• Amid frenzied attacks, Sara defends tough-talking dad


    Sara Duterte-Carpio defended her father, Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte, from a barrage of criticisms over his verbal “attack” on the Pope.

    Reacting to a message she received on Instagram, Sara said it was unfortunate that her father does not have the manners of royalty.

    But she maintained that her father is capable of leading the country.

    “Rest assured, he is intelligent enough for the highest position, unfortunately, he does not have the finesse of Lady Diana,” Sara said. “In essence, he is a lawyer with the manners of a street thug.”

    One of the messages reads: “If you could please advise your dad, our beloved mayor, to at least protect his image.”

    “Nalaman ng buong bansa na may babae sya. Sana po ay sapat na iyong minsan na nya itong na-broadcast huwag na pong ulit-ulitin [The nation knows that he has another woman in his life. He need not repeat it],” the message read.

    These admissions, according to the sender, can destroy the image of Duterte.
    “It’s inappropriate for him to be seen flirting with women publicly. It can ruin his image,” the message further read.

    Another message read: “He’s a lawyer. I am a bit lost why he couldn’t carry himself with eloquence and poise? My apology, I am not insulting him, I’m just totally shocked!”
    But Sara took these lightly, saying she perfectly understood the public’s reaction.
    “I apologize for his behavior,” she said.

    The women’s group Gabriela also slammed Duterte for his womanizing.

    “Womanizing and treating women as objects are an affront to women and it should not be flaunted,” said Gabriela Rep. Emmi de Jesus in a statement. “This reeks of machismo, reinforces the society’s low regard of women and consequently increases women’s vulnerability to violence and abuse. This is both distasteful and unacceptable.”

    Presidential candidates like Duterte, according to de Jesus, should “refrain from making statements and committing acts that are offensive to women.”

    The group urged Duterte to “delve into platforms and discuss women’s and people’s issues rather than employ derogatory statements and actions that malign women.”

    Malacañang spokesman Edwin Lacierda also lashed out at Duterte for cursing Pope Francis, saying it was inappropriate.”

    “You take away the fact that I am a government official, I would have to be indignant also at the way he unnecessarily cursed Pope Francis [for causing him to be caught in traffic during the papal visit in January this year],” Lacierda said.

    According to him, cursing the prelate was an insult to the country’s 50 million Catholics, including himself, who patiently waited to have a glimpse of Francis when the Church leader visited the country.

    “The Pope was our revered guest, well loved and well respected by millions of Catholics. People waited in line to catch a rare glimpse of Pope Francis and for all of us who labored under the weather, it was a rewarding experience when we saw him,” he said.

    Manny Piñol, Duterte’s political ally, said the tough-taking mayor has apologized for his expletive directed at the Pontiff. “I can never curse my Pope. I was cursing at incompetence. If it was taken by some in that light, I sincerely apologize,” Piñol quoted the mayor as saying.

    He also defended Duterte and said so much has been raised over the statement made by the mayor.

    “I was there during the proclamation and I heard every word that he said because I was taking notes. While the statement about the traffic and the Pope’s visit sounded awkward, it was obvious that the use of the cuss word, which is a common street lingo, was not directed at Pope Francis,” Pinol said.

    “It was merely an expression that comes almost naturally from Duterte’s mouth and peppers almost all of his public discourses… he used it in jest to express his exasperation and disappointment over the inability of the government to address Metro Manila’s traffic problem,” he added.

    More apologies
    The Partido Demokratiko Pilipino-Lakas ng Bayan (PDP-Laban) also issued an apology for Duterte’s action.

    “On behalf of the party, I want to apologize to those who were hurt [by]his statements. But that’s the local campaign style,” said Sen. Aquilino Pimentel 3rd, president of the PDP-Laban

    Pimentel added that if what the mayor said offended the Church,
    Duterte will back out of the presidential race if tells to do so.

    “Since the Church did not have a statement asking him to withdraw, I think he will continue with his candidacy,” the senator said.

    According to the senator, they have advised Duterte to cut down on his cursing but there is no guarantee that the tough-talking mayor will stop spewing profanities.

    Senate Majority Leader Alan Peter Cayetano, Duterte’s running mate, defended the mayor, saying Duterte’s statements were grossly taken out of context.

    “Pope Francis is a man of God. He is loved and respected by millions of people, from different religious affiliations worldwide, Mayor Duterte included. But even Pope Francis would never allow people to suffer at his expense,” Cayetano said.



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    1. There is no place for a man like him anywhere. Killer,bastos,manloloko Sa kapwa (Sa pamilya nya)walang kwentang tao Ito.

    2. There is no place for a man like him anywhere. Killer,bastos,manloloko Sa kapwa (Sa pamilya nya)slang kwentang tao Ito.

    3. This man Duterte doses not deserve my vote! He has no respect for the law when
      he admitted the killings in Davao through the death squad.He is taking law into his
      head in Davao.Imagine if he becomes the president of the republic!

    4. Anybody in that situation who waited so many hours to get into their destination will be cursing that somebody that causes their predicament,it is human nature.

    5. This guy has no respect to human beings no wonder most of those killings has not been reported because of fears. Even the Pope has not been spared of his ‘PI’ words and some of you call him a ‘statesman’? He is a ‘maniac’ and needs to be placed in a mental hospital.

    6. armando flores on

      The country has no need for another insane person in Malacanang in the likes of Aquino, Santiago, Roxas, Lacson and Duterte whose minds and brains are obviously impaired.

    7. You forgot to make a comment on the rape of teenagers and children by priests. How fair is that? And the catholic church tried to hide it from the public by reassigning them to different areas so they can continue raping children? Lucifer in the bible is much better than god. Lucifer didn’t kill anyone if you read your book. god killed so many. I can give you chapters and verses so you can review your book and learn.

    8. The Dutertes should go. The arrogant Dutertes should stop their harrassments towards the lowly Filipino people. They cannot be arrogant to the moneyed Binay, Enrile, Estrada and the Revillas. Duterte is like Lucifer who wants to outdo God. Duterte said that he will end the sufferings of the people (Estrada, Revilla and the other corrupt government officials). Duterte is bragging to the whole world to have two wives and two girlfriends. Duterte can have those because of his MONEY, government position and the backings of the NPAs, MILF, MNLF. By cursing the Holy Pope, I hope and pray that the Dutertes will not reside in the malacanang palace.

    9. Masyado naman kasi kayong mayabang na mag-ama. Ikaw sara, sinampal mo sa harap ng maraming tao ang isang ordinaryong tao na ginagawa lang ang tungkulin niya. Ang tatay mo, ipinagmamalaki na dalawa ang asawa at dalawang girlfriends. Alisin ninyo ang pera at katungkulan ninyo sa gobiyerno at subukan ninyong magyabang at matapang. Wala. Mayabang lang kayong mag-ama dahil may pera at katungkulan kayo. Mga mahihirap na tao lang ang kaya ninyong mag-tapang-tapangan. Mga mayayabang tao ay hindi dapat I-boto dahil lalo lang silang mag-malabis sa katungkulan. Hindi mag-kaka-girlfriend ang tatay mo kung walang pera. Hindi girlfriend ang tawag sa babaeng binabayaran. .

    10. Cayetano should give back to the government the pork barrel allocation he gave to fake non government agencies that he got campaign funds in return. How many millions did this fool give Napoles ?