MNLF, BIFF, Abu Sayyaf, NPAs and the Sultan of Sulu who is claiming Sabah.

    46. Makes sense.If this is in the senate report it should be published for the people to discern.The whole system is just rotten to the core.

    47. Paulit-ulit na ito binabangit,ang mga general at official at si Aquino ang dapat panagutin dito!dapat court Marshall at firing squad ang dapat ihatol sa mga mukhang pakinabang lang ang nasa isipan !
      Sa America lagi nasaisip nila walang iwanan! Dito pera muna ang una at promotion!
      Si Aquino takot sisihin ang mga general dahil baka bumaligtad sa kanya!
      Sa pilipinas lang meron ang ganitong asal ng official!nakakahiya sa buong mundo!!

    48. I believed, drones and American involvement were never in the BOI nor Senate probe’s report. Can you request an ammendment of both report? Another is the missing stand down order. Who gave the order Pnoy or Catapang?

      • Pnoy of course. Did not Deles admit to the senate investigation that she was consulted by Pnoy and she gavethe advise to “stand down”. Obviously, both were more concerned with preserving the peace process than preserving the lives of the poor SAF victims. Criminal!!!.

    49. Roldan Guerrero on

      If this information is accurate, Every Filipinos should know about it so that everyone will learn the real score of this government. I am giving so much credit to a bold and truthful columnist like Mr. Rigoberto Tiglao!