Americans have 9/11, Filipinos have 11/8


(By Yen Makabenta, Analysis and Commentary, December 31, 2013 )
I notice in the article that you mention 9/11 in the first paragraph and then not again, which tells me that there is very little in common with 11/8. There mere fact that you have to allude to something that happens in the daddy country, however arbitrary, will always get readers. why not compare it to other natural disasters such as japan or indonesian tsunamis..closer to home, closer in time and much more comparable?? but have to go to the good old Us of A for your analysis. This only proves to me that just like TV coverage of sport, entertainment, politics and economics, the Philippines in your opinion is just located off the coast of california, not half way round the world. Did you know that London is closer to Manila than Los Angeles?

Awesome piece of writing. The true face of Abnoy and his yellow cabal has finally been exposed to the world. I am proud to be a Filipino despite this president. And consoled by the fact that international leaders can see what we always knew about this retard.


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